Fallout 1 mod Fallout Fixt - v0.90beta is being worked on! (Jan 2019)

Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by Sduibek, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Battlefieldisfun

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    Aug 13, 2016
    Is there a way to update the Fixt mod to a later version of Sfall? I really want the XPtable feature that currently works in FO2 Sfall, but I guess it needs a more updated version to be impletmented? Also is there any possible way to change how derived stats are calculated, or is that one of those hardcoded things that cannot be changed? Glad to see Sduibek is back.
  2. Jeanette

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    Sep 24, 2018
    Hi) Is there anywhere manual installation version of this mod for people who wanna play on android?
  3. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    You must install the game on PC than install the mod on PC and than copy over/overwrite your Game folder on android.

    If You use ExaGear it's straightfoward copy paste via usb cable however if you use dosbox additional software is required to put the game files into hard drive image with win 98 where Fallout files are located.

    AFAIK newest Crafty's Sfall1 still does not support xp tabels so good luck Bugging Crafty asking wether he adds those in.
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  4. Luffier

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    Oct 11, 2013
    If you haven't seen it already, you should check out the GitHub repository for translators (there are currently two russian translations that have been cleaned and formatted to work with Fixt (it's a mix of the original russian lines that didn't change and the new ones in english): https://github.com/Sduibek/fixtlang
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  5. Jeanette

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    Sep 24, 2018
    Thanks for your reply))... However I wouldnt be asking if I had PC to begin with. Crap happened about year ago and I still cant buy new one)).
  6. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    If You can't afford a PC maybe try an x86 windows 10 bay trail tablet (search on auctions such as ebay. cheapest ones should be below 100 USD (aim for min. 2GB ram, 32 built in flash memory + microsd support 64GB or more). classic Fallout runs well on those out of the box. Newer crapware such as Fo3 or Fo:NV might too if you set low details and follow instructions how to run them on modern systems {Fo3 has a tendendy not to work out of the box on win 7 8.1 and 10} If You Live in US You shouldn't have problems getting one of theese tablets cheaply (be sure to install everything [incliding Fallout games] on the microsd card. If running newer games make sure You've got high end microsd with 100MB/s read 90MB/s write speeds and set it to buffer data under device manager and it should run fine). as for Fo4 and newer games simply forget about it not worth the hassle + not possible to run on x86. It requires x64 plus a minimum of 8GB prices for theese among tablets go high.
    it really desn't take much of a PC to run old Fallout games.

    Basically any Garbage PC would do just fine, as long as it is a PC, not some motherboaed from a washing machine:p
  7. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    I can confirm this.
    My specs are: Windows 7. AMD Athlon II X2 220 Processor 2,80 Ghz with NVIDIA GeForce 7025/NVIDIA nForce 630a, 2,00 RAM (only 1,75 usable, don't know what the missing 0,25 are doing, but it can't be anything good) and a 32-bit system.
    and it runs all Fallout games fine, only RP Mod has some stuttering problems (especially on the EPA), but Resurrection and Nevada run fine. And it did cost 400 bucks 8 years ago and that included a monitor back then. Not sure if that is a wise investment, but if all you need is a complicated typewriter with emotional issues and a way to play Fallout, it will do just fine. Just as gustarballs1983 says.
  8. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Man I'd check if You have onboard GPU enabled on that mobo and turn it off in UEFI/BIOS it possibly ate 258MB of your ram just to sit and do nothing since You use a NVIDIA card, Besides I'd stay clear from MoBos with nForce chipsets as they tend to have a lot of issues especially when running AMD GPU.
    As 4 me I also use outdated hardware only recently bought a better GPU to check out Fo4 (well at least I don't regret the GPU purchase since Fo4 was wasted money).

    got 8Gigs of ram on a Core2 quad procesor HDD only drive and win 7 x64 (and I also have terrible slowdowns on EPA both on Radeon HD4850 and later on Radeon R9 390X).

    However this is getting off topic people.. this thread is about FIXT for Fo1 so conversate about FIXT..
  9. johnmilk

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    Oct 9, 2018
    Where do I get Sfall 1.8 that I have seen mentioned, the link on crafty's profile links to a dropbox site with version 1.7, or is this the latest version?

