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The companion app for Fallout 4 is now out for Android and Windows Phone:


New article on talking about graphics technology of Fallout 4. Highlighted is the first change from the Creation Engine in Skyrim:

Bethesda has done a 42 minute interview with the voice actors of Fallout 4's protagonist Brian T. Delaney and Courtenay Taylor.
A user on NeoGaf has managed to take screenshots from the PC version:

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Bethesda has revealed information about the music that will be in Fallout 4. Here are some highlights from the article:

More Music:

Contains spoilers so only watch if you are okay with that:

Bethesda is playing whack a mole with the leaks. Funnily enough I got the links for all of these from Pete Hine's twitter:

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Images from the Spanish version of Fallout 4 have leaked:

Image album Nuked

New set of leaks in English with a female protagonist:

Image album Nuked

Picture of Dogmeat:

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The Art of Fallout 4 is the upcoming art book from Bethesda and Dark Horse Studios. The release date is the 22nd of December and the page count is 368, the biggest art book so far from Bethesda.


Here is part of foreword by Lead Artist Istvan Pely:

The Vault has has just processed a list of achievements for Fallout 4 originally posted on exophase. A brief analysis of the images and achievements has... Interesting conclusions:

  • The Brotherhood of Steel and the Minutemen are joinable factions.
  • You can apparently betray the Brotherhood of...
Indie RPG The Age of Decadence has been out for just over a week and lead developer Vince Dweller has revealed 10,000 first week sales for a lifetime total sales total of 25,441 which has exceeded expectations. Also revealed are the studio's future plans.

Content updates for AoD will focus on(with no plans for DLC or expansions):