What we can learn from the Automatron DLC

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    And I'm not speaking about wacky post-apocalyptic superheroes.

    There are mainly four categories of creatures in the Fallout series: Humans, humanoid mutants, mutated animals and robots.

    Of these, robots are the rarest to encounter: they were manufactured before the war for the most part, so they are limited to ancient facilities and military bases and other such areas; they are the guardians of the Old World.

    Now, robots are product of advanced technology, so they shouldn't be too common, at least compared to other types of creatures. Still, they offer great utility both as combatants and workers and it seems unlikely that civilizations in the Wasteland, although struggling and rebuilding, wouldn't try to employ, adapt and maybe even improve them for their own purposes, especially as technologically advanced Nation-States emerge.

    In conclusion, in a future installment of the series I'd rather see modified robots and wasteland designs (rust bucket robot) than new, shoehorned prewar ones.
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    If Fallout 4 taught me anything, it's that only the PC and a handful of others understand anything at all about even
    simple technologies, and only the PC and maybe the Brotherhood have any interest in using that knowledge. I guess there's also the chaotic stupid Institute, but... well hey, there's your answer: advanced robots (and gorillas,
    dur hur!!!) that look human, act like humans, but also complain about abuse and desire freedom like humans and
    then start to rebel... uh... whoops... so hey, maybe it's better to stick with Mr. Handies after all. lol

    All jokes aside, I wouldn't hold my breath. Bethesda's marketing team is too fixated on maintaining the '50's vibe' to allow any hint of realistic, logical progress to slip into their next game.
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    That would be neat, people scavenge and refurbish anything, robots would be a logical next step.

    It would also be interesting to see advanced factions actually creating their own robots, fit for the wasteland, and not based on anything pre-war. Like an AK-47 of robots.
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