xkcon's ultimate rip off Mod (Unofficial expansion for FOT)

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Ok IAR80, I'm sorry about the RE horrors, but truth be told, I just used the original REs from the original campaign, and only added a few new REs in a few new spots. I purposely added some heavy Deathclaw encounters between some direct routes between some new towns. but there are many corridors where you can travel unmolested.

    Also even if I do release a new patch , You will have to start over to see the effects. However, If you want I can PM you and tell you the CHEAT mode to turn off the REs (on condition of course that you keep it to yourself for a while). Or you can try to find the solution yourself (I mentioned a hint above ^^).

    I'm glad to see you learned how to fight.

    Complicated you say ? Well life is complicated ... and so is virtual life in my reality.

    I went for realism in my fight engine and I knew some would not like the '1 fight per visit' policy... Well too bad, Mayweather or MacGregor would never fight 10 fights in 1 day in a simplistic Fallout 2 manor... And do you really think you can be a successful fighter with out going out to level up a bit ?? You're little level 14 fighter might be doing fine at the beginning, but you will soon be relegated to a 'jobber', if you don't build your skills and especially perks. If you play my fight engine deep enough you will find some treats in there and personally, I think my fight engine far surpasses Fallout 2. For christ sake you can even get busted for doping in my mod!!
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Well there seems to be at least a few guys playing. So at this time, I will say:

    The first person that can find 'The tomb of xkcon' in game, and post a screenshot of thier squad in my tomb will win the contest. I will reward the first tomb robber with thier own personal starting squad in a future release of my Mod. That's right, I will immortalize 3 of your own custom created characters and allow them to be a selectable squad at the start of the game.

    Post a screenshot of your squad clearly visible inside my tomb (close to me on my throne) and also post a screenshot of you character screen of your squad.

    To be eligible to win the contest, you need to be playing version 0.891 (or higher). I will know if you're cheating.

    Good luck, I doubt anyone can desecrate my tomb...
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    Oct 1, 2006
    I forget to mention a small issue.
    First time I entered in Jackson Vile, Joey the drug dealer was enemy because have de behavior aggressor...
    I change that to "default" with editor, otherwise you'll loose all the Salvino quests....

    Edit: I found another 2 glitches in Quartz or whatever...
    If you kill the Ugly and the companions in their chamber before the timer countdown starts... well Felicia or the game want recognize you disarmed the bomb and miss the rescue mission..
    The other glitch is: The Sheriff and the secretary of the Mayor recognize you kill Ugly, but not the Mayor !!! He is stuck on the same line: If you have 10K to buy.. bla, bla, bla even if you already pay for releasing Ace....
    What puzzles me more is:
    No one seems to tell you anything about Patricia been kidnapped, I almost kill her in the battle because I didn't know is there, which is not normal !!!

    Later edit:
    Well I don't know what to say. All the plot in Quartz City is bugged, because you constructed this quests on presumption someone will not have 10K bucks to bail Ace from the begging ?!
    And normally I will not bail him out ! It's a criminal for Christ sake, why in the world someone pay for his release ! Oh well..
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Ok IAR80, thanks for feedback...

    Really the problem with (Jackson City) Joey going hostile for no reason is the same thing that can happen to the gateguards of Fortress City. It just happens sometimes after a Hostile Random encounter when you enter a map. It's best to move around inside the green city circles on the world map a bit and only then enter the city. I don't know why it happens, and I mention all this in the readme.txt.

    Regarding Quartz... Well quartz was really done by 'jimmyjay86', I included it because it was a great inspiration for me. I left it mostly the way the original creator had made it (mostly). I only changed a few things to 'write' it into my storyline. I really liked this map and didn't tamper with it too much. (I also mention this in the readme.txt)

    Ok, so you say you killed ugly before the bomb timer starts? How did you kill him ? Why didn't the timer start ?

    What did you do to kill him before the timer starts?

    I'm not sure what sequence you played Quartz. I've never really had any problems in quartz before and I've played dozens of times.

    You say you bailed Ace out first? before you did anything? It should work then... I've never had any problems like that.

    Maybe can you tell in what order you did what? then I can follow the problem for a fix.
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    Apr 2, 2003
    I think you may have missed the whole part where you give flowers to Ellen and initiate a sequence of events... I think you went directly into Ugly's place ? is this what happened ?
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    Oct 1, 2006
    Like I said, you need to change the behavior of those guys from "aggressive" to "default" and you'll never have the problem becoming enemy for no reason.

    I don't think is something right here...
    When you first enter in a town you primordial rules is to be informed. For that you need to go to sheriff, bartenders and officials. Is unusual to get straight to cemetery, get some flowers and give that to a women which btw will not talk to you in the first place ! And what if you play with a female characters ?! The last thing you'll do is to get flowers to a girl.. strange...
    Anyway the timer is bugged. I have a team of snipers with good stealth skill, so is easy to enter in that chamber and fire with sniper rifle, they will go down in no time. So when the timer will start and the Ugly is dead, is nothing you can do to finish the mission. It's happening all the time. The same happen when you have a good guy with throwing skill, Grenades are devastating in chambers, that's why I almost kill Patricia in the first place, I didn't know is there.
    The timer is need to start sooner, right in the next second you finish the dialog with Ugly and not after 30 seconds...

