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    Apr 24, 2010
    Пока занят другими проектами. Не знаю когда доберусь до мода, но вообще хотелось бы. Есть длинный список косяков которые нужно поправить и еще пройтись по балансу. Поработав над другой игрой (STALKER: Lost Alpha) приобрел кое какие навыки по балансу которые могут здесь пригодится.

    Учитывая большой перерыв и то что я за это время все забыл, первое обновление будет минимальным.

    English: I plan to get back to this mod, but don't know when. Considering that I've already forgot much about the mod and the game, It would take me some time before any big updates. First I'd try to address most important or easy to fix issues.
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  2. burn

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    Apr 22, 2012
    When updating, please take into account sfall 3.4/3.5 compilation issues, as discussed here. (I'd open an issue on github, but that feature is not enabled in ecco repo, so writing here)
  3. Hubal

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    Sep 11, 2014
    I just want to install this:
    New Crafting items
    (remember to press ctrl+z to open up mr. fixit in game. Also, you'll need the schematics given by crafters across
    the wasteland, just like phobo's original mod).

    Metal Armor
    Metal Armor Mk.II
    Combat Armor Mk. II
    Hardened Power Armor

    .50 DU
    Micro Fusion cell/ Small energy Cell conversion and vice versa
    12 GA 4/0 Buckshot

    Laser Pistol Mk.II
    Plasma Pistol Mk. II
    5.56/.233 Pistol
    Turbo Plasma Rifle

    from your mod.
  4. J_Fred

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    Dec 22, 2013

    Sorry I just saw your post.

    So this is all from memory, as I don't have my files on this PC, unfortunately.

    The main thing to change is the .txt file for crafting, titled " test0.txt". It is located in DATA\Text\English\Dialog In there you will notice a listing of items, like this for metal armor:
    {3804}{}{CRFT_LTH}                          # Leather armor schematics
    {3805}{}{291000}                            # 8 h 5 m
    {3807}{}{7}                                 # Armor
    {3809}{}{236}                             # PID_COMBAT_KNIFE
    {3810}{}{308}                               # PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT
    {3815}{}{98:5}                               # PID_JUNK
    {3816}{}{277:5}                             # PID_golden_GECKO_PELT
    {3817}{}{379:1}                             # PID_LEATHERARMORMK2

    Quick explanations:
    3800 is the item number line. Do not have duplicates in whatever you do. 3801 is the item ID for Metal Armor, 3802 is the item image (you'll have to make this yourself, or if you don't want item images it can me blank). Line 7 is the number that puts this under the armor listings in the crafting list. 9 and 10 are the tools required (using PID numbers), and 12/13 are the skill checks. You can add more skills if you want. Finally, the last lines (15-17) are the required items, listed as item:quantity (98:5 is the id for Junk, and you need 5 here to make the armor).

    If you want metal armor you can just copy and paste this into your test0.txt file and you're good to go. Make sure the number 3800 item isn't already used (I don't think it is), and you'll either need a pcx pic or delete the MetalArmor.pcx reference if you don't care for an image in the crafting box. Making the pcx files has a rough learning curve if you want it to look clean, and isn't necessary for the mod to work IIRC.

    My full set of codes for the items you want are here (I don't have combat armor mark II. I made my own tesla combat armor and replaced mk.II with ranger armor from NV, so it won't work in an unmodded F2) :

