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  1. Crafty

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    Apr 30, 2015
    This is just an example of how the strings will look like (with values from the AmmoFile that was used at the time of copying).
    For AmmoYAAM.ini it should look like:
    pid=14, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=0, dam_mult=3, dam_div=2
    pid=29, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=0, dam_mult=3, dam_div=2
    pid=30, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=4, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1
    pid=31, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=0, dam_mult=3, dam_div=2
    pid=32, ac_adjust=-20, dr_adjust=0, dam_mult=3, dam_div=4
    pid=33, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=8, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1
    pid=34, ac_adjust=-20, dr_adjust=5, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1
    pid=35, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=0, dam_mult=3, dam_div=2
    pid=36, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=4, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1
    pid=37, ac_adjust=-15, dr_adjust=20, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1
    pid=38, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=0, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1
    pid=39, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=0, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1
    pid=95, ac_adjust=-10, dr_adjust=0, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1
    pid=111, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=5, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1
    pid=121, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=2, dam_mult=3, dam_div=2
    pid=163, ac_adjust=0, dr_adjust=0, dam_mult=1, dam_div=1

    Any, i prefer hiew.

  2. Pwener

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    Aug 15, 2017
    Here's a minor fix that can be done on something that bugs me which can be included in a future update.

    So there's this thing in the Gun Runner's compound where the guard guarding the bridge (after letting us go through) goes off to "patrol" the area and his pathing is always set; as in the same always (and resets which causes the eventual death).

    Funny thing is, his pathing makes him walk over the toxic goo and this can eventually kill him.

    Pretty dumb if you ask me.

    Just putting it here in case @Sduibek notices and saves this poor nameless guard from toxic death.

    It's pretty frustrating to be in the map and get a notice from nowhere that "Gun Runner Guard has taken 5 damage from toxic goo" over and over again.
  3. Schezza

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    Sep 7, 2013
    There's a bug report for it already:
    The guard at the Gun Runners' moat will leave his post as soon as the map loads and go up and right before crossing the toxic slime and....
    If you try to aquire some goodies, that map is certainly a pain in the ass ^^
    But it's managable, as I've done so many times before. His buggy behavior starts whenever you enter that area or are in the area and load anew. But at least it's fixable by talking to him. He disappears into the Abyss of the Northeast, but at least he regenerates hp as time passes, so normally he shouldn't die. Except you're mean and you talk to him right after he passed the ooze. :lmao:

    What's a lot more annoying are my companions that try to run through the ooze. But their AI can be updated as well by simply quicksaving. :whistle:
    (Good luck fixing that - well, you could just simply make a script that updates AI movements every 3 seconds, but not really worth the time. And I hate things that run all the time with almost no gain. Good thing I don't know how many millions of lines are processed by the computer by simply playing a game :lalala:)

    PS: Does anyone remember the good old times when you've met a swam of Mantis and you actually pissed your pants and got the hell out of there? Or when you thought, hey! caravans are good for things/xp, let's reload this shit until I get an encounter. :D
  4. Pwener

    Pwener Tunnelers? They Don't Sound That Tough...

    Aug 15, 2017
    Well it's not a "bug" per se, it's just bad pathing. Wouldn't an easier fix would just be to add another bridge where he crosses the goop? Isn't this possible with a map editor?

    It isn't a challenge to get them to let you in so it wouldn't be cheating for there to be another bridge.
  5. Schezza

    Schezza First time out of the vault

    Sep 7, 2013
    Ofc it's a bug..

    @Sduibek I've tried that 1.2! vanilla? Fallout in the base directory. And when entering or reloading that map, the guard teleports back to his spot. You've probably edited his behavior, so we wouldn't have to talk to him each time?
  6. Pwener

    Pwener Tunnelers? They Don't Sound That Tough...

    Aug 15, 2017
    Either way, adding a bridge would fix the issue without having to temper with the guard's pathing script. Easy and no headache.
  7. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 -Level 99 in Fallout Fixt-

    Oct 28, 2009
    Got some Good and bad news People.

    Unfortuneatly I have to inform that i did hex edit Falloutw.exe replacing ddraw.dll with sfall.dll and spent whole nigt waiting For Fo1 to upload to my smartphone via usb cabel but results are not promising sfall still does not work with ExaGearRPG edited exe crashes with error that it requires windows 95 direct X 3.0a or NT 4.0 HRpatch does not work with any version of the exe neither.

