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More assorted Fallout goodness shuffled my way today, so I felt like sharing it. This should have something for everyone. First we have a teaser from Fallout: New California.

I was going to complain about nothing but action but it is named the action teaser so there's that. Fallout: New Vegas still kicking ass and taking names in 2018.

Now a Fallout 4...
RPS brings us something amusing or maybe sad depending on where you lean on the Karma scale. I figured we would try to pick three great mods out of the list. Shouldn't be too hard.

Trimmed this article down so go to RPS for the full list.

qD97Upt.jpg reports that the overly ambitious Fallout 4 remake of Fallout 3 has been shelved. Gee it's almost like Fallout 4 is the worst designed game in the core series and most mods of this scope never see the light of day!!...

One of our NMA members (@lolpop109) recently launched the alpha version of his Fallout New Vegas mod. If any of you have heard of this relatively obscure post apocalyptic RPG check it out.


So check it out. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were shed by numerous contributors (possibly other fluids), so I wager it warrants a passing glance, or perhaps a nod of solemn approval. Whatever...
Take-Two has announced a new publishing label called Private Division, which specializes in releases from larger independent studios, one of which is Obsidian and their project helmed by Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky.

The announcement also came with a video introducing the various studios and projects...

Give it a look. Looks a bit like Fallout Tactics.

For those who don't know, ATOM: RPG is a Post Apocalyptic indie game inspired by the golden age of cRPG out now on EA. The team mentions a few names that inspired the making of this new cRPG: Fallout, System Shock, Deus Ex, Baldur's Gate and others.

It is a top down isometric, turn based combat RPG that happens in a (nuclear) devastated Soviet Union and the Western Bloc in the late 1980's....
So the good folks that made Fallout: Nevada announced a new Fallout TC.

Link to the thread:обсуждение/page-1

Over at the Zdoom forums Vostyok has been working for a couple of years now on a story/mission driven Doom TC conversion called Ashes 2063, a mod that will take the player to a near future Earth that has been devastated by a nuclear holocaust.
Here the player has to eke out a living by going through the ruins of the old world, looking for useful things and sell-able scrap while avoiding or...