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    I've found a few points in the supplementary guide that could be improved:

    - Cat Jules starting AP is listed as 8, but I believe it's 9.

    - A mentioning of how to find Sam Pritchard's Map is missing. It's in his grave (NW of Golgotha). Opening the grave doesn't seem to trigger the Grave Digger reputation. And I'm pretty sure that it needs PE 8 to find the map.

    - Klammath: It may be worth noting that the Radscorpion limbs found in NR (Cat's Paw and Golden Globe) work too when doing the “Figure out who is rustling the Brahmin” quest. Especially as the pasture can't be revisited.

    - Broken Hill could get a comment that in order to talk to Francis one needs a bit of town reputation. Getting the quest to help Eric is sufficient. And solving the quest can even get some Buffout (if asking for a reward) which comes with a reference to arm-wrestling Francis.

    - One should be careful not to follow the Mr. Handy repair robots in the Sierra Army Depot. As those doors of the automated repair bay don't open from the inside, and are consequently a dead end if the lockpick isn't up to it (e.g. if you can't open it from the outside, don't slip into the maintenance bay when the robots open the door coming out to repair).

    - The title of the Abbey quest (inform the two monks of each other) says erroneously Tully & Thomas, but should say Tully & Samuel. As it actually does correctly in the following paragraph.

    - Abbey: One does not need to use the motor on the water-pump first. It's enough to have the motor in the inventory when using the tool on the pump. Repair of 40% (without tool) gives a good chance. Btw, the motor from the EPA (and probably the one from Navarro) work too. However, both require some investment to obtain what makes it not very attractive to skip the purchase.

    - Knowing of Gecko is not enough to get the “escort Brother Jason to Gecko” option, one also needs to now that Wooz is a tragic player (by talking to him), otherwise Jason will reject the idea of living among Ghouls.

    - It should be noted that defeating the deathclaw (to retrieve the book for the head-monk) is very tough for low level characters (it has 310 Hps and early weapons do little to no damage). However, there is the option to cripple the death-claw (tested twice, I hit in the eyes each time), as once it has “crippled limbs” (and note that it must say “crippled limbs” when looking at it) the deathclaw (like most critters apparently) will stop fighting and run away. At which point one can gun it down at leisure.

    - To access the Abbey's database (searching it) one needs 70% science. And the information is flavour only.

    - The slave camp location can also be gained from Vortis at the NCR. It's similar to the Metzger dialogue (wanting to buy slaves) and then Vortis is willing to sell the location for 2000 (preceded by a “you look too virtuous” comment). With negative karma he only asks for 1000.
    EDIT: He also only asked for 1000 with a karma of 91. (To get this option the “find sister” quest needs to be active.)

    - Slave Camp: I believe it needs 40% sneak (a rough 50% chance it seems) to escape with Kurisu undetected. With 16% sneak I would consistently get drawn into combat with the guard. 25% Sneak worked too once, but 40% started to feel like a realistic chance (can still fail though). And it is possible to select the second door (the one that opens dialogue with Kurisu) with a Lockpick set (rather than just opening it), which may help (?) with the in-dialogue lockpick test.

    - It is quite possible to do (most) of the EPA as a low lvl character (the requirement steps are: first rope (for seeds & gas mask), then botany quest from the Abbey (for botany disc), then repair 56% without tool (for weaponry, companions), then speech 81% (for epilepsy cure, sex-change) and last science 101% & IN 6 (for Solar Scorcher & heart pills)). The only real hindrance are the encounters around it (Floaters, Centaurs, Aliens and, worst of all, Deathclaws). However, all those encounters are melee only and if setting all companions to “stay close to me” there is a good chance to reach the EPA by running away from those encounters. It is only occasionally that a companion decides to stay & fight (and dies) or gets stuck (and dies). Of cause running away, especially on the large desert maps, is a bit tedious, still it's better than the smaller mountain maps where there is a chance of having the critters dropped on top of one's head (which is death against deathclaws). At the EPA it is also quite possible to avoid any tough opponent; the spore-plants one can walk around (clear a path with the plant spray (SE shed, which also contains the metal pole) or go west (sneaking and distance helps), circle around the building and enter it from the north (EDIT: or just enter the west-wing from the south)) and the aliens on lvl 7 one can run past. This may seem weird (to avoid opponents) but the EPA is a place where it makes sense to pick up a few things long before the point when you can take out a horde of aliens or have all the requirements.

    - A few notes on running past the aliens at the EPA: the aliens will engage in combat when they see you. In this regard it should be noted that their line of sight is peculiar, it seems to be blocked by gang-rails (so you can stand in front of the monitors indefinitely, or at the elevator until they walk all the way around). And it is blocked by the energy barrier (no matter if disabled or not) except for one long line (it's an extension of the bottom gang-rail to the north). You can figure this line out by moving the cursor under the (disabled) barrier, all squares will feature a X but one (that's their line of sight) and on that line they will spot you even when at the bottom of the stairs. This hole in the (disabled) barrier makes running back a bit tricky as you will have to run through it. Consequently the best is to wait on the stairs (mind their peeping hole) or even in the room with stasis tanks until all aliens wandered off the gangway (time and patience) which will happen eventually, then run back. The aliens will hold their position until you return. And using the rusty elevator will cause them to turn around and walk back to the breach in the gang-rail (even when previously engaged in combat, however, I would suggest to avoid combat, as it means to leave the gangway blocked and there is less guaranteed to find an opening when returning with the ERSI canister). The aliens will not walk north (unless bugged out by, for example, combat) but they will when engaged in combat, and you don't want them there. They'll (try to) walk back eventually but because of the tiny opening it can take some time.) This whole procedure is a bit tedious but it's the best way to get the new companions early (i.e. when reaching NR and learning its location from Myron or a Traveller).

