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Discussion in 'Fallout Tactics Help & Tech' started by Odin, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. Odin

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Well I wanted to make this a sticky, post either a link or the solution to a certain problem with Fallout Tactics and we can use this as a starting point for those who are looking...

    So post specific error message/what happens and the solution..

    Remember I'm only interested in solutions here!
  2. Montez

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    Jun 20, 2003
    A fix for CD3 corruption errors from magic8bob:

  3. Silveressa

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    Jul 23, 2007

    I was baffled at the mysterious bunker 04 errors, and spent hours tyring to make it work with the level editor, until finally I came across this forum, and this solution, which has worked 100% for me so far.

    Great solution and a million thanks.

    Oh and just for the hell of it I ran the scan for corruption on disc #1 and #2 as well, and found a couple corrupted files on disk #2 which it fixed without incident, just incase anyone has any other strange problems doing a repeat of disc 3's fix to disc 2 can't hurt.

    Edit: :evil:

    However once I got to bunker Epilson I encountered the exact same error of no text, no briefing, no shops etc..

    After some forum searching I found Reavsters solution in the forums which does work. So in the interest of saving others with the same headache a hour or so of forum hunting here's a summarized step by step solution, based off reavsters advice. (made deliberately simple for those who aren't so pc savvy.)

    Step #1 download win Rar if you don't already have it. (google it)

    Step #2 open win rar and choose under the file tab open archive then navigate to your fallout tactics core folder (default location
    C:\Program Files\14 Degrees East\Fallout Tactics\core )

    Step #3: select the corrupted file, in this case loc-misE. Win RAR will then tell you it's corrupt right click on the locale folder in the archive then choose repair archive and click the "treat the corrupt archive as zip" tab and the browse tab to put the file in afolder of your choosing. Then click ok and wait for it to finish compliling.

    Step #4 Now navigate to the folder you told it to put the repaired archive in, right click on it, and choose "extract here" from the win rar options that appear.

    Step #5 Next cut and paste the folder to your C:\Program Files\14 Degrees East\Fallout Tactics\core) directory and star up the game. Bunker Epilson should now work properly.

    Once again thanks to Reavster for the timely solution.
  4. Serbaside

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    Dec 20, 2005
    How does Tactics run in Windows 10? I've been feeling nostalgic to replay my old discs.