    Good news is that thanks to Mr.Stalin i was able to edit protos of party NPC's. It's not some clumsy cheat like the last time where i've sett everything to the max. This time I've taken under account their intelligence and possible triats (Tycho and Katja seem to have gifted triats based on how many special points they have [katja also seemes skilled]) and calculated how much skill points they would earn per level x4 times and edited their skills acordingly. took under account their tagged skills while spending skill points, so a tagged skill if spent upon earned 2 skill % per point spent. Simulated perks gained (Tycho and Ian gain 2x "bonus criticals" plus 1x "better criticals" IAN has finesse triat (10% base bonus crit so at final level he has 25%crit chance), and katja gains only two perks as she has skilled triat skilled)

    and now the best: IAN's and Katja's skillpoints were spent on the base what was their original vanilla proto-files so ian has bonus to big guns and katja has multiple bonuses to various skills (no point in doing that for Tycho as his original proto sucked) tycho gained 2 points in intelligence to match special for gifted triat (previously he had too many special but not enaugh to be gifted).

    HP also got a boost. Similar to skill points it's based on their endurance and hp/lvl formulae x4 to simulate bump by four levels (since each of them gets only one level per players 4).

    If anybody's interested in this add-on to Fixt mod please says so I'll upload the files somwhere so that You can download them.

    as always If You're interested in this improoved version of my NPC add-on leave a note.
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  8. Crafty

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    Apr 30, 2015
    Doing something wrong, I run it without problems on the tablet, a clean F1 without HRP, but with sfall.dll.
    Made a screenshot through the phone (can't remember how to do it via the tablet, and not sure that this model can), so the quality is terrible.
  9. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 -Level 99 in Fallout Fixt-

    Oct 28, 2009
    Ok I got it to work. The code edit is at a different offset.. however when i type 000DF780 in hiew it directs me towards it. My mistake was that i forgot to rename ddraw.dll to sfall.dll . Later i also found out that ddraw.ini must have to remain as ddraw.ini (not sfall.ini) or one gets black screen on start. Easy to miss if one lacks sleep for over 25 hours.
    Anyways thank You Crafty.

    OK people. I Confirm that Sfall 1.7.27 For Fo1 by Crafty works in ExaGearRPG after hex edits to exe and renaming ddraw.dll to sfall.dll .

    Although I find ExaGear RPG to be very shitty regarding mouse control it constantly desynchs and scrolling is a pain in the butt. but above all else it works.
  10. Pwener

    Pwener Tunnelers? They Don't Sound That Tough...

    Aug 15, 2017
    Okay, you gotta explain this to me. Which offset did you change and to what? I know how to hex edit, been doing it for years but what offset do I look for and what do I change it to? You show one offset there but what do I change it to?

    Also, my F1 directory has two ddraw.dll files. One in the first folder and another in the "Fallout FIXT" folder. Which do I rename? Both?

    Update: I looked up previous posts and found what to change once in the hex editor but mine doesn't show "ddraw.dll" to change to "sfall.dll." It only shows hex code. I tried using that hiew editor and downloaded the demo version but opening Falloutw.exe in the editor brought up pure gibberish and I am not purchasing anything from that website for the full version.

    Any other FREE editors I can download that will show not only in hex code?
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  11. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 -Level 99 in Fallout Fixt-

    Oct 28, 2009
    Hiew will do the job just fine.. You just haven't learned to use it yet..
    after opening a file press enter additional time to switch to hex edit or twice to code editor.
    when in hex mode in hiew press F5 to enter search mode than input the offset Crafty provided:
    and hit enter. it will take you to a different offset. mine was something like 004xxxxxxx etc.

    and as Crafty stated above, edit provided lines:
    as for wich ddraw.dll file You need to change name of..
    the one wich is in the game directory You are using.. so my guess is You'll want the one from Fallout Fixt directory.

    Just make sure You have latest Crafty's Sfall for the job a.k.a 1.7.27 ( link provided not far behind in this thread by Schezza) as the one that comes by default fith FIXT 0.81a won't work.
    only 1.7.27 will do this trick in exagear. however I haven't been able to launch it with Hi-Res mod by Mash so only 640x480.
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  12. Pwener

    Pwener Tunnelers? They Don't Sound That Tough...

    Aug 15, 2017
    Thanks @gustarballs1983 for the reply, it worked like a charm.


    There is one issue though. The ddraw.ini option to change the outline color of 'out of sight' critters is not working. By default it was set to Fallout 2 yellow (value 16) so I left it as is and it did not take effect.

    Any ideas as to how to fix that? Everything else I tested seems to be working fine.
  13. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 -Level 99 in Fallout Fixt-

    Oct 28, 2009


    Before the setting You are talking about, there is a semicollon (";") wich must be removed in order for this section of the ini to work.
    Change this:

    into this:

    TL;DR It appears as You've got perception of 5 or lower.. So basically You should stick with HtH and melee bulds :p

    You may also Say How did damage Formulea tests go for You (this is the new part from v 1.7.27) it basically should fix Armor Piercing ammo.

