Fallout 1 mod Fallout Fixt - 0.81alpha, July 5th 2015

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    Nov 3, 2014
    Looking forward to an eventual update! Been a while, fingers crossed.
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    Dec 24, 2016
    Cool I found a thread about Fixt as I had some questions about the time limits that I figured out myself but then leads to more questions. Sorry if this is already covered just point me in that direction. Tell me what page its on as I cant read the whole thread.

    When you first install Fixt you have to pick the custom option in order to change time limits. This was my first mistake as I picked the full option.

    I read in one of the read me files that you can go back to the computer terminal for the door to Vault 13 and change some options so as not to have to restart the game but it doesnt work for me.

    So I saved my game saves and reinstalled Fixt and I dont think it works unless I start a new game with a new character? Bummer as I was almost done doing a Brotherhood run with my character, got the Alien Blaster, met the fortune teller and Patrick The Celt, which eats up a lot of time at the beginning. Now I need a couple surgeries and will only have about 79 days left to complete the water quest. Is this enough for a first time player? The character FAQ I found led me down this path.

    Another read me says to rename a file and your old saves will work but doesnt say what to rename it.

    I wonder can I save my character now with all his inventory into a new game?

    <EDIT> I found the Falche character editor... It does nothing when I point it to my Fallout fixt saved games. It simply will not import any of them for me to even begin. Im assuming this was the answer to my question but it doesnt work for me.

    <EDIT> I found a straightforward guide for the water chip quest, and also an even quicker water chip quest guide just in case. So my 79 days should be plenty for my current character. Another option is to pay the water merchants Downtown 2000 caps and get an extra 100 days. This would be ideal as then I could take my time and enjoy the game without a guide. Sorry for the long post.
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    Sep 14, 2009
    The water chip is just half the story...the time limit isn't a big deal unless you run around and grind for experience.
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    Dec 24, 2016
    OK I completed my Brotherhood run, gambled for money, got a couple surgeries, met Patrick The Celt, The Fortune Teller, and found the Alien Blaster, all before level 2!

    I thought The Fortune Teller was suppose to give me 2 points of Luck if I chose the right dialog options? I couldnt get it to work so only got the one point. Mustve been patched?

    Oh well anyway, then I backed up this game save so I can just start a new game from here from now on if I want.

    Then I went straight to the source of the water chip and fixed the ghouls water pump and got the water chip for Vault 13. Plenty of time. Now I can continue the game without time restrictions and with a fantastic starting character.
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    Sduibek.. Where are you, man?
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    Aug 25, 2014
    Maybe the only annoying bug I've had using Fallout Fixt, the Delta experiments log doesn't display correctly (15 pages of error is all that can be seen):

    For reference, here is the correct text:

    The Military has deemed it necessary for us to research further in depth the effects of wave technology upon living organisms. We have taken light and sound as the basis of our studies. By manipulating the amplitude of the light waves and magnifying the frequency, we have been able to get lasers which will cut through a few feet of steel. Unfortunately, the power to do such a task has not been fully developed. We have other scientists looking into this.​
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    Where are you, Sduibek, man? D:

    You've been silent for a while.
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    Even his profile says "Sduibek was last seen: Nov 29, 2016"
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    hi i play this mod with combatcontrol enabled from sfall (so i can control other party members), by the read me from updated sfall from crafty i know that perks and traits are fixed and not transferable from choosen one to other members, but how about tagged skills? is it transferable or not?
  10. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    as far as i can remember crafty made sure they are totally separate creatures. You might get tag on the same skills but it shouldn't bloster those skills (at least not too much) they are still very crappy when it comes to handling weapons without additional moding to their skills.