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Mr. Chris Avellone (MCA) posted some of his thoughts on Fallout and what he'd like to see in a future Fallout title:<blockquote>I think there are many things that make Fallout what it is:

The SPECIAL system.
The choices in solving quests.
The non-linearity.
The ambiance.
Hard moral choices.
Role-playing, including stupid dialogue and Karma-based responses.
A world where...
The official The Temple of Elemental Evil has been put up, now this isn't Fallout news but it's atleast an RPG we might like. So remember to check out that site also.
RPGGamer have tried out Fbos at E3 and their impressions on the game weren't all that good (even tho they mistook it for an RPG), here's some more:<blockquote>Gameplay itself looked like a bad third-person shooter. All I did in the demo level was point towards my foe and wail bullets into his poor body, followed by more and more of the same. Rescuing...
Well without further ado I want to announce our latest hosted site The Order is a Fallout Clan/Community, here's some of their story:<blockquote>The Order is an old Fallout community. It was created by [DSM] Madness with a classic message posted on the Interplay Fallout forum entitled "Hey, guys, how about starting a Fallout clan called the Order?"...
Ever since JE Sawyer posted this thread specualtions on the IPLY boards have run high about Van Buren being Fallout 3. Van Buren will be announced before Jefferson, which was the project they were working on but it looks like they had to scrap/shelve it for now due to licenseing problems.
There are numberous threads about Fallout 3...
And now for something completely different...
If you click here you`ll find a radio show that takes requests from Fallout fans in particular and music lovers in general run by the mean Dark Machine.
In his words
Hey bro, my specific showtimes are Tuesdays and Saturdays 4pm - 6pm CST (GMT+6)
If people wanna make requests,...
There`s a long and fascinating thread on the Interplay message boards where J.E. Sawyer from Black Isle Studios talks about his ideas on Fallout3.
Here`s a quote:
After some thought on this, I would actually simplify this instead of...
A post made by several moderators on the Interplay feedback forums has this to say:

<blockquote>Good morning to you all, today I am the bearer of nasty news.

Problems have arisen, and the board is under threat. Basically, anyone caught 'bashing' anything in regards to Interplay (including games, the forum, the mods and anything or anyone else) will be given an instant warning. Get...
Spotted at DAC, Interplay tries to take the cover-up of the game one step further to try and hide it from their investors:

Interplay started the Fo:Bos forum:
You ruined it by your assaults on Interplay employees and bashing at Fo:Bos

Interplay allowed you to post your questions/comments about Fo:Bos here...
J.E. Sawyer from Black Isle Studios started an interesting thread on the Interplay message boards, talking about the present and future of the company that is supposed to produce Fallout3 one day. Here is a quote:

<blockquote>However, Black Isle and Interplay...