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The IGN interview with Feargus Urquhart mentioned yesterday is up now:

He goes over some of his career from back at Interplay, but it's mostly about running Obsidian, interspersed with some talk about the many games he's worked on that were cancelled,...
A bit of of various news about various topics.
First some Fallout:
Fallout 4 is about to get PS4 Pro support, and there's a high res texture pack for PC incoming.
[SPOILER="Huge 4K...
Guess that Obsidian rumor was right. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire just went up on Fig. Still no sign of Van Buren, but I wager it's just a matter of time.

Thanks to @eissa for posting the link.
Eurogamer posted a new article about Fallout 2 and a formula the developers used for the sexual encounters. Chris Avellone is in it so there is that. Hey at least it's not about Fallout 4!

We've previously highlighted The Brotherhood, known to NMA for making STASIS, helping with development on Wasteland 3 and making beautiful Fallout concept art.
Now they have gone back to Kickstarter to create another isometric adventure game, this time set in one of those post-apocalyptic wastelands we love so much...
2016 has exploded like a blood sausage as we make our way into 2017. NMA will be continuing work on revamping certain aspects of the site whether it be increasing our news feed, overhauling the forum, or finishing that Fallout pnp ruleset that some people have been working on.

A scattershot of New Years news here. Nothing too exciting but after a year like 2016 I want to be bored....
Hello all,

This project has been some time in the making now and it was suppose to be released much earlier during November on the day that Fallout 4 was released a year ago.
When no review was written for the original game in the weeks after the release of, we decided to instead write a review of the game when it was released in its totality (the base game and all of its DLCs) to give a...
It is no secret that Fallout 4 was a disappointment to many long time fans of the series. As a result the increase in traffic we had due to Fallout 4 has died off a bit as most things that needed to be said about that game have already been repeated time and time again. In an effort to liven things up a bit around here we plan on increasing our news output partly by expanding our content to...
Sugarbombed released the second part of the recent Chris Avellone review. This one is quite a bit more interesting. Does anyone get the idea that the Obsidian/Avellone split wasn't entirely amicable?

We have a bunch of Fallout related goodness to share with you this week since I know many of you dislike how sparse the news is around here. First up we have a thorough look at the intro to the original game at Art of the Title.

It has some pretty interesting interviews from some of the developers which...