    Furthermore, I can just copy and paste it into the Fallout Fixt directory and overwrite correct?
  10. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 Supreme Jerk in Fallout FIXT

    Oct 28, 2009
    the one in crafty's profile is Sfall1[dot]7z as in Sfall1 (a.k.a sfall for fallout 1) and the file extension is .7z (as in 7-zip file most popular freeware/opensource/whateva file compresser/decompresser on the contrary to win-rar wich is perhaps a common disbelief commercial software). If You look closely at the russian changelog latest version is v1.8 although english changelog did not get translated since like v1.4. And yes You should be fine by copying both files as long as you configure it properly. I don't remember the details about Crafty's Sfalls and what is to change in them. Just be sure to set everything you've set in basic FIXT ddraw.ini to also reflect the changes in Crafty's ddraw.ini from sfall1 v 1.8 .
  11. RyanFialcowitz

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    Jul 30, 2005
    Killing Bob, the used car salesman, disables the Tell Me About button for the children & citizens of Shady Sands. Other N.P.C.'s seem to work normally although I didn't test many.

    Also, if anyone is interested I extracted The Hero Appearance Mod from Killap's Restoration Project and edited the descriptions to make sense for the first game. Seems to be working rather well.

    Bartering with Vinnie initiates the steal the urn quest and locks the player out of the joining the Skulz dialog.

    Further Edit
    Examing Stapleton crashes the game- could be because I removed her scripts as her changes were not optionally.

    Even Further Edit
    HUBWATER.INT seems to be causing a crash/freeze when re-entering from the downtown map. It didn't crash the first time. The only way I can get there now is by selecting it on the initial map.
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  12. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Hi everyone! I'll reply to the recent posts soon.

    Just wanted to let you all know I'm actively working on the mod again. I hope to have some files ready for testing by the end of the year. I'm excited for folks to be able to see the bug fixes, new features, and in-game customization available with release v1.0.0 :dance:

    - Some of you have reported detections by virustotal or other antivirus software. They are false positives - Fixt does not contain any type of malware (obviously). But either way, this should no longer be an issue in the next release.
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  13. Hubal

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    Sep 11, 2014
    That's great news! I was really thinking that something bad happened to you. Glad that you are ok!
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  14. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Thanks @Hubal !

    Wow the added features and fixes in ddraw (Sfall) since my last Fixt release are really cool! It's gonna be great to have this be part of the next Fixt release.
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  15. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    Since you walked this land again, i would take the opportunity to ask this again.
    I am a lazy ass and i want to know if it is ok to NOT include them here.
  16. Sduibek

    Sduibek Creator of Fallout Fixt Moderator Modder

    Oct 27, 2010
    Hi @naossano !

    They are almost fully included in Fallout Fixt: my mod has the invasions, restored endings for Hub/Followers/BoS, caravan improvements, encounters, alcohol addiction.

    As far as I recall, the only thing I didn't include is about 20 of the new / restored NPCs the Update Mod added. I intended to but got involved doing other things. Most of them don't really serve much purpose, so it didn't get a high priority from me.
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  17. Sduibek

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Playing as a Super Mutant after being dipped? Yes I think so:

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  18. Oracle

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    May 19, 2003
    Welcome back!
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  19. Hubal

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    Sep 11, 2014
    You just earned your first subscriber Sduibek!
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  20. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    Welcome back Sduibek!!
    I was about to put a bounty on modding some files for Fallout 1 as a FIXT 0,81a addon (since i've lost hope of seeing never version up until now). So please take care of some issues like gambling too easy to get rich ( inspire yourself with Fo2's RP 2.3.3 for gambling mechanic), Vendor restock. Gun runners should have plenty of ammo since they make all of it for the region, BoS sells peashooters to caravans so it should be plentifull, and Vance actually makes drugs/medicine so this stuff should restock too. maybe no combat armor restock. Edit Miles and Smitty so that they can make their "miracles" on plasma rifle and power armor multiple times (Miles is a chemist so after he gets chemistry journals he can make any kind of chemical known in the world including whatever he needs to harden PA).
    As You're at it, cap lowest vendor prices at 100% item value to prevent shoplifting (in most cases this helps. Killian is a separate matter since he can be shoplifted the traditional way by looting his tables while party members are in his line of sight between player and him, wich seems logic).

    and Yeah it's good to have You back working on fixt. btw I also subscribed to your YT channel. Hope to see a proper walkthrough showing all those new goodies added. Besides If you manage to fix Fallout's economy by fixing gambling and shoplifting with high barter, it would be really cool to trade that deathclaw meat (from drop meat mod) for gun ammo while climbing your way to lvl 99.

    Yeah almost forgot you mention Crafty's Sfall1 v1.7.6 it's been changed to v1.8 still same fixes included (or so it seems) but official version is now v1.8 as i remember. Still no word in english changelog since like 1.4. and Notepad++ required to view russian text in non russian systems.
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