xkcon's ultimate rip off Mod (Unofficial expansion for FOT)

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Here's a look at where the ladder leading to the tunnel is...
    You can see Toshi here in the climbing animation... Just Hover the mouse around a bit and the ladder icon will appear.

    When you say it didn't update, can you be more specific. It should give you an 'Objective Complete' notice and approx 14000 xp and Commander Gold will be waiting nearby the Alkida compound when you exit.

    If you didn't get this, then there is still one guy hiding in the complex in coward/sneak mode... Maybe on the roof or one of rooms in the basement or ground level. He'll be sneaking, maybe even hiding in the kitchen... Make sure to thoroughly check all rooms in BOTH buildings and perimeter area. Even if you left town, you can still go back and find him. Let me know if you still have problems...
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    Apr 1, 2005
    I'll look again. I went ahead and went to the next main mission, but I just finished it.

    Nope. I looked through both buildings, walked through every room, searched the entire town...I'm pretty sure I killed all of them. I just bugged it out. My Perception is at 9 so i would see them even if they were sneaking I think.

    Commander Gold never showed up and I believe I killed them all.


    The lost missions:

    Mis13: Begin the clean up the remaining Super Mutants in the region. During the course of the mission, the player spots a wide path of destruction caused by a single behemoth bot. Help the town evacuate, and destroy the robot if possible.

    Mis14: Ambush a mutant invasion force in it's last bid for a besieged settlement. Among ruined city blocks, the player would have to ambush waves of super mutants, for long enough to buy time for evacuation of threatened town.

    Mis17: Escort a BOS scribe to the site of a fallen robot to gather information. The robot is seen as a deity to the reavers who inhabit the town, and become hostile if the player is not stealthy in their approach.

    Mis20: Capture a reaver controlled oil facility.

    These levels were all cut before any scripting had begun. It was obvious that we weren't going to have time to do them all, so these ones were cut, mostly because they weren't important to the main plot line, but also because they bore a few similarities to other levels.


    These missing missions sounded cool. Too bad they got cut.


    Didn't snap a pic with the tunnel cleared but I went through all of that too.
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    Apr 2, 2003
    When you say 'you bugged it out' -- what exactly were you doing that you bugged up?? I've had dozens of playthroughs and have never experienced this before.

    Let me ask you, on the ground level in the blue building, did you kill two unarmed guys Saeed and Satam? I'm not sure if I see their corpses in your screenshot.

    I'm not sure if your save is broken or not... You will know when you return to Fortress City and talk to the Zian Leader... If he doesn't update and pay you cash and drugs then for sure a trigger didn't fire...

    If this is the case then your save is broken.

    HOWEVER all is not lost... simply open the level editor and open an unvisited map -- such as the next Brotherhood mission you plan to do and add the following new trigger:

    Condition: Always

    Action: Set campaign Variable 'CVAR_ZianSLCAlkTD' to 'COMPLETE'

    Make sure to check the Campaign variable box, and then save file and that's it, you should be back in business....

    Honestly I think one Alkida bastard is hiding somewhere. Maybe he spawned in an incorrect spot and is stuck somewhere unreachable. I'm not sure, as I said before I've never had this before...

    Let me know if you need anymore help.
  4. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    I cannot see Saeed or Satam anywhere although I am sure I did at one point...Damnit.

    What I mean by bugged out is I had the Quest where you take the holotape to the Alkida to work for them but I did the Zion South Lake City mission instead. It bugs me to no end that I cannot figure out what went wrong, but I do think it has to do with me messing around with both of those factions around the same time. I always attempt to play both sides. I believe I got distracted on a sidequest or something or another. I just can't see both of those guys hiding in that building without me alerting them because there is nowhere for them to hide where I would not bump into them...that being said....A few NPC's in the mod were nearly unkillable at certain points, one dying due to burst fire and lots of running and sniping. I think they were Mercenaries.

    Oh for sure it didn't fire. I went back and forth a couple times. I'm a bug testers worse nightmare. I will look one last time on my old save file to see where they were initially. Does Saeed give the first Alkida quest? If so it could be due to that? I seem to recall that was a no name NPC though. Sorry, I have been doing this LP while testing/reviewing this so some story beats I decided to pursue for plot likely caused this. Nothing I can't fix with your trigger solution though. Thanks mate.