    {3804}{}{CRFT_LTH}                          # Leather armor schematics
    {3805}{}{291000}                            # 8 h 5 m
    {3807}{}{7}                                 # Armor
    {3809}{}{236}                             # PID_COMBAT_KNIFE
    {3810}{}{308}                               # PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT
    {3815}{}{98:5}                               # PID_JUNK
    {3816}{}{277:5}                             # PID_golden_GECKO_PELT
    {3817}{}{379:1}                             # PID_LEATHERARMORMK2
    {3901}{}{380}                               # PID_METAL_ArmorMKII
    {3904}{}{CRFT_LTH}                          # Leather armor schematics
    {3905}{}{291000}                            # 8 h 5 m
    {3907}{}{7}                                 # Armor
    {3909}{}{116}                             # PID_RIPPER
    {3910}{}{308}                               # PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT
    {3915}{}{2:1}                               # PID_Metal_Armor
    {3916}{}{533:5}                             # PID_fire_GECKO_PELT
    {4101}{}{232}                               # PID_HardenedPowerArmor
    {4104}{}{CRFT_LTH}                          # Leather armor schematics
    {4105}{}{291000}                            # 8 h 5 m
    {4107}{}{7}                                 # Armor
    {4109}{}{116}                             # PID_RIPPER
    {4110}{}{308}                               # PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT
    {4111}{}{73}                               # PID_BIG_BOOK_OF_SCIENCE
    {4116}{}{3:1}                               # PID_power_armor
    {4117}{}{2:2|380:2}                         # PID_Metal_Armor or MetalArmor2
    {4601}{}{38:2}                               # small cell
    {4604}{}{CRFT_AMM}                          # Ammo schematics
    {4605}{}{72000}                             # 2h
    {4607}{}{8}                                # Electronics
    {4609}{}{75|308}                            # PID_MULTI_TOOL | PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT
    {4614}{}{39:1}                              # MicroFusion
    {4701}{}{39:1}                               # microfusion
    {4704}{}{CRFT_AMM}                          # Ammo schematics
    {4705}{}{72000}                             # 2h
    {4707}{}{8}                                # Ammo
    {4709}{}{75|308}                            # PID_MULTI_TOOL | PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT
    {4714}{}{38:1}                              # smallcell
    {4201}{}{241}                              # 5.56mm Pistol
    {4204}{}{CRFT_AMM}                          # Ammo schematics
    {4205}{}{180000}                           # 5 h 00 m
    {4207}{}{10}                               # Weapons
    {4209}{}{308|75}                            # PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT or tool
    {4210}{}{76}                              # Deans Elec
    {4216}{}{10:1}                        # hunting rifle
    {4401}{}{402}                              # Mag Laser Pistol
    {4404}{}{CRFT_EL2}                                # craft electronics
    {4405}{}{180000}                           # 5 h 00 m
    {4407}{}{10}                               # Weapons
    {4409}{}{228}                               # PID_TECHNICAL_MANUAL
    {4410}{}{308|75}                            # PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT or tool
    {4411}{}{76}                              # Deans Elec
    {4418}{}{16:1}                        # Laser Pistol
    {4301}{}{406}                              # PlasmaPistol2
    {4304}{}{CRFT_EL2}                                # craft electronics
    {4305}{}{180000}                           # 5 h 00 m
    {4307}{}{10}                               # Weapons
    {4309}{}{228}                               # PID_TECHNICAL_MANUAL
    {4310}{}{308|75}                            # PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT or tool
    {4311}{}{76}                              # Deans Elec
    {4318}{}{24:1}                        # plasma Pistol
    {5301}{}{233}                              # Turbo Plasma Rifle
    {5304}{}{CRFT_EL2}                                # craft electronics
    {5305}{}{190000}                           # 5 h 00 m
    {5307}{}{10}                               # Weapons
    {5309}{}{228}                               # PID_TECHNICAL_MANUAL
    {5310}{}{308}                               # PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT
    {5311}{}{73}                              # BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE
    {5318}{}{15:1}                        # PLASMA_RIFLE
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  5. Hubal

    Hubal It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Sep 11, 2014
    Thank You!
    I found your additions on Drobovik's Database. So as far as I understand the only thing I need to do is paste pcx files to appropriate folder and then add items to test0 file?
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  6. J_Fred

    J_Fred Long time lurker

    Dec 22, 2013
    That's interesting. Do you have the link/location to my mods on Drobovik's database? I'd like to grab them so I can just use them on my next playthrough since I've lost my data. If not, no worries!

    To your thoughts on the pcx files - That's right, from what I recall. I don't think you even need the pcx files (I remember having a hard time finding them, and also getting the background color to match). Only need them if you want an image in the editor.

