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    (Note: This could also be posted under Fallout 1, but as I used the Fallout_Fixt mod, it's kind of ambivalent. I guess it belongs here, but regarding Tell me About Tellmeabout Tell_me_about there probably isn't much difference between the versions.)

    As I couldn't find a comprehensive list for all Tell me Abouts. I did spend some time going through the document files on Nukapedia and then tested them all in game. (This diverted valuable time from my daily yo-yo practice, which I may never get back.)

    Some say that TMAs are pointless (and in most cases they really are), but sometimes they add new informations, or forgotten snippets. Like asking Aradesh and Killian about Vipers/Raiders. Or when talking with Ian about Seth he calls him a “brave warrior” but if using TMA he calls him a total gimp (?!). Then there a lot of funny ones (most of Ian's, or asking Harold about the master or Katja about children). Also if playing normally everyone hints that Tandi and Seth are an item (Seth (“my girl has been kidnapped”) and Razlo (“Seth & Tandi may have eloped”)) but when asking Tandi about it (TMA: Seth) she tells a very different story.

    Other examples are:
    If asking the Raiders about Tandi they drop the reason for Tandi's kidnapping. And Tolya is defined as the camp's cook by TMA only. Asking Ian about Crimson and Drugs, tells that he worked for the Crimson Caravan and probably fit in there rather well. Asking Decker about the Falcon says it was his mother that inspired him. And asking Decker about Greene has an interesting bit about Greene's father. Characters like Loxley have very elaborate, fully detailed text pieces that are a waste if generally skipped. And personally I'm also intrigued by game design (aka in-game) hints (Killian TMA: Strange or Tycho TMA: Necropolis). It's also fascinating to explore through TMA what persons have knowledge of each other (Butch Harris, for example, has not much of significant to say, but is surprisingly well informed and connected).

    If the text of a TMA goes beyond the text window, type in the word again and press enter to skip between the top and bottom of the text. (This had me grumbling for a while until I finally figured it out.)

    The generic responses do always trigger on that specific location, unless overridden by an unique response. For example, Aradesh will give the generic text response to Garl as he has none of his own. Jain will give the text only response for Junktown & Boneyard and so on.

    An interesting aspect of this is that if dragging Tandi around the waste (and past bedtime) she becomes an inspired oracle that is extremely knowledgable of all things wasteland (brotherhood, Scribes, Necropolis, Set, Morpheus – ask her about it) and spawns all the “text only” infos of the place she is at (unless she has a voiced one like Junktown). Some messages even seem to suggest that she's apparently joining whatever group she's close to (like the Master or Set). Again a grave warning of what happens when a young, still impressionable mind enters the world unattended, and why the best form of raising children is to keep them in a dark box with a slit for sandwiches.

    The game checks for single words so “Shady Sands” works as well as “Shady” or “Sands”. Also asking “Shove it up your Hub” will trigger an explanation of the Hub. There are probably some jokes in here (try “dildo war party” on Overseer or “Vault 12” hnghnghnghng.) But If you add anything to the word like “Hub!” they have no clue any more. Consequently spelling, plural and singular matter a lot. Also Water Chip and Waterchip should be treated differently (e.g. some NPCs react to Claw but not to Deathclaw and vice versa). Capitol letters don't matter, even JuNKtoWn works (which is an option if you have low IN & want to stay in character (something NPCs find difficult when probed with the TMA button. In the Military Base everything is “None of your business!” use a wrong keyword and it's all of a sudden “I'm sorry, I can't help you with that,” and then back to “None of your business!”).).

    Oddly enough I've found two keyword triggers in the msg files (on Nukapedia) that have been replaced. That's Aradash (Station/Tower into Guardhouse) and Chems into Drugs (Raiders & companions). Dunno where that comes from. It is possible that these are adjustments unique to my version (I use “Fallout Fixt 0.81alpha German_Uncut”). But I'm not sure if that should make a difference, but it seems a bit odd that it diverts from the msg file and may be a version adjustment after all. Then again I kind of wonder if there are more triggers (for example Aradesh's response to the Hub is consistently the same (line 275: ask Seth), but in the msg file on Nukapedia the Hub is not listed under his keywords). The same goes for his Shady Sands response (line 173). In this regard, it is also interesting that Shady Sands citizens should respond to the Hub & Shady Sands, but don't, the only ones who do are Seth & Razlo.
    EDIT: The Drug/Chem difference is apparently a change to avoid an adult rating for the game.