    - The plants at the EPA can be taken out easily with the plant spray (SE shed), and I believe the best way to apply it without initiating combat (and getting hit) is by sneaking up from behind. Even running works (to a certain extent) as long as one is not running up to the front of the plant. Both plant sprays (10 uses each) are enough to take out almost all plants but a handful (about 6 remain), but to get the second spray bottle one needs the key to the garden shed (which requires to kill the plants, sic) or extremely good lockpick (60% with an Extended Lockpick Set work, aka 80% with Lockpicks, aka 100% lockpick skill). (EDIT: Note that using the plant spray to kill a plant (or insect) doesn't give any XP.)

    - It could be worth mentioning that Mr.Chemmie at the EPA drops the item on the ground and one needs to pick it up. This may help to avoid confusion over the lost ERSI canister and the “I can't make another one” panic.

    - Blowing up the generator on level 5 of the EPA labelled as “generator for the holograms: do not tamper with this”, has (apparently) no other effect than removing the holograms (which also removes the option to obtain the keys and passwords for the locked doors). There does not seem to be a quest that the depressed robots on lvl 3 & 7 are happy about seeing the director of security gone, as suggested when repairing the voice computer.

    - Drugs (listed as Marijuana in the EPA section) lasts only for 6 days and not 11, the second -1 PE is after 4 days. As a side note there is one of those drugs-item in the locked garden shed and Mr. Chemmie can produce 4 more, which means there should be a total of 5 of these in the game (I don't think Mr. Chemmie can restock, nor does it seem to trigger addiction). Probably the rarest drug as a consequence. This is also (so far) the only item that the “static-hologram” on lvl 4: security would identify.
    (EDIT: I've tried it again, but this time with a male character (the one before was female), and this time the duration was 11 days & 7 (as it says in the guide). So the discrepancy is probably a male/female difference, unless it's EN based).)

    - Dog Food (EPA section) is a one time use. Whenever I used it (tested 3 times) it disappeared right away.

    - And some clarification on how to enter the submarine could be helpful (to enter the motorboat from bay: click on mooring post, to enter the motorboat from the submarine: click on the ladder leading down to the motorboat), and that the torpedo propulsion system is not a console but accessed by interacting with “one of the torpedoes” (EDIT: It could also just be me) (I suggest the south one, as I had the game crash once when interacting with the northern ones).

    (EDIT: - It could mention that there are three uses for the two Experimental Seeds (EPA, Arroyo & Dr. Sheng), and that it is best not to plant the last sample in Arroyo (but a normal corn sample instead).

    EDIT: Companions: With the new model, Lenny can only use Knife, Spear and Rifle (instead of Knife, Pistol, SMG). The guide seems to dislike this but I found that despite his low ST he does rather well with a Scoped Hunting Rifle and Sniper Rifle until you can give him a Red Ryder LE BB Gun (NCR). And eventually he can probably use a M72 Gauss Rifle, too, especially when in power armour.

    Then I've took the item tables from Per Jorner's Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 guide and updated them to the Restoration project Mod 2.3.3.

    However, I have no idea how to post them, sorry. They are tables (which I couldn't copy & paste), then I've tried tab, and even space to create a version I could post, but it just wouldn't translate. Sorry.
    (I bet it's possible, but I'm completely out of my depth.)

    (The Sources I've taken info from are: Nukapedia, No Mutants allowed, Per Jorner's Nearly Ultimate FO2 guide and the Supplementary Guide for the RP mod by Morticia & Darek.) (i.e. if there is any mistake it's their fault.)

    But jokes aside, at this point I've actually checked and confirmed most of it myself.
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    This is not exactly what I had in mind, but it's better than just skipping it completely.

    Sexual Encounters

    I have rated each sex encounter, but please note that I neither condone nor condemn sexuality. Which means I will not criticize intercourse, prostitution or pornography. However this makes ratings a bit awkward, as the encounter seems (at least in-game) fine, but as it's prostitution, sex for favours or an extramarital affair some people may not agree with that sort of thing. So at the end of the day you have to decide for yourself what you find acceptable and what not. For this guide I go mostly by in game hints. Those are (in that particular order) pleasantness (in game comments), then looks (of the character), and last how it came about (the circumstances) which has the least influence as it's mostly RPG (aka your decision really).

    The used ratings are: Harmful (actually damaging), Unpleasant (negative comment), Service (which means it's one-sided, but it can trigger a positive comment, however genuine), RPG (that means character's choice. The added indicator mostly reflects if the game will make you regret your decision) and passionate (positive comment). Intense is kind of in between RPG and passionate.


    Bath House:

    - Hand Wipe

    For: Both. Requires: Money.

    Virginity lost: no. Time past: 30 min. Pleasantness: Service.

    - Full Body

    For: Both. Requires: Money.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 1 hour. Pleasantness: Service.

    - All around the world (Jenny)

    For: Both. Requires: Money.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 2 hours. Pleasantness: Service.

    Slim Picket

    For: Female. Requires: Nothing.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 4 hours. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).



    For: Both or spouse (spouse is default). Requires: No money.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: None. Pleasantness: Harmful.

    Umbra Tribe:


    For: Female. Requires: CH 7.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 2 hours. Pleasantness: Passionate.

    The Den:


    For: Female. Requires: Nothing.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 40 min. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).
    EDIT: Wait until he's done walking before leaving the map otherwise he'll get stuck.

    Prostitute (Sheila)

    For: Male. Requires: Money.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 36 min. Pleasantness: Service.

    Patron (Billy)

    For: Female or Miria (oneself is default). Requires: CH 6.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 16-35 min. Pleasantness: RPG, For Miria unpleasant.


