The Villains of Fallout: PART II

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    So I made a follow-up talking about moar Fallout Villains, if anyone's interested. I go over The Lieutenant and The President (Who I honestly regret not talking about in the last one) as well as Lanius, Elijah, and Ulysses.

    Let me know if there are any other villains you would like to see me talk about, or if I should shut my pie-hole :P
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    Let me give you some advice for how to properly reach a viable audience demographic. (Some you tube advice, take it or leave it.) Bear in mind, the vast majority of individuals who frequent Youtube or other video sites make their mind up about a video 3-5 seconds in. the rest is a determination of time, intrigue, and ease of information.

    This advice is constructive and in no way intended to be a negative review of your effort.

    1. Show and don't tell the best you can, if you are reviewing something that explains it self very well, let it. then analyse the data and break it down for the audience that supports your perspective.

    2. Don't recap previous videos, all you are doing with that is wasting everyone's time, if you waste their time there will be a severe drop off in views and repeat viewers. If you must recap do so as subtly as possible either by a link in the video description or a 3-4 word sentence.

    3.Q/A is good, but not during the dissertation. If you find yourself answering posed inquires the viewers will lose the point.

    4. Reference material; when making a reference to another matter or a correlating subject introduce the viewer to the material. If the point reinforces yours it will be worth the trouble. If it does not strengthen your position then omit it.

    5. Stating the obvious, this refers to point 1, if you are pointing out exactly what is happening on the screen you are only reading a power point. I don't think I know of anyone ever watching a power point in a similar style of watching television.

    6. Unknown information; when branching away from the information being shown elaborate on typically unknown factoids that will engage the viewer. The more interesting information you can provide without overlapping the information given by the visual component can allow you to derive additional context to the subject matter.

    7. Transitions, when ending and beginning a new dialog do your best to stay away from "default" transitions. The best way to approach a transition is to use it as a segue to bridge the game between the two topics. The more seamless the transition the less loss of attention from the viewers there will be. (Fade out transitions typically denote the end of a subject, every time you utilize this type of transition you tell the audience that the topic is over.)

    8. Character introductions; When discussing a character essential to the topic don't blurt everything out about them immediately. An organic flow of information in the style of a 1 way story is often the most beneficial style to adopt. Feel free to include personal observations of the character and toy with possible motivation that are outside of the narrative. By doing this you can create disconnects in the logic which will allow you to later come back and make additional points based on your speculation. By doing this you also will not alienate those who are current with the subject matter.

    9. Compare and contrast; Comparing the characters is a must as they all have something in common. While I'm sure we all can agree that they are indeed unique in their own way, they still have similar motivations. Take the time to bounce around and play with various ideas related with this. You will find that this is much more engaging vs. simply telling the audience about every character 1 by one. (Don't bounce around too much, the point of the video must be apparent to the viewer.)

    10. The Human factor; All narrative characters are based on the human condition. This gives you a great deal of leeway when approaching a discussion about them. Treat them more like people that you have met rather than clinging to the narrative lines provided by the games. You can stay true to the character and bring them more to life this way. Provide opinions and speculate, and if you must discuss the narrative information. Do so only in your own words, repeating provided information is boring and lacks imagination.

    11. The hook; Always end the video with some kind of hook to draw repeat viewers, if the video is the end of a series then hook it to another one so that if a viewer enjoyed your work they can continue to do so.

    I hope this information leads to better videos and more viewers for you. Remember your demographic and put in the effort.
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    Wow, thank you so much! I'll definitely remember it, I'm always striving to get feedback to become a better writer (As you can imagine, I'm still pretty new to it)
    Again, thanks a ton!
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    PipBoyofSteel15 First time out of the vault

    Dec 28, 2015
    I also do some Elder Scrolls content, particularly complaining about the newer games and putting ole' Morrowind on the pedestal, and that's about it. There's also another guy that I collaborate with, named Andrew, and he did a video about game violence, and we're currently writing a video that pertains to stress and video games.
    EDIT: I also did a short video about Van Buren

    And yeah, I too was a bit surprised that he mentioned something from Tactics, but hey, he's as much a fan as everyone else, I guess. I am going to finish Tactics one of these days, its very underrated from what people tell me, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
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