    Anyway there are other issues which I don't get. There are a couple of raiders in town which are enemy towards you and I didn't find anything related to them. Is a quest for kill them or are only bandits and need to be burned ? The same is with the second thug party in motel ? Quest or not ?

    Another issue is again with boxing !!! I let my party "home" and go to Mickey "naked" and he still don't recognize I'm alone. Maybe because I play with a female characters ?
    Is this related only to male characters ?
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Well man, I didn't write Quartz, But it works fine, you just missed the flowers.

    You are right about the timer bug, I checked and it's got a 7sec delay before the timer starts. That's why you get that bug. Solution for now, just wait 7 seconds and let the timer engage before you kill them. I will make a change to the map, and fix it no prob.

    What's not to get about a couple of drunked up raiders that want to kill you? Have to expect somebody to make a move on you once in while, it is the wasteland afterall...

    as far as boxing goes, if you already fought in Fortress City, then you miss out on Mickey... Too bad for you, mickey would've trained you and helped increase your skills.

    It's best to start your fight career in Jackson city. However, the choice is always yours...
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Quartz really was/is an awesome map, and I almost always had a memorable experience usually involving a few casualties in my squad.

    It's a great map inspired from the original wasteland, and I put my own wasteland inspired map in the mod as well. So there is two 'wasteland 1' inspired maps in there. One from the great 'Jimmyjay86' and one from me.

    Thanks to JJ86.
  9. IAR80

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    Oct 1, 2006
    Like I said I like your Mod and it's not a problem for me if I miss something, there is always load the game.
    The quest in Quartz is bugged, because if you go straight to kill Ugly like I did the first time and after that you go with those flowers to Ellen... guess what ? :)
    Patricia needs to be somewhere with his husband and stays with him until you trigger the flower quest. Other-ways strange thing will happens.
    You need to separate the quests, with Patricia and without Patricia. Get it ?! :) Or if you kill Ugly first, after that the flower quest will not happen....
    Well those couple enemy raiders can be a little quest get it from the sheriff, or at least a dialog line like ; Be aware there are some "people" which don't like strangers in town....
    That will make the player understand the presence of those raiders and he \ she will not search clues for hours...
    With boxing I start over another game so I didn't arrived yet to Fortress City...
    I am Salvino "made man" is this the problem ?

    Edit: Please send me a PM with the clues how I get rid of random encounters...
    The editor can't open this bos.cam file and I can't make the changes by myself.

    later edit: Waiting 7 seconds is enough to loose my team :) so is not a solutions...
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    Apr 2, 2003
    I'm back at work full time again, so I haven't much time for Modding.

    However I took a deep look at the Quartz map, and it was just like you said , there is no supporting speech text for a few possible scenario outcomes depending on the order the player plays out the map. The actual mechanics works, but no supporting speech, So I went ahead and re-wrote the triggers/speech to cover any and all possible outcomes. I have (Quartz) working fine now. I will release the new and improved Quartz map along with a reworked campaign with less random encounters in a new version of my mod (version 0.892).

    I hope to release the new version within the next two weeks or so. (Like I said earlier, It will be slow going as I am working full time again.)

    "Edit: Please send me a PM with the clues how I get rid of random encounters...
    The editor can't open this bos.cam file and I can't make the changes by myself.

    later edit: Waiting 7 seconds is enough to loose my team :) so is not a solutions...

    Just have one of your squad enter Ugly's chamber and then leave the room quickly, wait for 7 seconds then re-enter the chamber will all your squad...

    I'm going to hold off on giving out the secret, any thorough player could probably find it before he even heads off to the 2nd brotherhood mission...
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    Jan 4, 2017
    I have a problem with the undead traps. Is there a way to disable them? to miss them I'm playing in sneak mode. I play on a old widows 7 computer. using turn based individual mode. found some problems in my game play. --- village - infected attack the undead traps. --- bases --- crates in 1st base - can't reach -- switch in 2nd base is on other side of wall -- quartz - had to steal key form cop for cell after paying bond.
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Unfortunately the undead traps bug is an aspect of turn based mode, if you play in CTB you shouldn't experience it. I'm sorry but there seems to be no way to disable it. The mod is meant to be played in CTB mode. A good idea that 'Sniperpotato' mentioned was to play in CTB and alternate to TB when things get really tough.

    All these things that you mention, the crates, the undead 'traps' as you call them. it is all related, the crates that you can't reach are meant to be accessed after you complete a certain quest, then they will be moved to where you can get the loot, but first you have to solve the quest.

    I have fixed all the bugs in Quartz and plan to release my new version 0.892 (with less Random encounters) within the next two weeks. I Promise that it will be a much better version of Quartz with better gameplay. I should've done a more thorough job of play-testing Quartz before I released, but after a decade I just wanted to get something into the gamers hands.

    At any rate the new version will be much better with less Random Encounters and I've even found and fixed a few new bugs that somehow got by me.

    I just want to say that if you are noticing hidden 'loot crates' and hidden 'switches' then you seem like you might be able to find the Random encounter cheat and the survival mode/doom switch.