    The List
    I've underlined everything that may be of interest or funny. i.e. this is a recommendation of keywords you should check out either because they add new information (not found elsewhere), advance the character, are elaborate and detailed replies worth noting, or just plain funny. These suggestions do not claim completeness nor to be utterly important each and every time. In fact I've underlined a few things that made the world clearer to me (like the mutants actually handing out water rations to the ghouls (never realized that), or that Beth only works at the store, but doesn't own it, to me she always appeared to be the owner who is in partnership with the Far Go Traders, rather than just a clerk.) Still, these points are not necessarily news to everyone.

    Pointless triggers: are keywords that are listed in the msg files, but spawn only a very generic “dunno” comment. Or are keywords that I couldn't trigger, despite the msg.files listing a response for them. I've marked the last ones with an asterisk (*). Note that some of these may be bugs (and should trigger), while others may be remains of abandoned (and possibly unfinished) concepts, and/or were removed for design reasons. (The Rippers, or presenting the Blades as a tough street gang with Vibro-Knives, rather than the “refugee-camp” feeling they give off (see MacRae, Michael & Christine) come to mind. It also doesn't make necessarily sense that every Brotherhood member is aware of the Children of the Cathedral, and cancelling this keyword could be understood as a design decision. And last the TMA system seems very much like a system that got abandoned halfway through the design process, and feels consequently very unfinished in places, like Killian & Gizmo (and most of Junktown) having responses that assume the casino to be at the city entrance. Another good example is the very incomplete Boneyard. It really seems as if at one point they just stopped to update, progress and spell-check the TMA system. Then again that's kind of the normal quality standard of the Fallout franchise, so who knows).

    Identity Crisis
    EDIT (I've added some bits that got omitted in a copy and paste error on my part):
    All characters respond to their own name. The point of asking a character his/er name is that the game is not always straightforward in revealing those. And asking Calder, Slummer, Zark or Viola (at the Cathedral) who they are can help a lot with orientation. In fact in some cases this seems to be the only way to get/confirm the name of a character, like, for example, Julio (the police guard at the merchant water district in the Hub). Of course one still needs to know their name first (Nukapedia) but it's still a helpful tool to check.
    Most NPC's react to their own name (generic reply with little consequence “that's me/not an open book/interview”), but a few have no clue who they are: Cindy (Vault 13), all Raiders but Garl (Diana, Petrox, Tolya, Gwen, Alya), Doc/Morbid (Junktown), Master Merchant (Martha/Rastello), Deputy Tony/Fry, Sheriff Justin/Greene, Mrs. Stapleton, Daren Hightower and Brotherhood Initiate Jonathan (all Hub), Razor (Boneyard), Lorri, Paul & Jerry (all Brotherhood), Wu & Francis (Cathedral) and Kyle (Cathedral Vault Entrance). Then there are a few odd ones like Keri & Demetre don't react to Romara (or each other?!), Lorenzo does not react to Giovanni, Chris Avellone only reacts to Avellone and Jon Zimmerman only reacts to Jon (asking about Zimmerman triggers the same response as Razor (i.e. She/He is our leader). There almost seems to be a method regarding characters with family/two names, but Butch Harris & Killian Darkwater react to both their names. Jake/Jacob (Hub) only reacts to Jake (but is occasionally refereed to as Jacob, and should react to Jacob imo, as I believe the shop is Jake's Weapon (Ian floater, Dialogue (welcome)) but the owner is called Jacob (Loxley (TMA), Dialogue (Rad-Away/Vance) & Look at (Binoculars), (but according to Nukapedia the last applies only to some versions). And last Maxson only reacts to Elder (as the Maxson keyword is linked to a comment on Roger/Maxson).
    I have not tested the Trader encounters (Duc, Julian, Lox, Terrance, Dale, Patrick). And I may have missed some others. EDIT: Julian, Terrance, & Dale don't know who they are (and neither won't the rest probably), but Patrick does.

    That's it

    Feel free to copy and paste, modify, use, distribute parts/all of the following list.

    Vault 13 (generic, text only): Chip/Water/Waterchip, Healing/Medic, Library, Overseer, Vault/Vault13. [Pointless responses: Vault-13.]

    Variations/Extras: Medic: Healing, Medic. Upset: Overseer, Vault/Vault13. Theresa: Chip/Water, Outside, Overseer, Vault, War. Water Guard: Ration/Rations/Water, Supplies. Officer: Overseer.

    Overseer: Chip/Water/Waterchip, Outside, Vault/Vault13, War. [Pointless responses: Healing, Library, Medic, Overseer, Vault-13.]

    Shady Sands (generic, text only): Aradesh, Garl, Junktown, Khans, Razlo, Seth, Tandi. [Pointless responses: Chip/Water, Hub*, Shady/Sands*.]

