The T-60 Armor - a proposed retcon

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    I think it was Pete Hines that said they’d always showcase a new power armor for each new Fallout, but that could have been easily accomplished within the lore. They didn’t. Somehow the T-60 surpassed the T-51b as the preeminent pre-War power armor. There was plenty of space between T-45d and T-51b to add armors as well as private corporate versions or prototypes that were never adopted by the Army, but no. Just, “Ha, never mind, this one was the best."

    Anyway, I’m half tempted to make a West-Tec office in the capital wasteland just to retcon the armor in while being a bit more mindful of the lore. I think terminal exchanges between executives and engineers could convey the following premise:

    The T-45d Power Armor initially proved wildly successful and the Army massively increased orders year over year. However, with generous government grants, West-Tec continued to develop new variants. Finally, West-Tec unveiled the T-51b. Superior to the T-45d in every way with better CBN protection, software, hydraulics, servos, a powerful micro fusion plant, and laminate composite armor, early test units cut a swath through Chinese forces and soldiers were free to ignore their Geiger counters with superior radiation protection (as well as from chemical and biological threats of which the Chinese were particularly fond).

    Meanwhile the T-45d was still in mass production, yet the Army canceled all its contracts in favor of T-51b models. West-Tec struggled to keep up with demand for T-51b armors and had a massive stock of now obsolete T-45d armors with parts that could not be repurposed for the T-51b.

    West Tec engineers devised a program to refurbish and upgrade the T-45d. Because the special laminate composite armor of the T-51b was the main limitation in manufacturing those units, the T-45d armors were upgraded with an ablative aluminum armor backed by depleted uranium plates for stopping power and energy dissipation (user replaceable). Likewise, servos, hydraulics, the fusion power plant, and software were all upgraded culminating in the T-60 Power Armor.

    While not quite surpassing the T-51b, the T-60 armor is the closest pre-War model in terms of capabilities. Indeed, it is speculated West-Tec used the "T-60" nomenclature as a marketing tactic to at least hint to the consumer that the armor was more capable than its popular T-51b cousin in advertising.

    It is unknown how many units were upgraded because West-Tec licensed the upgrade plans to the Army while continuing their own upgrades. West-Tec reported a substantial inventory oversupply of T-45d armors in their June 2077 quarterly report to investors. As such, West-Tec embarked on a massive campaign advertising the T-60 to police forces, The National Guard, state militias, the Vault-Tec corporation, corporate security companies, and other entities unable to obtain the T-51b given the Army’s priority.

    What do you think?
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    Just an FYI: ablative aluminum armor and depleted uranium armors are used on Abrams tanks today, so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. Plus the added weight would slow down the T-60 even if it had the same servsos and hydraulics as the T-51b (with its presumably lighter composite laminate armor with a coating of silver for energy deflection).

    I just hate a t-45d lookalike is supposed to be better than the T-51b.
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    I for one, like your retcon, sir.
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    I think, an easier way to do it(not to undermine what you said), would be to say that the BoS invented it, like how the Enclave invented 3 different power armors after the war.
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    I really don't understand why they didn't just say the Brotherhood of Steel manufactured a new set of power armor from Enclave tech they captured. If they can pull airships out of their ass now surely making their own set of armor isn't a stretch?