What are the Super Mutants Looking for in the D.C. Ruins?

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    Sep 10, 2022
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    Evidence that FO3 is Fallout too—but it's not.

    They (like Ghouls and everything else from the original series) are only in FO3 for credibility sake. Ghouls shouldn't exist—except as the few remaining original survivors from the great war; Van Buren be damned.

    The Supermutants were on their way out (along with the Brotherhood—the Enclave was decimated if not outright destroyed) in Fallout 2, and all of it was localized to the West coast. Bethesda should have capitalized on their regional folk lore, and made some new main factions, using the Fallout 1 & 2 assets sparingly.
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    I thought they were looking for FEV and more people to turn retarded. I think NMA likes to laser focus on autistic lore bits that do not matter while giving FNV a get out of jail free card for having decent writing. Everybody understands that DC is where the capitol is so of course the BoS would see if anything is left. When it comes to Super Mutants being in DC I am glad they went with different ones but apparently people wanted Marcus there along with Harold.

    Just to let you guys know Fallout was always corporate. It just did not reach Beth levels in the late 90s because games were still for kids. So basically not having Mutants or BoS in the game would be fucking stupid and I am tired of hearing people whine about it. Fuck off all of you.

    TLDR I am tired of these arguments. This is why nobody likes it here.
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    The master hired Masons to build a huge cathedral above a vault. These Freemasons were the original planners of Washington DC. Their corpses had been re-animated with DILDO. Dynamic, isotope, Lawrencium, Diamorphine, organs.
    Chinese labourers had been preferred as local labour was unionised. People watched in their shithole hovels as the cathedral rose towards hebben.
    Harold had told how the master fell into the vat of FEV which was coloured green as it's base was Methadone.
    It was Monroe not Moreau that fell into the VATS as well as their pet Octopus, Legsy.
    The amalgamation of Gray (alien) Monroe and the Octopus formed the master.

    Even though Marcus a first gen was intelligent some other specimens turned out a bit thick but were perfect grunts who were assigned to Colonel Kurtz.

    Lacking a suitable thinner for the FEV the master used pure Florida Orange juice and Cat piss.
    100's if not 1000's of Orange 2nd gen mutants boarded commandeered school buses and off, they went.
    Their mission was simple, bring the master the head of Alfredo Garcia.

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