    Variations/Extras: Seth: Hub, Radscorpion(s)/Scorpion(s), Shady/Sands. Razlo: Hub, Shady/Sands.

    Aradesh: Aradesh, Claw, Dharma, Guardhouse (listed in the msg file as Station/Tower), Junktown, Khans, Lair, Radscorpion(s)/Scorpion(s), Raiders, Razlo, Seth, Shady/Sands (not listed in the msg file), Spear, Tandi, Vipers. [Pointless response: Hub (Note: this is a pointless but consistent response not listed in the msg file).]

    Tandi: Aradesh, City, Claw, Junktown, Hub, Khans/Raiders, Razlo, Scorpion/Scorpions, Seth, Tandi, Well. (Note: Claw is the same text one can get with a good reaction to the rumours question. And City, Junktown and Hub are build on a good reaction comment to “around these parts?”.)

    Kids (all children (Shady Sands/Hub/Adytum) are the same. But Characters (like flower child or Billy) are treated like normal townsfolk): Aradesh, Boneyard/Brotherhood/Necropolis, Brahmin, Caravans, Children, Deathclaw, Downtown/Heights, Garl, Hub, Khans/Raiders, Merchants, Police, Razlo, Seth, Spot, Tandi, Towers, Town, Traders. [Pointless responses: Chip, Junktown, Shady/Sands*.]

    Ian (text only): Apocalypse, Aradesh, Booze, Caravans, Casino, Chip/Water, Children, Drugs (listed in the msg file as Chems), Garl, Gizmo, Healing/Medic/Razlo (3 different variations), Hub, Junktown, Khans, Killian, Merchants, Mutants, Necropolis, Psychics, Raiders, Seth, Shady/Sands, Store, Tandi, War.

    [Pointless responses: Alya, Base/Military, Blades, Boneyard, Brotherhood, Cathedral, Deathclaw, Diana, Exodus, Experiments, Followers, Gwen, Hall, Initiates, Library, Lieutenant, Master, Morpheus, Nicole, Paladins, Petrox, Police, Regulators, Scavs, Scribes, Set, Tolya, Unity, Overseer, Vats, Vault/Vault13/Vault-13, Watershed, Zimmerman.]

    Raiders (generic, text only): Alya, Booze, Diana, Drugs (listed in the msg file as Chems), Garl, Gwen, Junktown, Khans/Raiders, Petrox, Shady/Sands, Tandi, Tolya. [Pointless responses: Chip/Water, Hub*.]

    Variations/Extras: Garl: Garl, Hub, Shady/Sands. [Pointless responses: Chip/Water, Tandi.]

    Junktown (generic, text only): Junktown. [Pointless responses: Chip/Water.] (Note: Then there is an odd difference between the entrance map and the store/casino map, which seems to be based on an original concept of the Casino being located at the entrance. Consequently, all following keywords have two responses depending on if asking a NPC on the entrance map or the store/casino maps.)

    Variations/Extras: Entrance Map: Casino, Deathclaw, Gizmo (note that there's a variation for Lars), Killian, Store. [Pointless responses: Hub*, Shady/Sands*.] Store/Casino Map: Casino, Deathclaw, Gizmo, Killian, Store. [Pointless responses: Hub*, Shady/Sands*.]

    Killian: Cathedral, Claw, Crash, Darkwater's/Darkwaters, Darkwater/Killian, Doc/Morbid, Gizmo, Gizmo's/Gizmos, Hub, Khans, Lars, Necropolis, Pit/Pitt/Skum, Raiders, Shady/Sands, Skulz, Strange, Vinnie, Vipers, War.

    Gizmo: Casino/Gizmo's/Gizmos/Junktown, Darkwater/Killian, Darkwater's/Darkwaters, Gizmo.

    Tycho (text only): Apocalypse, Base/Military, Boneyard, Booze, Casino, Chip, Drugs (listed in the msg file as Chems ), Deathclaw, Gizmo, Hub, Junktown, Killian, Merchants, Mutants, Necropolis, (note: this isn't a big deal but I believe this is the only in-game hint to figure out that Vault 12 (as mentioned on the Vault Location holodisc) is Necropolis), Psychics, Rangers, Store, Vault/Vault13, War, Wastes.

    [Pointless responses: Alya, Aradesh, Blades, Brotherhood, Cathedral, Children, Diana, Exodus, Experiments, Followers, Garl, Gwen, Hall, Healing/Medic, Initiates, Khans, Library, Lieutenant, Master, Morpheus, Nicole, Paladins, Petrox, Police, Razlo, Regulators, Scavs, Scribes, Set, Seth, Shady/Sands, Tandi, Tolya, Unity, Overseer, Vats, Vault-13, Watershed, Zimmerman.]