    Just ran into Woody Harrelson in his safehouse, he tried to kill me, but there is some hottie in there. Need to figure out how to get in good with them since she wants a safe place to stay. I don't want to just kill them all. FYI I will, AT THE BARE MINIMUM, be using those Infected as BethesdaDrones in a future mod. There is simply so much that can be done with these old Fallout games. I will be damned if 76 gets more praise than Tactics when all is said and done. I lurked every thread you posted online even on the Russian forums to try to educate myself on Tactics a bit. I'm still debating on the FOnline SDK....

    I suppose the hardest thing with this mod is knowing how far to progress in the MQ before I do these side quests. I am LVL 15 on Kansas City MQ...started pimping in Fortress City, working towards my Bank Heist solo on the side...I haven't even started my fucking fighting career yet. I only did one porno thus far! So much to do in this mod too... I promise I will spread the gospel so people know what they are missing. Found Brewster injured so I am escorting him. Hope he gives me the rundown on Walking Dead town.


    I knew there was a reason I liked you!


    I have noticed a few typos. I am pretty good at picking out that stuff.
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    Apr 1, 2005

    SO I did this. When I load up that mission should the objective be complete and pop up because it does not? I guess I am asking does that trigger the Commander to pop up in SLC, the objective complete, return to Zion in Fortress City?

    I also did that not in Mission Variables there but I wasn't sure what to name the Description and I thought that might have fucked it up because it also did not work. I don't want to play all the way through this Jefferson mission more than once. Need to know if it will trigger after completing the mission or as soon as entering.

    I am confused a bit with this since I never used the FOTools before, but I just need to know how the order fires off and everything.

    ADDITIONAL ASIDE: NMA switching over and losing all of our old resources really sucks dick.

    Also, @Hassknecht What are the requirements for the Modder tag? Do I get one before or after I make you a Nazi with a brothel loaded with whores?
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Ok, I see you added that action to an already existing trigger, this should work, but it would be safer to create an entirely new and separate trigger for these patch/fixes.

    When you enter that mission, the Variable will be set, but there are no corresponding triggers on that map. You need to get back to Zian Estates in Fortress City to see the effect. The SLC triggers are lost, but you didn't really lose anything other than 14500xp.

    I STRONGLY recommend you create a separate dedicated trigger for the fix, it's not good to mess with existing Ingame triggers, anything can go wrong and the FOT engine is very fickle.

    Create a new trigger:

    Condition: Always

    Action: Set campaign Variable 'CVAR_ZianSLCAlkTD' to 'COMPLETE'

    Then after you are done Jefferson then go back and delete the patch Trigger and resave the file again.
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  7. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Ahhh I see. Thanks a bunch boss. I will report back in a bit to let you know how it all turned out.

    We need to find you some better pics for some of these dudes but I think you mentioned that...this one dude would look better with the guy from Dawn of the Dead. The injured black guy's pic is low quality.

    It worked!
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  8. Arathos

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    Feb 2, 2017
    Is this mod technically complete? Meaning with the main storyline/plot finished and with actual ending/s?

    I heard that there were plans to make still some extra maps. I hope one day we get to see these. :)
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  9. TorontRayne

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    Apr 1, 2005
    Feels complete to me. Try it out man. I am halfway through it.
  10. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Technically the mod is 'Complete' ... However, the Mod was always intended to be an ongoing thing, with a new map being added every once in a while (depending on time and player interest.).

    All the main storylines are complete. As far as ending is concerned, Personally me, I like to finish all the content, and then finish the final FOT Quest to officially end the game, AND THEN go to Agarapichu and perform the sacrifice to unleash the Undead apocalypse, and then go back and visit each and every map to scavenge any 'new' loot and see it zombie infested. It's like a new campaign after you already stocked up on supplies ... how long can you last in Zombie apocalypse? Especially, go back to big towns like Quincy, South Lake City, Jefferson City, or any of the other bigger maps for an intense amount of undead action stalking you.