    For: Female. Requires: CH 6.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 25 min. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).


    For: Female. Requires: CH 8 & 1000 money.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: None. Pleasantness: Passionate.

    EDIT: Note that you'll get the 1000 back if you do this properly (ask him how much he wants, give him the 1000, ask about the GECK, and then demand 1000 for it). For a female character this is probably one of the best sensible options (beside Krom) to remove the virgin reputation early without getting married (i.e. if failing/not wanting to risk the speech check). If you don't have the CH, Slim Picket & Joey are actually OK options, too, or, if all fails, the male option (Bathhouse/Jenny). Otherwise you have to wait until New Reno (Bishop), or the end of the game (Miss Kitty).


    Rave Party

    For: Both. Requires: CH check (but one can just retry).

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 20-30 min. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).

    (EDIT: I feel this is the one encounter that most people have questions about, as it's very difficult to discover and trigger. After hours of trying to find it (I circled around the Den for two hours (real time) and hit every special encounter but the rave party), I've eventually discovered a method with which I can discover the rave reliably. I've done this 5 times by now and with different characters (i.e. with high & low lvl, LK and outdoorman skill), so I'm fairly sure it works.
    Method Summary: Pendle (by foot) between the W & SW squares that are directly adjacent to the Den (I usually start at the top of the W square, travel to the middle of the SW square and return), until the encounter triggers (can happen in either square). This only happens on the unique map with the “Iguana stand and Pit” (which triggers very frequently on these two squares, which is the reason why I focus on them, rather than circling around the Den. In fact I never had this map on any other square around the Den). Second, the Rave only triggers between 19.00 to 00.00 a clock (so it may still take some time, and playing a radio show or audio book can help to pass the time). Last, it only triggers around the Den (the Iguana/Pit map can also be found elsewhere (on a rough line between VC & NR), but according to Jorner's guide not with the rave on it).
    (Note: At this point I'm fairly certain that a high Outdoorman skill/lvl/LK does not have an influence. But it may help not to have special encounters, so a low lvl, or having triggered most of them, can help in so far as they don't pop up and clutter up the squares. However, I did not had this problem until I changed my screen settings, see the next point).
    (Note II: I changed PC, reinstalled Fallout2 & RP Mod and changed the screen setting to 800x600: I then spend hours using my technique to find the Rave and again hit every special encounter in the game but the rave (all the green circles cluttered up in the west square, which is not helpful when trying to get the rave). I then switched the screen settings back to 640x480 and the same character/save found the rave in under 30 mins (this time in the SW square) with only one special encounter in between. No idea if this was a freak accident or if screen settings actually play into this. But I feel I should add this, just in case it does.)
    The Rave: In the encounter you have to use a skill on the ravers (steal, first aid, doctor) which constitutes as a pick up line, this triggers a floater and a new dialogue option when talking to them. If your CH is high they should consent the first time, if your CH is low (like 1) you may have to ask repeatedly (up to 10 times) until they consent (or should that be concede?).
    If you have further questions see Per Jorner's Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide (and search for rave), but this should very much cover it.)



    For: Both. Requires: CH 8 (or 7 & town reputation).

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 35 min. Pleasantness: Passionate.

    Miria (rape)

    For: Both. Requires: Nothing.

    Virginity lost: no. Time past: None. Pleasantness: Harmful.


    For: Both. Requires: CH 8 (or 7 & town reputation).

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 35 min. Pleasantness: Passionate.

    EDIT: Note that the game has several (slightly mature) jokes regarding Miria's and Davin's purity. When accusing Miria of being a slut she says “I only slept with 10 to 20 people this month”. Cornelius claims to have “played doctor games with her” and a disgruntled Davin (after an equal sex marriage) says “She isn't that good in bed” (?!). And Davin can be accused of visiting the Brahmin at night, which actually comes out of nowhere and goes nowhere. One would expect a blackmail option here but it's just one of those loose ends.

    Vault City:


    For: Male. Requires: Positive/Neutral Karma.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 30 min. Pleasantness: Harmful.
    EDIT: Note that this is even more evil as it's in advance, and one has, in fact, never to help her.


    For: Male. Requires: Speech 75%, or CH 9, or CH 6 & Sex-Appeal/Kama Sutra Master

    Virginity lost: no. Time past: None. Pleasantness: Unpleasant.

    Broken Hills


    For: Both. Requires: ST 8, lvl 6 & town reputation

    Virginity lost: no. Time past: 8 hours. Pleasantness: Unpleasant.

    New Reno:

    Cat's Paw:

    - Oral

    For: Both. Requires: Money.

    Virginity lost: no. Time past: 10 min. Pleasantness: Service.

    - Down'n'Dirty

    For: Both. Requires: CH 5 or less, Money.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 50 min. Pleasantness: Service.

    - Upper/Lower

    For: Both. Requires: CH 6 or more, Money.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 50 min. Pleasantness: Service.

    - Talk

    For: Both. Requires: Money.

    Virginity lost: no. Time past: 3 hours. Pleasantness: Service.

    - Special

    For: Both. Requires: IN 6 or more, Money.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 30-35 min. Pleasantness: Service.
    EDIT: There seem to be 4 special scenarios: slave boy/girl, male/female mutant interrogator, vault dweller (male only) and Mrs. Bishop look alike (after talking to her).

    - For a Friend

    For: All but Goris & dogs. Requires: Money.

    Virginity lost: /. Time past: 16-50 min (Marcus: 1 hour). Pleasantness: Service.

    Little Jesus

    For: Female. Requires: CH 6, Knife.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 1.10 hours (including training). Pleasantness: Unpleasant.

