Tim Cain on Fallout, Bloodlines and His Ups & Downs

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    "Raphael Colantonio and Peter Salnikov talk to programmer and game designer Tim Cain, co-creator of Fallout, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Outer Worlds and other cult classic RPGs."
    • How to understand your professional limits and what to do next;
    • Reactive worlds: when the game strikes back everytime the player does something meaningful;
    • 40 years in the game industry: what's changed for the better, and what got worse;
    • How do modern-day monetizing mechanichs affect game design?
    • Peace between the creative and the entrepreneurial;
    • Nobody's got time to read that fancy manual. The availabilty of modern games.
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    @2:54 is an interesting tidbit.
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    As someone who generally feels that a Fallout game set outside North America wouldn’t work, it is very interesting to hear this from Tim Cain.
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    Love that Tim Cain wanted to do Fallout games outside of the US. I never felt it had to be to be confined to US soil.
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    But Tim Cain wanting to do that does not change the gameworld setting as shipped. Tim (& Co.) would also have added a player-as-supermutant path (with all that that entails) had they the blank check to develop it. Tim was caught off guard by the devised ending (where the Overseer exiles the Vault Dweller). Tim was the first leg of the table, but not the only leg.

    Tim wrote the intro; the intro states that "In 2077 the storm of world war had come again. In two brief hours, most of the planet was reduced to cinders".

    My own take on that is that the world was doomed (past the point of recovery) from the very start of the war [two hours into it], and that the rising civilizations themselves, who came afterward, were [figuratively] the futile walking dead; on their desolate island of irradiated wasteland. This very similarly in the sense of those who are war victims of radiation, who have survived the blast, and are still ambulatory, but who are quite terminally ill from the ordeal; having no real future.
    (Which ironically, is like the Fallout setting itself.)

    The only way to continue the Fallout narrative [post recovery] is to ultimately nuke the world again... else it recovers its way out of being the Fallout setting.
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    Brussels sprouts again.