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  1. Muttie
    Version: v1.082
    I really can't make a review yet, but only a “first impression”, (i.e. that lame shit critics do to relief themselves of the need to do a proper job of it).
    Anyway, this appears to be a rather big mod (I travelled the map a little and found several settlements of decent size), with a lot of potential (interesting story and design) and it's really not that buggy or flawed (as often said).

    The only issue I discovered was that it's occasionally easy to break the mod (i.e. force bugs). For example, the first knife fight can bug out if rushing it and or acting unsuspected (talk?). But if you do it properly, it will work fine. Another time I couldn't get the guard to lower the energy barrier (it only stayed down for a split second), and I had to force my way through it. However when I started a second game it worked without issue. These are not really bugs as such, but just “twitchy behaviour” which are inherent to Fo and hard to figure out (and probably even harder to fix). In fact, I'm not even sure if the error isn't with my install (wrong exe). Anyway, I spend a lot of time finding and testing bugs over the past year and in my experience it takes a lot of studying & understanding before one can justifiably flip one's shit over a Fo game.
    That said, I did not find ANY bugs, so far, but only “odd behaviour” I haven't fully understood yet. May be a bug, may be me. It's not easy to tell with a game-series that has a notoriously messy engine and an amazing complexity in game-play that comes without any form of disclosure. The amount of times I've been thrown off by Chem Resistant creating “odd behaviour” is infuriating :).

    The other thing was that I discovered situations that felt underdeveloped. Like they've been set up and work, but are not fully explored yet (i.e. it felt as if there is only one solution, and different or alternative paths have not been implemented yet.) However, it may also be that I haven't figured out the right solution (or I lacked the required skills) etc.. It's just how it is. It takes a lot of time to understand a Fo game. Half of the times, “bugs” turned out to be an error/misunderstanding on my side. And even if some scenarios are underdeveloped (possibly the Mantis fight which seemed tedious and the Raider Camp where I couldn't find an alternative to fighting) this isn't exactly a flaw but areas that offer room for improvement.

    Personally, I'm really looking forward to continue playing and studying this mod. And when I'm done, then I can compare my first confused impressions, with my final in-depth knowledge and tell if this mod is buggy and/or flawed. But currently I would call it slightly vulnerable to messy behaviour and with room to explore and expand player options (I think). However, neither should really turn anyone off. There is a lot of potential with this mod, and I would love to see it succeed and established as another entry in the Fo series. It does have the potential.