    Golden Globe:

    - Porn Star

    For: Both. Requires: Audition: CH 8. To pass: EN 8, AG 8, & a sex-rating of 9 or more.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 20-23 min (first: 2 hours). Pleasantness: RPG (fine/last movie: OK).

    - Fluffer

    For: Both or spouse. Requires: CH 7 or less.

    Virginity lost: no. Time past: 10 min. Pleasantness: Harmful.

    GoGo Dancer

    For: Female. Requires: CH 7, AG7.

    Virginity lost: no. Time past: 1 hour. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).

    Mrs. Bishop

    For: Both. Requires: CH 6 or ST 6.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 30 min. Pleasantness: Passionate.

    Angela Bishop

    For: Male. Requires: Nothing.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 24 min. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).


    For: Female. Requires: CH 6.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 40 min. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).


    For: Female. Requires: CH 6, IN 3 or less, EN 6 or less (and not chem resistant).

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 10 min. Pleasantness: Unpleasant.

    Miss Kitty

    For: Both. Requires: CH 9 and/or end of game.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 12 hours. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).


    Fannie Mae

    For: Male. Requires: Money.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 30 min. Pleasantness: Service.

    Village (VC):

    Robert Baron

    For: Female or Miria (oneself is default). Requires: CH 7.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 30 min (Miria: 1 hour). Pleasantness: RPG, For Miria unpleasant.



    For: Female. Requires: ? (CH 6 works).

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 30 min. Pleasantness: Intense.
    EDIT: Only characters with negative Karma can survive this, and cause Dex to “be in love”.

    San Francisco:

    Lao Chou

    For: Female or Miria. Requires: CH 7 or Sex-Appeal.

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 20 min (Miria: 2 hours). Pleasantness: Intense.
    EDIT: Ask about villagers, then “worth your while” or continue, say “too much” and offer Miria.

    Looks: Really a minor point (as it usually corresponds with pleasantness, but for Karl), but to run it down: Bathouse (attractive, there are several lines to go through), Slim Picket (tall & lanky), Trappers (dirty, unshaven & haggard), Krom (muscular & roguish), Joey (none/bully), Sheila (average prostitute), Billy (not attractive, only one tooth), Metzger (none), Karl (very filthy), Rave (wild/jiggly or swaying), Miria (attractive), Davin (attractive), Amanda (tired looking), Phyllis (thin, young woman), Francis (powerful looking), Cat's Paw (seductively dressed), Little Jesus (pock marked & rotted teeth), Mrs. Bishop (attractive), Angela Bishop (attractive), T-Ray (muscular, but not particularly good looking), Myron (pasty-faced and greasy), Miss Kitty (attractive), Fannie Mae (worn out), Roger Baron (none/caravan master), Dex (attractive), Lao Chou (none/shopkeeper).

    IN of 3 or less: The options for a stupid character are: Sheila (Prostitute at the Den), Offer Miria to Patron (male only), Rave Party, Golden Globe (Porn Star & Fluffer (can't offer spouse)), Mrs. Bishop, Angela Bishop, T-Ray and Myron.

    - Time past can vary and the numbers are not always 100% accurate, but a rough estimate.

    * In New Reno reputations can replace requirements (Porn Star for: Little Jesus, T-Ray & GoGo Dancer. And Made-man and Prize Fighter can help at the Golden Globe and at the Cat's Paw). A good sex-rating is a 9 or more. CH/2+EN/4+AG*0,13+ ST*0,12+2 (Kama Sutra Master)+1 (sex-appeal)+2 (sex-good) = sex-rating (see Nukapedia for the detailed formula).

    - When an encounter doesn't remove virginity it also doesn't assign Gigolo or Sexpert (tested), which means they may not count as sex (i.e. Virginity Lost could also be read as Sex: yes/no).

    - Regarding the how, where & why (or why not) consult the Fallout2 guides by Per Jorner and Darek/Mortica.

    But note that Per Jorner's Guide says one needs CH9 to become a Porn-Star, but I got it with CH8, which is either an RP Mod adjustment, or a typo in Jorner's guide. It also says (Jorner's or Nukapedia) that one has always the option to become a fluffer, but I found that there is no such option if eligible for audition (CH8). Also the assigned bonuses at the Cat's Paw have changed to sex: +1 ST (from +1AG) and special request +1AG (from +1ST). Note also that the RP Mod has the perks Gigolo and Sexpert triggered accurately (imo) (Gigolo: to have sex 10 times (even with the same partner). And Sexpert: Score a good rating (9 or more) once.). Jorner's guide also says under Kama Sutra Master that one may utilize sexpert (Gigolo in the RP mod) instead, this may be a typo as sexpert or Gigolo (seem to be reputation perks only and) have no influence on anything as far as I can tell (they don't add to the sex-rating nor do they replace KSM or SA when talking to Phyllis). Furthermore the notion that Sex-Appeal is an equal substitute for Kama Sutra Master, isn't true. KSM adds +2 to the rating, SA only +1, and that makes a difference if you want a rating of 9 without taking drugs. And otherwise SA doesn't do much that KSM don't (except Lao Chou and the NPCs reactions, which are a double edged-sword), and as useless sex-perks/traits goes KSM seems the better choice. Nukapedia says that Sexpert (this would be Gigolo in the RP mod) unlocks improved sexual dialogue, but doesn't say what specifically. I haven't tried everything yet, but so far I couldn't tell a difference. Jorner's guide says that Little Jesus & Trappers do not count properly. This has been fixed in the RP mod.