    Hub (generic, text only): Boneyard/LA Boneyard, Deathclaw, Downtown, Junktown, Necropolis, Police. [Pointless responses: Brotherhood/Steel*, Children/Cathedral*, Crimson/Caravan*, Far/Go/Traders*, Heights*, Hot/Spot*, Old/Town*, Shady/Sands*, Water/Chip, Water/Merchants*, Water/Towers*.]

    Variations/Extras: Missing Initiate: Brotherhood/Steel, Talus.

    Butch: Adytum, All, Beth, Boneyard/Angels/Angel's, Brotherhood/Steel, Butch/Harris, Caravan/Crimson, Caravans/Missing, Cathedral, Thieves, Claw/Death/Deathclaw, Daren/Hightower, Demetre/Romara, Decker, Elder/Maxson, Falcon/Maltese/Nightclub, Followers/Apocalypse, Glow/Hot, Greene/Justin, Harold, Heights, Iguana/Bobs/Bob's, Jain, Jon/Zimmerman, Junktown/Junk, Killian/Darkwater, Market, Master, Merchant/Merchants, Morpheus, Old/Town, Rutger, Store/Weapon(s)/Guns, Tower/Water, Trader/Traders, Underground. [Pointless responses: All-In-One, Oldtown.]

    Harold: Cathedral, Decker, Ghouls, Grey/Richard, Harold (text only/generic), Loxley, Master, Vault, War.

    Loxley: Blades, Boneyard/Angels/Angel's, Brotherhood/Steel, Caravan/Caravans, Cathedral, Claw/Death/Deathclaw, Crimson, Decker, Glow/Hot/Spot, Harold, Heights, Iguana/Bits/Bobs/Bob's, Jacob, Kane, Loxley (text only/generic), Market, Merchants, Missing, Old/Town, Police, Razor, Traders. [Pointless responses: Oldtown.]

    Decker: All, Beth, Butch/Harris, Cathedral/Children, Caravans/Missing, Claw/Death/Deathclaw, Crimson, Daren/Hightower, Decker, Demetre/Romara, Falcon/Maltese/Nightclub, Greene/Justin, Harold, Heights, Jain, Merchants, Market, Master, Morpehus, Old/Town, Store, Thieves, Trader/Far/Go, Underground. [Pointless responses: All-In-One, Glow, Oldtown.]

    Jain: Brotherhood/Steel, Cathedral/Children, Flame/Holy, Hub, Jain (geneic/text only), Master, Mutants, Unity, War. [Pointless responses: Vats.]

    Necropolis (generic, text only): Hall, Necropolis, Set, Watershed. [Pointless responses: Chip/Water*, Master*.]

    Variations/Extras: Ghoul leader (underground): Chip/Water, Hall, Set, Master, Necropolis, Watershed. Devout Children of the Cathedral: Boneyard, Cathedral, Followers/Apocalypse, Master, Mutants, Necropolis, Set, Watershed. [Pointless responses: Chip, Hall.] (The triggers for Barry, Gary, Larry, Sally and Terry (Chip, Ghouls, Hall, Lou, Necropolis, Normals, Set, Watershed, Water) are pointless as one can't initiate dialogue with them.)

    Set: Brotherhood, Ghouls, Hub, Master, Mutants/Muties, Necropolis, Set, Shed/Water/Watershed, Unity, War. [Pointless responses: Cathedral, Children, Chip, Garret, Hall.]

    Harry: Cathedral/Children, Ghouls, Human/Norms/Normies/Normals, Lieutenant/Lou/Lutenant/Loo/Lou Tenant, Master, Shed/Necropolis, Set, Unity. [Pointless responses: Chip, Hall, Harry, Larry/Barry/Gary/Terry/Sally, Water.]

    L.A./Angel's Boneyard*

    Note: There should be three levels of knowledge, but this area is very underdeveloped and rather than three levels of info, most TMAs don't even trigger. Consequently I haven't bothered to assign *, as it basically applies to the entire location.

    Adytum: Adytum, Boneyard, Junktown, Necropolis, Store, Zimmerman. [Pointless responses: Blades, Cathedral, Followers, Glow, Gun Runners, Hub, Regulators, Rippers, Scavs, Water Chip.]

    Blades: Adytum, Necropolis, Razor. [Pointless responses: Blades, Boneyard, Cathedral, Glow, Followers, Gun Runners, Hub, Junktown, Rippers, Water Chip.]