    One thing I forgot to mention - check out this here for making small energy cells:

    {4601}{}{38:2}                               # small cell
    {4604}{}{CRFT_AMM}                          # Ammo schematics
    {4605}{}{72000}                             # 2h
    {4607}{}{8}                                # Electronics
    {4609}{}{75|308}                            # PID_MULTI_TOOL | PID_SUPER_TOOL_KIT
    {4614}{}{39:1}                              # MicroFusion
    You'll notice the item number in line 4601 is 38:2. The 38 is the proto for small energy cells, the 2 is for how many of the item you'll create and/or need. In this case one microfusion cell (line 4614, 39:1) will make two small energy cells. For balance purposes you should make the cost and weight of one microfusion cell equal to two small energy cells if you have the item editor.

    And one final note - the reason you can't use the crafting mechanics I have for .50 DU, 7.62 AP, .308 FMJ, or even Ranger combat armor is because you'll have to create that item (the item editor is great for this), or I'd have to have the proto files for you, which I don't have on this PC. This endeavor is a bit time consuming, since you'll not only need to make the item and find the images for the weapons/ammo, but you'll also have to convert them to FRM format as well. It's fun, but a bit time intensive.

    Fortunately adding in existing weapons/ammo for crafting is very easy, thanks to Phobos' hard work.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.
  7. Hubal

    Hubal It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Sep 11, 2014
    There's is too much ammo types in the game anyway and ability to craft .50 DU would break the balance. It's just too powerful.
    I'll check out the rest.
    If memory serves me right there should be PA in Vault 15, but I can't find it now. If Phobos removed it thats good call. I think Vault 15 Raiders are too weak even with ECCO balances. Maybe at least Darion should wear PA?

    I was trying to increase game difficulty, by doubling HP of critters using Proto Editor, but it doesn't always work.
    Sometimes they have like 80/160. Also enemies have no means to heal while I am swimming in stimpacks.

    I was playing Fallout Nevada recently and It was really refreshing experience.
    Stimpaks are very scarce, making them really important. This makes First aid and Doctor skills more useful if not essential.
    There's pretty much nothing to steal. Or maybe it's now skill dependant.
    In Fallout 2 even with Steal -2 I can still steal shit with 50% of the time.
    Also there's a lot of experience points gained from quests making it really easy to be overleveled by the time you got to NCR .

    I would be gratefull if Phobos could adress those minor gripes with his mod.
  8. J_Fred

    J_Fred Long time lurker

    Dec 22, 2013
    Ahh, sorry, I thought you asked for the .50 DU mod. I balance it by making the Browning M2 really fucking heavy and requiring 10 STR to even use. It's basically a one shot kill on anything except maybe enclave guys. Though it's a very rare weapon. IIRC there's a 10% chance a random enclave crew will have one, and I might have dropped one at the Enclave base.

    For the PA, I don't recall there being a set in Vault 15. There's usually combat armor I think, but I replaced it with metal armor mk.II.

    For difficulty, you can just up it in game. I believe it increase enemy HP and damage. Though I personally never found that fair. I prefer about a 75/25 proportion of realism to game balance. There are plenty of times I'll get one shotted if not geared properly or prepared for the situation, even with companions. I usually increase damage of most weapons and explosives, and increase the penetration of energy weapon ammo (on top of Phobos' changes). It's hard to balance this game I think, but this mod gets really close, along with a few others in the forms.

    To enemy HP - I think the changes won't take effect until you start a new game. On top of that, make sure you're using the most recent critter editor. I've altered a number of enemies, and have never seen them at anything less than full health that I can recall. Maybe if you're changing base stats? But that would make it higher.

    I love the reliance on doctor/first aid. Stimpaks should also give you radiation, but that's never been the case for me... perhaps I installed something incorrectly. But yeah, stimpaks are for those "Oh, shit!" moments in combat. It's wasteful to use them outside of combat - and I love that.

    I personally don't mind any experience issues. With the powerful weapons and armor I've added (that NPCs can use), level doesn't matter as much as gear... which I prefer over level oriented difficulty.