    There is a comment on Nukapedia claiming that losing to Francis as a female sexpert will name all sex-dolls in the game after oneself. I can't confirm this, not even when sex-god should have triggered or as a porn star, this seems to be a myth. What I can confirm is that the vagrants on the tanker will make comments if one lost to Francis. Another funny thing is that one can introduce oneself to Ken Lee using one's porn name and he'll react to that.

    Noteworthy: the rape of Miria does not remove virginity, so it's probably only attempted rape (this encounter is harmful). Also note that the Myron encounter only takes 10 min. The date with Phyllis (and the Francis encounter) do not remove virginity. The encounter with Karl is surprisingly pleasant. Marcus needs the longest at the Cat's Paw (which means his whole sterility dialogue option afterwards may be a pretence for his actual “problems”). And that buying for a friend costs more for “freaks” than normal people (that is Marcus, Lenny and, funny enough, Myron) (but not the Brain Bot).
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    Rave Party

    For: Both. Requires: CH check (but one can just retry).

    Virginity lost: yes. Time past: 20-30 min. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).

    I think I've found it a few times but the map was always deserted. Does it have to be night time?

    New Reno:

    GoGo Dancer

    For: Female. Requires: CH 7, AG7.

    Virginity lost: no. Time past: 1 hour. Pleasantness: RPG (fine).

    Where exactly is this? Oh, did you mean the dancing in the cage thing? Never thought of it as a sexual act. :D
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    According to Per Jorner between 19.00 to midnight. Which makes it extra hard to find.
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    As I said I took the item tables from Per Jorner's Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 guide and updated them to the Restoration project Mod 2.3.3, the following are the new and/or updated entries. (This is a simplified version as I couldn't manage to post the tables.)

    Perhaps something similar could be (in part) added to Darek's/Mortica's Supplementary Guide.

    (I know that people just look into the game-files (aka use magic) but for casuals and the sake of being a guide (& closure) it could be considered to add some item-lists, especially Quest-items is a handy reference list.)


    K-9 Kevlar (For Dogmeat). Location: BH (Liz).

    Mutant Armour (For Marcus). Location: Abbey (Bill).

    (I believe that Plated Boxing Gloves, Shiv and Switchblade have been adjusted by RP. Also Gold Nugget, Uranium Ore and Refined Uranium Ore can now be used unarmed, like Rocks.)

    Plant Spike (diff. pict.). Location: EPA, SF (Ab. House).

    Dmg: 8-12. AP: 4. Skill:Thr

    Plated Box. Gloves. Location: New Reno (Bishop's).

    Dmg: 2-5. AP: 3. Skill:Un

    Shiv. Location: New Reno, SF.

    Dmg: 1-4. AP: 3. Skill:Me W

    Switchblade. Location: New Reno.

    Dmg: 2-5. AP: 3. Skill:Me W

    Lightsaber (green). Location: Star Wars encounter.

    Dmg: 36-75. AP: 2. Skill:Me W

    Lightsaber (red). Location: Star Wars encounter.

    Dmg: ?. AP: ?. Skill:

    Phazer. Location: Federation Shuttle.

    Dmg: 20-30. Ammo: SEC. Clip: 12. AP: 4. Skill:En W

    Blaster. Location: Star Wars encounter.

    Dmg: 30-40. Ammo: SEC. Clip: 40. AP: 3. Skill:En W

    Solar Scorcher. Location: EPA.

    Dmg: 20-60. Ammo: Daylight. Clip: 6. AP: 4. Skill:En W

    Ammunition (using YAAMod)

    BB's (Best Weapon: Red Ryder LE BB Gun)

    10mm AP (Best Weapon: HK P90c)

    DT mod: 4.

    10mm JHP (Best Weapon: HK P90c)

    Dmg mod: 3/2.

    .44 magnum FMJ (Best Weapon: .44 Magnum (Speed Load))

    DT mod: 5.

    .44 Magnum JHP (Best Weapon: .44 Magnum (Speed Load))

    Dmg mod: 3/2.

    12 ga. Shotg. Shells (Best Weapon: Pancor Jackhammer )

    AC mod: -10.

    14mm AP (Best Weapon: 14mm Pistole)

    DT mod: 8.

    .45 Caliber (M3A1 "Grease Gun" SMG)

    7.62mm (Best Weapon: M60, FN FAL HPFA)

    AC mod: -5. DT mod: 2.

    9mm (Best Weapon: 9mm Mauser)

    DT mod: 2.

    9mm ball (Best Weapon: 9mm Mauser)

    Dmg mod: 3/2. DT mod: 2.

    5mm AP (Best Weapon: Avenger Minigun, XL70E3)

    DT mod: 4.
    5mm JHP (Best Weapon: Avenger Minigun, XL70E3)

    Dmg mod: 3/2.

    HN Needler Cartridge (Best Weapon: Needler Pistol)

    AC mod: -10. DT mod: 2.

    HN AP Needler Cartridge (Best Weapon: Needler Pistol)

    Dmg mod: 2/1. AC mod: -10. DT mod: 5.

    .223 FMJ (Best Weapon: .223 Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Bozar)

    AC mod: -20. DT mod: 5.

    4.7mm Caseless (Best Weapon: H&K G11E, Vindicator Minigun)

    Dmg mod: 3/2. AC mod: -5. DT mod: 7.

    2mm EC (Best Weapon: PPK12 Gauss Pistol, M72 Gauss Rifle)

    Dmg mod: 3/2. AC mod: -30. DT mod: 9.

    Small Energy Cell (Best Weapon: Mega Power Fist, Alien Blaster, Blaster)

    Micro Fusion Cell (Best Weapon: Turbo Plasma Rifle, YK42B Pulse Rifle)

    Flamethrower Fuel (Best Weapon: (Improved) Flamer)

    Dmg mod: 3/4. AC mod: -20.