    Good gaming
  13. oldguy

    oldguy First time out of the vault

    Jan 4, 2017
    gargantva's lair does not work in TB mode. seems to hang up when the computer moves after an NPC has died. started over, like the changing starting people. tried CTB mode. really don't like it. what inventory does the invfixer fix? it justs disappears when picked up. didn't notice any changes. thankyou. enjoying your mod.
  14. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    I've never really tested Gargantua's lair in TB. The Mod was completely developed for CTB mode. Any bugs related to TB is out of my hands, there really should be no reason why it crashes. It could be just a 'one off' or a corrupt save.

    You should be able to just 'run and gun' in CTB on gargantua's lair (Assuming you're armed with more than just a hunting rifle). You might just have to get used to the real time chaos in CTB and embrace it when your squaddies die. There is no deeper sense of loss than when you lose your high level characters -- most people will almost always reload.

    I only ever use TB at one or two specific battles that are very difficult.

    Not exactly sure what you mean 'invfixer', but if you're talking about equipment master in the squad select mission, the whole point is that he just gives you the loot in the footlocker, and allows you to sell off anything you don't think you will need.

    Glad you are enjoying it.:D I'm going to release a better version here coming up in the next week(s)?.

    Fixed a few bugs and cleaned up some entities and fixed another sprite -- and of course there will be less REs.

    But to be honest, I'm not sure it will ever be the perfect amount of REs no matter how much I lower the percentages.

    Just remember to get all you squaddies a minimum outdoorsman skill of approx 55% and have a dedicated scout ranger with outdoorsman skill 90% or better. Remember you are only as good as your weakest squaddie - meaning: don't take some level 2 noob with skill 25% on a quest westward of Jackson City. The area west of Jackson City is plagued with scores of infected, only a serious experienced squaddie should be venturing there (or anywhere else for that matter!).

    Good luck.
  15. oldguy

    oldguy First time out of the vault

    Jan 4, 2017
    invfixer found on floor in bunker alhpa. vehicle depot - nw corner - front of boxes by last parking spot. infected are easy in TB mode. stay in vehicle - move a little to group them together - then blow they away with shotguns when in range. what's with this 55% outdoorsman skill level? I have 5 guys with less than that.(starting level ) one guy at about 110%. having no problems exploring and avoiding encounters I don't want. whats wrong with noobs? isn't that what the mags are for, to improve their skill level. I buy every and steal every magazine I can find. when I fight in this game, I spit guys into two teams. attack form 2 sides/areas at once. I'm basicly a sneak sniper type player. rarely use hand to hand. I see you didn't change the payout on underground turrets. I get 2 to 3,000 cells out of there. there is also away to get 100+ boombugs from there too, if you want them. it dosen't work every time. have fun, I am.
  16. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Ohhh... The Invfixers, I forgot about those... I was supposed to delete them.. But somehow I forgot... It's best to just ignore them if you see one on a map. It was originally meant to fix a bug that I found years earlier. I use entities like that to adjust ingame stats that were corrupted by another bug. It shouldn't be a big problem if you've already taken it. But it's best to leave them alone, or give them to a squaddie that is going to die. I'll make sure to delete them for the next update. I would've responded sooner but I was sick with the flu for days. Feeling a bit better today and will start working on it again.

    Thanks for playing and keep playing to find more bugs. There's bound to be a few more than I missed.

    Glad to hear you're having fun :dance:

    Make sure to play out the HEAT storyline, starting at the Roadhouse/South lake City and ultimately working up to the Fortress City Bank Job.

    Join Niel's crew and take down a lot of scores, and you'll even get some awesome new recruits. Picture the way the big bank job went in the movie Heat, then picture that on the streets of Fortress City.

    One thing to add, If any of you experience any problems with Niel's crew following thier waypoints in South lake City(SLC). Just simply wait for them to move. Sometimes the NPC computer AI has difficulty navigating and will pause for a long time while he figures out where to go. Eventually they will find thier way and then you can proceed. It might occur when you and Niel and Waingro, burglarize the Crawford General Store (in SLC).
  17. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
  18. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Remember, If you already have an older version of the MOD, then you only need to download the 'Files v0.892' zip. It is much smaller than the Full version.

    Of course a complete version is always available.
  19. salvadorc17

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    Oct 8, 2015
    Checking the link, and there is no donwload sprites option, i guess those should be download with the full mod, any other mods compatibility like Redux?
  20. oldguy

    oldguy First time out of the vault

    Jan 4, 2017
    hi. found some stuff you might want to fix. restarted game with your fix. all in fortress city. hospital - top floor - red light area - first steal door - game crashes when opening door. first wooden door - blocked by shelfs ? if you kill the guard, no weapon. green dots on minimap but no one there. cathouse - top floor - by three lockers (by locked door). Nilf's safe house - backyard - nw corner. - colored door goes through roof by south wall of city when on the roof. - talked to jeff(?), he was good for a laugh. - you got me on the red door! - still exploring city. I like the new equipment and changes to the guns. brotherhood was a pleasant surprise. thank you, having fun.