    However in order for this to function You must Set coresponding formulae in ddraw.ini and remove semicollon from coresponding AmmoFile.ini and upload to root of Fallout Fixt folder coresponding .ini file that came together with sfall 1.7.27 (in one of it's catalogues) basically there are 3 of those files AmmoF2default.ini ; AmmoF2balance.ini ; AmmoYAAM.ini .
    So Basically as an example:

    ;Choose the damage formula used to calculate combat damage.
    ;0 - Fallout 1 default
    ;3 - Fallout 2 default (checks for all ammo stats; require modified pro-files/use AmmoFile with a configured ini-file)
    ;5 - Haenlomal's Yet Another Ammo Mod (require modified pro-files/use AmmoFile with a configured ini-file)

    ;Allows you to edit the ammo data for DamageFormula, point at an ini file containing the replacement ammo data

    and copy AmmoF2balance.ini from unpacked sfall folder>config_files.

    Found an inconsitency that eat's up a lot of time in the beginning of the game.
    Razlo is making a Antivenom for 6 Hours while Myron in Fo2 with no equipment does it in 1 Hour.

    My guess is that 6hours should be done only for the first time because he is doing a reaserch in order to find a cure and after that, crafting antivenom from scorpion tail should take 1 Hour.

    I loose over 2 freaking days from the counter just to convert all the tails found in caves to antivenom. This sucks.

    Is there any way to force Awareness perk to behave Like in Fo2 during combat?
    What I mean is, in Fo1 to inspect a critter in combat one has to switch to cursor mode and use binoculars on opponent. It does not work when oponent is completely hidden behind a wall.
    In Fo2 when one has Awareness perk, it's just a matter of hovering over the target cursor over oponent in combat mode. Combat cursor sees through obsticales like walls or roofs when within LoS, and displays health points, weapon type and number of bullets/charges.

    Could it be possible for You to add such a function to new version of sfall for Fo1 if there are going to be any new versions?
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  14. Crafty

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    Apr 30, 2015
    Not only AP, but even JHP.
    F1 damage formula does not use data from pro-files that affect the characteristics of the bullets (so the ammo modifications, like "Fallout Ammo Patch by Celestial", do absolutely nothing).
    Therefore, even JHP ammo is weaker than it should be against targets without armor.

    Ok, done ;)
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  15. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 -Level 99 in Fallout Fixt-

    Oct 28, 2009
    People You heard the man! Sfall for Fo1 v1.7.28 by Crafty is ready for download (same place as usual)

    changes from v1.7.27 Crafty added "Combat Looks" option so that awareness perk works Fo2 style (by hovering over targeting cursor in combat).
  16. Pwener

    Pwener Tunnelers? They Don't Sound That Tough...

    Aug 15, 2017
    So there's thing where Super Mutants in the Military Base and the sorrounding desert show a description of "You see a human female wearing protective leather armor." Only the Super Mutants wearing the black outfits have this. The same critters in the Cathedral do not suffer from this error.

    There is also a strange one where the Power Armor Specs Pip Boy log from ZAX has no title when looked at in "Status." Clickable and readable, but the title is not there.

    My browser doesn't support editing the wiki so it's either posting these here or not at all.
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  17. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 -Level 99 in Fallout Fixt-

    Oct 28, 2009

    I've partially found why people tend to complain with invasions beeing instant but not choosing this way in the installer. The problem is that at the beginning of the game in the cave the date is moved from 2161 year to 2175 year. the water days left counter is not affected however the starting day month and year do not match the 5 dec 2161 of vanilla. Player age is affected however i get mooved from 34 years (set during character creation) to 47 years old early in the game (I enter Vault13 as soon as i kill the rats and get some quests done and 2x 350 exp. from computers). If invasion timers are affected the same way age is, than it's no wonder they get triggered. It's over 13 years from the original date.

    I don't remember this beeing the case with sfall v1.19 @Crafty but with 1.7.6 ;1.7.27 ; and 1.7.28; it is the case so my guess it is sfall that is causing this strange behaviour, as it is the only thing in fixt beeing changed recently. Could You take a look into this matter Crafty?
  18. Crafty

    Crafty First time out of the vault

    Apr 30, 2015
    Conflict with the TimeLimit variable. In Fixt at the script level, there is protection in OBJ_DUDE.SSL against the 13-years time counter overflow. But chose not to analyse why conflict...
    Looked more in detail - in V13CAVE.SSL uses a clever trick with a cyclic scrolling of the time counter when using game_time_advance(0 - random_minutes). This will not work with TimeLimit.

    The solution is to add (or fix) the variable TimeLimit=14 in the [Misc] section of ddraw.ini.

    By the way, if in Fixt only replace ddraw.dll with the new version, then without TimeLimit=14 you can't even start a new game. So this is a mandatory fix (although I've already compiled a new version with TimeLimit disabled by default).
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  19. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 -Level 99 in Fallout Fixt-

    Oct 28, 2009
    As always Thank You..
    Will give it a try and inform here about the results.
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  20. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
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