    Anyway, glad you're enjoying this mod and the game. Fallout 2 is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had, and it's a joy to share discuss that passion with others!
  9. Hubal

    Hubal It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Sep 11, 2014
    Phobos I have installed Your Mod using the RUP. You added 2 books to the game but whenever I use Traps skill book you added to Vic's shack I get "that does nothing". Any idea what might be wrong? I have latest Sfall 4.0
  10. khai9999

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    Nov 16, 2016
    Hubal, check your ddraw.ini whether BooksFile=books.ini is uncomment or not.
  11. Hubal

    Hubal It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Sep 11, 2014
    Worked! Thank You!
  12. Sagez

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    Oct 29, 2013
    Hi @phobos2077 are you by any chance coming back in any foreseeable future? Sorry to bring you up like that, but your mod is my favourite of all time and any kind of update would be like heaven to me.
  13. Hubal

    Hubal It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Sep 11, 2014
    I can't play Fallout 2 without ECCO mod anymore.
  14. MYL

    MYL First time out of the vault

    Sep 8, 2018
    Does this mod remove Better Criticals or change it's requirements? Because it's not showing for me at level up 9 or 12 despite fulfilling the requirements.
  15. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    customperks does,check CustomPerks.ini for settings
  16. MYL

    MYL First time out of the vault

    Sep 8, 2018
    First of all, are you following me from thread to thread now, wtf haha?

    And second, yeah that was my first thought, yours being a perk mod and all. But ctrl+f'ing "critical" only finds the new critical perks you added. The only mention of Better Criticals is when the new perks mention they stack with Better Criticals.

    If your new perks disable old Better Criticals when enabled, I can't find it mentioned anywhere in my ini.

    Example from "Unarmed Criticals"

    ;set to 1 to enable this perk,0 to disable : "For each level of this perk your critical damage with hand-to-hand and melee is increased by " + CustomPerksIniSetting:UnarmedCriticalAmount + "%,this stacks with the basic 2x critical damage.This bonus stacks with the bonus from Better Criticals."

    Only kind of mention I can find. Nothing about it in the "Modifying vanilla perks" section either.

    Honestly, between this and swift learner, all these wierd issues that you and I seem to not have in common, I think I might have downloaded an old/wrong version of your mod or something like that.

    I got it from here, is this correct?


    Edit: Oh shit, I literally just noticed the "Specific_Fallout_2_Installation" setting at the top. I've had it set to "1" the whole time. Was I supposed to have it set for "2" since I'm using the Restoration Project?
    I literally never even saw that before, haha.
  17. Nirran

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    Apr 15, 2007
    ha no not stalking,the 'specfic installation' doesnt affect that,in fact i searched the code and it was missing(better criticals),ill release an update before long
  18. jarxale

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    Dec 11, 2016
    Starting a fresh install of Fallout 2 with RP 2.3.3, do I need to disable the ammo mod during RP 2.3.3 installation before installing this mod ?
  19. phobos2077

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    Apr 24, 2010
    This is the only change to vanilla perks that this mod does:

  20. Battlefieldisfun

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    Aug 13, 2016
    I suppose this is the place to ask since there is a part of this mod that makes stimpaks dose radiation in addition to healing. Is there any way to make waiting in the wasteland give large amounts of radiation? I ask this in light of my current character, who has both levels of faster healing with 10 endurance. After every combat section, I simply wait until healed with no downside whatsoever. This leads me to ask, what is the point of stimpaks, first aid, or doctor? Stimpaks are expensive and limited, and the two skills heal very small amounts while giving a token amount of xp. All three of those options are clearly inferior to just waiting for 20 seconds and presto, full health again. My first reaction to this problem was to simply edit the derived statistic .ini so that healing rate is always zero, but that was always a secondary fix - it would be better I think to have HR have C&C value instead of just removing it entirely. If resting until healed also gave radiation, that would give it some balance versus the skills and stimpaks. Do you want to heal for free, at the risk of getting highly irradiated (meaning also that you can't spam it unless you have a large amount of radaway), or do you want to invest in skills that can heal you up decently while also getting no radiation? I don't know if this is an already modifiable option in the .ini files, or if a mod already exists for this. I just want something to balance out the free quick healing with the other more invested options.