    Flamethrowher Fuel MKII (Best Weapon: (Improved) Flamer)

    AC mod: -20.

    Rocket AP (Best Weapon: Rocket Launcher)

    AC mod: -15. DT mod: 20.

    Explosive Rocket (Best Weapon: Rocket Launcher)

    Dmg mod: 3/2.

    (EDIT: I've found a few variations from Per Jorner's list (aka the vanilla game?): Rad-X is only 24 hrs, not 24+24 hrs, Gamma Gulp beer is also RL +5 and Roentgen Rum is also RL +9, both with 10% radiation resistance.)

    Drugs (if female?). Location: EPA (locked shed), (Mr. Chemmie). Duration: 6 days. Effect: CH +2, LU +1, PE -1 (after 4 days another PE -1).

    Drugs (if male?). Location: EPA (locked shed), (Mr. Chemmie). Duration: 11 days. Effect: CH +2, LU +1, PE -1 (after 7 days another PE -1). (Try using it from Hand Slot! It says it needs a lighter but it doesn't really.)

    Dog Food. Location: EPA (locked shed). Effect: Can heal Dogmeat (could be a full heal? But it's definitely 92+ HP).

    Syringe. Location: EPA (lvl 7). Effect: +1 AG (permanently).

    Permanent items (consistently useful)

    Bag. Location: Modoc (rat nest). Comment: Seems to be removed?

    Stealth Boy. Location: Abbey (Jason). Comment: Sneak

    Bug Spray. Location: EPA (locked shed). Comment: Kills Mantis & Ants (10 uses)

    Plant Spray. Location: EPA (SW sheds). Comment: Kills plants (10 uses)

    Quest-Items (one-time use)
    (some items have only been moved from Gimmick to Quest Items)
    Note that Nukapedia lists Lynette's Holodisc and the Hubologist field report. I'm positive those do not exist as actual items. And that the Chemistry Journal under quest items is a copy & paste error from Fallout 1. It has no use in Fallout 2 as far as I can tell.

    Access Card. Location: Abbey (Paul). Comment: Keep it until Botany Holodisk

    Botany Holodisk. Location: EPA (lvl 6: garden). Comment: Talk to Paul (Abbey) first

    Bottle of Wine. Location: Abbey (Hank). Comment: -3 PE for 30 mins.

    Briefcase. Location: BH (Chad's House)

    Bucket. Location: Umbra Tribe

    Corn Seeds. Location: EPA (lvl 6: garden). Comment: Arroyo (before the 4th dream, 20th July 2242)

    Decomposing Body. Location: SF (Hubologist/SE Fridge)

    Diary. Location: Den

    ERSI Canister. Location: EPA (Mr. Chemmie)

    Experimental Seeds. Location: EPA (lvl 6: garden). Comment: One quest and two more uses.

    Fake Heart Pills. Location: NR (Renesco)

    Gas Mask. Location: EPA (lvl 5: violet area). Comment: Two quests (EPA, BH)

    Heart Pills. Location: NCR (Jubilee's), EPA (Chemmie). Comment: Two quests

    Hubologist Holodisk. Location: SF (Goldmann/Cruz). Comment: Read only (answers)

    Junk. Location: VC (Val's), EPA

    Key Ring. Location: Slave Camp

    Keys. Location: EPA (groundskeeper)

    Lighter. Location: Den (Rebecca's), VC (vault), Abbey (Tom)

    Metal Pole. Location: Military Base, EPA (SE shed). Comment: Two quests

    Motor. Location: Navarro, EPA & VC (Harry)

    Ode to the flame deluge. Location: Abbey (Thomas's body)

    Pack of Marked Cards. Location: NR (Mordino's), Golgotha. Comment: Monte (NR)

    Password Paper. Location: SF (Shi). Comment: 3 Torn papers combined

    Plant Seed. Location: SF (Ab. House/Sheng)

    Radscorpion Limbs. Location: Klamath (pastures), NR (CP, GG)

    Sam Pritchard's Map. Location: Golgotha

    Security Rooms Key Card. Location: EPA (Director of security)

    Small Piece of Machinery. Location: Abbey (Elaine), EPA

    Torn Paper 1. Location: SF (Shi)

    Torn Paper 2. Location: SF (Shi)

    Torn Paper 3. Location: SF (Shi)

    Gimmick Items
    According to Nukapedia Robot Parts is another cut item, but I haven't found it in the RP Mod yet.

    A Drill. Location: EPA

    Army Technical Manual. Location: Abbey

    A Watch. Location: EPA (Dex), Hubologist Stash

    Ball Gag. Location: BH (Francis), Enclav. Comment: GoGo dancer

    Bottle of Shampoo. Location: EPA (lvl 4: security)

    Chinese Army: Special Ops Manual. Location: SF (submarine)

    Chinese Code Chart. Location: SF (submarine). Comment: Read only (at Emperor)

    EPA Pamphlet. Location: EPA

    Expired G.E.C.K. Location: Hubologist Stash

    Fire Gecko Belt. Location: Encounter. Comment: Can't be used to enter VC as a trader.

    Fish. Location: Umbra Tribe, SF

    Human Ear. Location: EPA (Dex)

    NCR History Holodisk. Location: NCR (Tandi). Comment: Eldridge's copy has been removed

    Old Coin. Location: Hubologist Stash

    Operations Manual. Location: Abbey

    Pack of Cigarettes. Location: Broken Hill, SF. Comment: Males can smoke (needs a lighter). 10 uses.

