Fallout 2 mod Megamod version 2.46 Bug Reports and Suggestions

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    Dec 10, 2016
    So having some problems with the BoS bunker, looked through the thread to see several having the same problem, but no answers on how to work around it.

    Same old, same old, you can enter the location and get the quest (new Siege location etc) but when you come back you cannot enter since you don't have any "points" to go too. The town world map is just blank.
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    Dec 9, 2015
    So... Mibb?
    What can we expect? from new release (beta)...
    I now its will be the surprise that we read on change report but...

    Some go to location Fixes,... Maybe the food system, or maybe full healing the party by feeding by meals on ins. (Like mom -Den or -Modoc)
    But the main point i want to know if the "Alveys count critical hit" bug was solved. (its has been discus a lot, but final word nothing)
    And if you do something about that random encounter around Valut City "pack of dog" Which contain 2 alien queens
    And if that dam cockroach attack animation can be cut, speed out or removed.
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    Feb 22, 2005
    Yes, the BoS bunker and related quests... Ugh. Those had a ton of bugs. And, unfortunately, I was never completely sure how those locations were supposed to work exactly. Did a little guesswork. I have been putting off dealing with those, knowing that it will be a headache to deal with. I guess I'll try to start tackling those fixes for 2.48.

    In the meantime, you can make this change to the city.txt file in the data/data folder:

    [Area 81]
    area_name=BoS Bunker
    world_pos=1150, 1700
    entrance_0=On,130,150,BoS Entrance,-1,-1,0
    entrance_1=Off,-1,-1,BoS lvl12,-1,-1,0
    entrance_2=Off,-1,-1,BoS lvl34,-1,-1,0

    This should allow you to enter the bunker once you have returned from the worldmap.

    There was a sleep/food system that was being worked on a while back. I would really like to have implemented that, but it was never completed, as far as I know.
    Regarding combat, are you referring to the bug from just a few pages back? I have included a fix from @Endru1241 in the next release.
    I found the bugged encounter with the wild dogs a while back and had already fixed it.
    The cockroaches may seem a little slow, but I haven't encountered any problems with them. They work alright. I don't plan on removing them, as they are quite formidable foes. However, you can easily remove them from your game by deleting the proto files for them. Or, just move them to another folder, just in case. The files are in the data/proto/critters folder, and are 539 and 540.

    From the next readme:
    Changes/Fixes made since version 2.46 and 2.46.1:

    -Numerous dialog and grammar fixes
    -Fixes/Changes to Cassidy
    ---Corrected an issue with Cassidy's damage resistances not being calculated correctly
    ---Slightly different artwork for Cassidy in leather armor which now allows for different background animations
    ---Cassidy in leather armor now speaks
    ---Replaced artwork for pistol use (files were there before, but replaced them just in case there was something wrong with them)
    ---Cassidy now says the line about trying Jet only once after giving him heart pills or using them on him
    -Shania in Arroyo no longer speaks about the GECK if you have not been given that quest
    -Added the Abbey from the RP
    -Moved and renamed the earlier version of the "Abbey" which was in the MM
    -Fixed a crash-causing bug on certain maps that would result from NPCs looting corpses
    -Corrected issues with the Chad skimming quest
    -Can now properly get Metzger or freed slaves to talk about the slaver camp
    -Corrected situation with some critters producing multiple sets of armor when killed
    -Radscorpions in the Temple of Trials no longer count as Super Mutant kills
    -Guards inside the Hubologist base carry weapons with the correct ammunition
    -Corrected issue with Bishop which caused dialog and experience to be repeated indefinitely
    -Corrected issue with Myron's dialog options being all "Error"
    -Fixes to combat damage calculations with regards to critical rolls for armor bypass, the deathclaw weapon, miniguns, and bazookas (thanks to Endru1241)
    -Fixes to Vault 14
    ---The Vault 14 stairs now take you to the correct maps (no more getting stuck on the level with Ardenius)
    ---Cleaned up some of the code with some of the Vault 14 scripts
    ---Should now be possible to fix the generator (if you are asked to fix it)
    -Added minor enhancement regarding nomads in random encounters (addition from Endocore)
    -Harming the characters at Bunker 21 or the ghoul at the truck encounter will no longer affect your reputation Arroyo or end your game prematurely
    -Fixes to some random encounters
    ---Random encounters with children now correctly show boys and girls
    ---The homesteader's wife has missing dialog restored for fighting/fleeing
    ---Caravan guards now acknowledge if the caravan master was killed
    ---Alien queens no longer appear in wild dog encounters
    -Cleaned up the workings for the Wasteland Taxi mod
    -Changes/Fixes to the car
    ---Car will appear in Modoc if you already have it when you escort Jonny back
    ---Now appears at the Ruined City encounter

    I was going to re-add the quest for Torr and the bugmen. However, I hit a bit of a problem with trying to decompile the script for Torr. Maybe I'll be able to get it into the 2.48 release.
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    Dec 9, 2015
    Sorry if this will be sound a weird, bud why not counts hammers as heavy weapons?
    Just think about it.
    Not cold weapon but heavy. They are "relatively" heavy as flamers, machine guns and rockets.
    or we talk about it?

    Something else. If we talk about attributes to use weapons. They can be use by only by one skill right? Like : Electric rod is cold and energetic weapons skill do nothing in this. Right?
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    Nov 2, 2016
    hello to MegaMod Devs. can u add an enhancement to the inventory that can filter items by categories in the next update?