    Gun Runners: Adytum, Junktown. [Pointless responses: Blades, Boneyard, Cathedral, Followers, Gun Runners, Hub, Rippers, Water Chip.]

    Followers & Chris Avallone: Adytum, Junktown, Nicole. [Pointless responses: Blades, Boneyard, Cathedral, Followers, Gun Runners, Hub, Rippers, Water Chip.]

    Nicole: Adytum, Boneyard/Angels/Angel's, Brotherhood/Steel, Cathedral (same as in dialogue), Followers, God, Hub, Jake, Laura, Library, Master, Morpheus (same as in dialogue), Nicole, Nightkin, War.

    Katja (text only): Adytum, Apocalypse, Blades, Base, Boneyard, Booze, Brotherhood, Cathedral, Chip/Water, Children, Deathclaw, Drugs (listed in the msg file as Chems), Followers, Healing/Medic (2 variations), Hub, Junktown, Merchants, Morpheus, Mutants, Necropolis, Nicole, Psychics, Regulators, Shady/Sands (try Shady first, then Sands), Scavs, Store, Vault/Vault13, War, Zimmerman.

    [Pointless responses: Alya, Aradesh, Casino, Diana, Exodus, Experiments, Garl, Gizmo, Gwen, Hall, Initiates, Khans, Killian, Library, Lieutenant, Master, Military, Paladins, Petrox, Police, Razlo, Scribes, Set, Seth, Tandi, Tolya, Unity, Overseer, Vats, Vault-13, Watershed.]

    Brotherhood (generic, text only): Brotherhood, Initiates, Knights, Paladins, Scribes. [Pointless responses: Children/Cathedral*, Exodus*, Hub*, Master, Merchants*, Missing/Caravans, Strange/Army, War*, Water Chip.]

    Cabbot: Ancient/Order, Brotherhood/War, Cabbot/Initiate, Caravans/Merchants, Elder, Elders, Exodus, Hub, Knights, Paladins, Rhombus, Scribes, Vree. [Pointless responses: Army, Chip, Cathedral, Disks, Master.]

    Rhombus: Army, Boneyard, Elder, Hub, Knights, Paladins, Rhombus, Scribes, Talus, Vree. [Pointless responses: Chip, Children/Cathedral, Disks, Exodus, Initiates, Master, Merchants, Missing/Caravans, Strange* (probably replaced by Army), War.]

    Vree: Brotherhood, Disks/Holo, Elder, Master, Rhombus, Vree (text only), War. [Pointless responses: Chip, Children/Cathedral, Discs*, Exodus, Hub, Initiates, Knights, Merchants, Missing/Caravans*, Paladins, Scribes, Strange/Army*.]

    Maxson: Adytum, Army, Cathedral, Boneyard/Angel's/Angels, Brotherhood, Butch/Harris/Caravans, Cabbot, Claw, Disks/Discs, Elder, Elders, Exodus/War, Gangs, Hub, Initiates, Knights, Library, Mathia, Maxson/Roger, Merchants, Paladins, Player, Rhombus, Scribes, Traders, Vree. [Pointless responses: Chip, Master.]

    Military Base (generic, text only): [Pointless responses: Experiments, Lieutenant, Master, Nightkin. Psychics.] [Even more pointless responses: Children/Cathedral, Followers/Apocalypse, Super Mutants, Water Chip (who, at this point, is still going from door to door asking for a water chip?).]

    Lieutenant: Cathedral, FEV/Virus, Unity, Lieutenant (text only), Master, Morpheus, Normals, Vats, Vaults.

    Cathedral (generic, text only): Master, Mutants, Morpheus. [Pointless responses: Base/Military, Children/Cathedral*, Flame/Holy*, Followers/Apocalypse*, Unity*, Vats, Water Chip.]

    Basement (generic, text only): [Pointless responses: Experiments, Lieutenant, Master, Nightkin. Psychics.] [Even more pointless responses: Children/Cathedral, Followers/Apocalypse, Super Mutants, Water Chip.]

    Laura: Apocalypse/Followers, Auditorium, Cathedral, Dark/God, Laura (text only), Master, Mutants/Nightkin, Morpheus, Nicole, Order, Sanctum, Servitors.

    Morpheus: Auditorium, Adytum, Apocalypse/Followers, Hospitals, Lasher, Master, Morpheus, Mutants/Nightkin, Nicole, Order, Sanctum, Unity. [Pointless responses: Base, Caravans, Children, Chip, Flame/Holy.]

    Master: [Pointless responses: Lieutenant (text only), Master, Nightkin (text only), Unity.]
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