    Pop Rocks. Location: EPA. Comment: Can be used with Nuka Cola (once)

    Reserved Item. Location: Redding (Stanwell). Comment: Removed in RP mod

    Scaly Fish. Location: SF

    Trophy of Recognition. Location: SF (Dave Handy)

    (EDIT: I've found a variation from Per Jorner's list (aka the vanilla game?): Jet-addiction is only AP -1, not -2.)

    Alcohol. Risk: ?. Effect: ?. Duration: ?.

    Tragic. Risk: ?. Effect: ?. Duration: ?.

    Note: Drugs don't seem to cause addiction.
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  6. Muttie

    Muttie First time out of the vault

    Oct 9, 2017
    Another addition to the guide:

    - Umbra tribe: It should mention that characters with IN 3 or less get a quest from Krom called “Collect some weapons for the tribe's warriors.” (5 spears & 10 (normal) knives). Needs IN 3 or less for assignment and completion. The best way to collect these weapons are Cannibals and Fishermen encounters which can be found around the Umbra tribe. (300 XP & 15 Karma).

    - And visiting the chief of the Umbra tribe is another “easter egg” after finishing the game.
  7. Muttie

    Muttie First time out of the vault

    Oct 9, 2017
    Please note that I've made an edit overhaul in the sexual encounter guide regarding the Rave Party encounter and how to discover it (see the entry in the list). The method hasn't changed, but there is the possibility that screen settings have an influence on it. So in case you've tried to use my method, and cursed my name as you spend several hours circling the waste, try 640x480. It may help. At least after hours of not finding it (but again any other special encounter in the game), I've switched the settings back, and the same save/character hit it in under 30 mins. Either it was a freak accident, or 800x600 (the setting I changed to when I switched PCs) does mess with the encounters. As odd as that seems.

    Addition: Low IN characters
    I've checked the three new locations with low IN.
    I really liked the quick run down in Per Jorner's Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide and felt a supplementary guide could expand on it to help stupid characters navigating. I have not included anything mentioned in Per Jorner's guide (like the IN 2+ requirement to arm-wrestle Francis).
    The following are the things one can do.

    Umbra Tribe: Sulik won't put it on the map, but it can be discovered. You can collect weapons for Krom (300 XP). Once your reputation has improved you can collect firewood (200 XP). And after looking at/using the well (dialogue with Marli doesn't work) you can fix it with rope and the bucket but it gives no XP or reward. (Dialogue acknowledges that the well has been fixed but that's about it). You can also free Sulik's sister (which puts the Umbra tribe on the map as you accompany her home) (1000 XP) and you can reunite Sulik and Kurisu (500 XP). You get the quest from Sulik upon recruiting him, and the location of the slave camp can be gained from a slave at Metzger's place after killing Metzger (but only if the quest to find Sulik's sister is active!). There is only one dialogue path (“Metzger's dead” to “wait I'm looking for someone”) that reveals the slave camp location and one has only one shot at it.

    The Den: You can read the diary (100 XP).

    Abbey: Father Tully won't put it on the map, but it can be discovered. You can talk (actually drool) to Jack until he melts (200 XP). You can do the quest for Elaine (100 XP). You can give Hank a lighter (if in inventory) (funny dialogue btw) but it won't get you any reward (aka wine). You can repair the water-pump if you organize a motor from the EPA or Navarro (800 XP). And you can return the book if you kill the beast and talk to the head-monk with the book in your inventory (200 XP), but it won't give access to their database.

    EPA: Can't be discovered (Myron, Traveller & Dr. Sheng all require IN). But if you do, there is nothing to do, but clean the vans (50 XP each) and loot what is accessible. All repair and talk options are not open to low IN.

    Broken Hill: To arm-wrestle Francis one needs a bit of town reputation. The only option to get this as a stupid character is to help Seymour the plant.

    New Reno: You can plant the marked cards on Monte and win (with childish glee). You can repair the slot machine of Old Man McGee (50 or 100 XP), but you can't play it (still using slot machines is hilarious with low IN). You can find the map of the Sierra Army Depot in Sam Pritchard's grave (PE 8+), but you need Mentats to get Golgotha on your map (sic) as conversations with Jules & Myron and Renesco & Lloyd all need IN.

    San Francisco: The decomposed body can be returned to Dr.Wu. Talk to him with the body in your inventory (which, btw, triggers another great dialogue) (800 XP). And you can access the Hubologist's mainframe and get the location of the Hubologist's stash on your map (needs science 100%), and you can hack the system to format their hard drive (again this needs 100% science, should give 100 XP and turn the Hubbies hostile, but neither did trigger when I did it).

    SAD: As it's not in Jorner's guide (as it's not really part of a low IN playthrough), I had a quick look at it (but note that it's normally not locatable for a low IN character). In the SAD a stupid character can get into the compound. No terminal is usable. To get through the compound either switch on the back up power (& turn the green force fields into red force fields), use explosives or recruit Vic (aka repair) to get past. As terminals are not usable, Skynet is not an option and the shock plates can't be turned off. This can be circumvented with a high lockpick (100%) and by going through the automated repair bay. Still this area is loot only, the punching bags, and the robots can be repaired for XP.

    Can't (this is more a checklist to make sure I've tested all the new content)
    You can't figure out who rustled the brahmin (I couldn't get the quest nor (consequently?) spot the branding marks). You can't accompany Krom to the trader. You can't help the shaman. And consequently don't receive the hunting party & herb quest. You can't help the Orphans. You can't give Petey money for karma. You can't get the location of the small village, but if you do (Mentats), you can only kill the molerats, if you get past that too (as unlikely as it is, as all stations in between need IN), you can't talk to Ann to establish the trade route. You can't use the terminal in the Gecko power-plant (and call the vertibird). You can't get a Bottle of Wine and bring it to father Tully (having the quest and/or the bottle in the inventory isn't enough). Nor inform Tully and Sammuel of each other. You can't give Brother John the heartpills. You can't talk to the head-monk (other than when returning the book). You can't do the grave quest for Father Sammuel. You can't get the botany quest from Paul (or access the EPA computer to get the disc). You can't escort Jason to Gecko. You can't access the Abbey's computer and format it. You can't get the mutant armour from Bill. You can't heal Fannie Mae from her jet addiction. You can't get the Dogmeat armour from Liz. You can't determine if Chad is skimming money. You can't talk to Marcus and tell him of Dr. Henry's experiments. You can't diagnose the shaggy looking man (only start a growling contest), or obtain the information from he EPA to heal him. You can't work at the Shark Club (dancer/comedian) (but the dialogue with the Pit Boss is brilliant again). You can't play the slot machine of Old Man McGee. You can't get the quest to wipe out the Ranger's safe houses. You can't get the Ranger's help to attack the slave camp. And if you wipe out the slave camp, the rangers will acknowledge it in dialogue, but nothing comes of it. You can't get the Abandoned House location and start the Dr. Sheng quest line. You can't access the Shi terminals, even with the password paper assembled. You can't get the seeds from the EPA (but planting them with low IN is otherwise possible). You don't need to (and in fact can't) disable the submarine. I've killed the guard but couldn't interact with either mooring post until increasing my IN. If talking to Ken Lee with low IN he says “you'll need fuel. You have my blessing”. Perhaps this should say “you'll need a save passage. You have my blessing” hinting that the submarine will be ordered not to fire. Even more so as fuel is obtained through the Brotherhood for a low IN character.)
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  8. Arathos

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    Feb 2, 2017
    Wow, sex with Miss Kitty is 12 hours long. That sure is one hell of a ride. :cool:

    And sex with Myron is only 10 minutes. The kid doesn't last at all. The prostitutes must be happy how its over so quickly with him lol. :evil:
  9. Muttie

    Muttie First time out of the vault

    Oct 9, 2017
    Yep, time past can be surprisingly insightful. Originally, I was just curious, but quickly realized that time, as insignificant as it may be in Fallout 2, adds a lot to the character of sexual encounters, and helps to define them.
    I think the 12 hours with Miss Kitty suggest a very elaborate date or marathon (depending on your character's choice) and Myron's 10 min make it even more unpleasant imo. (Oddly enough - perhaps because it suggests a simple relief, or failure to contain himself, but I guess it can also be a relieve that it's over quickly). I believe he is also among the quickest when treated to the Cat's Paw (but those times can vary a lot). But, yeah, those 10 mins underline his creepiness somewhat.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed the sexuality in FO2. Mainly because of the reputations. It may not matter (much) mechanic wise, but having the Virgin perk and the option to obtain Gigolo, Sexpert, Married and Porn Star makes it actually an RPG element and somewhat meaningful. In FO1 one can sleep with Keri, but it's just a mechanic to get drugs and has not much of an impact. Also in New Vegas it never really felt significant (other than a pit stop for an XP boost, if I remember correctly) (did it even had CH requirement?). Anyway The simple addition of the Virgin of the Wastes perk, and what to do with it, as well as the other perks as a consequence of ones behaviour, is a small change but makes a huge difference in regard to RPG.
    Oddly enough I just read a comment saying that RPG needs unrestricted freedom and liberty with little to no consequences. I guess this comment is a product of “open world” and “exploring possibilities” that have come to define RPG. As originally, RPG was a clearly defined scenario with clear consequences and the idea was to theorize how to behave and act in those scenarios. That's what role-playing is originally supposed to do. Kind of interesting that nowadays role-playing has a fantasizing and day-dreaming quality that rejects restricting scenarios. This basically contradicts the whole point of role-playing. But I guess that's the development of a learning instrument into an instrument of entertainment and relaxation.
    And of course the writing of those sexual encounters. It really has a mature, kinky tone, that is not ashamed of sex, relaxed enough to delve into humour, and also open-minded enough not to judge unduly, but only were it helps to define the world and ones actions (e.g. Little Jesus or Trappers). However, difficult topic. I also just watched a Fallout2 let's play and the person struggled with the mature aspects of it (language mostly, but that may also be a YouTube thing nowadays). Should have switched on the language filter though.
    Anyway a funny thing I've learned about Fallout is that there are all those horrible scenarios from evil deeds, abuse, and eventually childkiller, but that the majority of players tries to avoid those if possible (because despite appearance Fallout is a deeply moral game, it may allow evil acts, but it never glorifies or downplays them, in fact it usually punishes the player for doing them, and that is, at it's core, moral) (I guess, the opposition to this defines moral as ignorance, i.e. not to face reality, and if, only in a state of mental shock, that defines one as a good person and cancels any form of intelligent (or should that be depraved?) discussion. Anyway, I prefer people who face up to things and learn to handle them with responsibility. (Note: the last is often forgotten by people who advocate this and replaced with indulgence). Not a fan of the Disney World concept, as it can further a state of vulnerability and incompetence. And then everyone around these people has to bleep their language, as they can't deal with it. When I grew up, people asked us to switch gears mentally, and to learn when and when not to use foul language. Mental flexibility is really an underappreciated ability of human existence.
    Anyway, my point was, that I came to realize that all those horrible things must exist in Fallout, but not necessarily to be used, but only to be there. As it is their simple possibility that defines the world, and even if never used by players, they all know that it is possible, a part of the world, and thus defines the harsh reality of the wasteland.
    In opposite to the harsh reality of society where bullets go through children without harming them. Quite a step down from Fallout 2 were players desperately tried not to hit children as to avoid the childkiller reputation. So much for moral.