    Oh, and If you like sexy times, then make sure to buy a house from Carl Hawkin in Fortress City. In your new home, you can have fun times in the bedroom-- any way you want it... all six squad members if you want... Just have to fit them all into the bed!!

    Here's a few tips to help you get the most out of the Pimping Storyling...

    After You've taken a job with 'Gino' at the 'Cathouse', you need to meet up with 'Sport' again... He can be found across the street in a small building doing drugs with a few locals.
    Talk to him and have an encounter. This will further drive the plot. Depending on where you are (or not) in the HEAT plotline, you may have to exit town (one or more times) eventually upon re-entry of town you will go to the Cathouse again, where Detective Hanna will be waiting to question you and Gino...
    After this then again, Depending on where you are in your Pimping plotline and the (separate) HEAT plotline you may again have to leave town again (once or more)....
    Eventually when everything is lined up, you will again get a job from Gino. Also if you are working with Niel's crew to take down Gino, then this is the time you will see Crew member 'Chris' waiting for you on the corner across the street from the 'Cathouse'. Keep an eye out for him, he's usually in Stealth/Sneak mode... Fuckin guy! he's always trying to not get caught...
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  11. Arathos

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    Feb 2, 2017

    Sounds like a lot of fun ^^

    Speaking of sexy times, can one also get married in this mod like in Fallout 2? And have sexy times with his wife and/or invite her along the pimping plotline? *wink*

    Ah, and are there different endings(as outcomes for different cities/individuals) like in Fallout 2 depending on decisions through the game?
  12. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    How is it a rip-off ?
  13. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Yes, you can get married and do all sorts of sick shit with your wife, she can do porn while you wait in the lobby...

    You can have a real nice (Same sex optional) wedding -- for both good and evil characters...

    My mod has much more of exploration for evil characters. In fact there is one Hidden Quest that needs to be tested --- The Shadowlord Quest -- Ooo woo ...

    The Shadowlords are from an old RPG 'Ultima V' -- that was the first game I ever modded. I made a completely new functioning town entirely with hex editing on an Apple //c. It was fun, I always liked those old Ultimas RPGs in the 80s.

    And that is the reason I called it the 'Rippoff Mod' cuz I ripped off a few cool characters and stories from various Movies/TV/Comics/Games/Music and made an expansion for Fallout Tactic -- which was too short and linear. Now at least with my mod, there is much more to explore and much more replayability.

    In regards to the Endings , I liked the Fallout tactics story, so I didn't tamper with the original endings except that you can play after the official FOT endings (and play in Zombie apocalypse!!).
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  14. Arathos

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    Feb 2, 2017
    Cool, speaking of evilness are there plenty of evil options overall like blowing a nuclear plant or massacring a town?

    And are there some stat checks regarding charisma or intelligence in conversations or/and ways to handle a quest in different ways?
  15. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Oh sure, there is always the option to massacre a town. In one instance a (joinable) NPC will hint to you, to prove how evil you are that you should kill her town. Or you can be Evil and help the Adulterous wife and kill her husband or kill her instead or why not kill both of them??? What will you do about a child molesting priest??? kill him? or quietly let him leave town?... or kill those making accusations against him... ?

    As far as massacring a town, any town is open for that, However in South Lake City there is an active Police Force that will (attempt) to arrest you for crimes, I've never actually tried to fight my way out against the town police and always chose my sentence to prison island.

    Also some NPCs will have different reaction to evil characters. One example is in 'Greenville' if you are an evil character 'Anita' will not invite you into 'Woody's' safe house, you'll have to pick locks and break in and Woody will most likely attack you, and if your CHR isn't high enough , the babes won't bang you or join you...

    In regards to skill/stat check scenarios, there are a few but they are mostly related to sexual encounters.
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    Dec 21, 2017
    Hi, got a problem in sleeper base ( again^^ ), and found a bug / exploit.
    According to wasteland1 wiki u need a Security B key to open armory. According to walktrough, u loot that from some guy in other location. You said that u ported only one location from wasteland and, the other one being quartz, done by some other guy.
    Actually i looted that Security B key but figures, it wont open armory door at all, so my question basically is : is that key card suppose to open armory, and therefore is broken? or are there another means to open that door that need to be figured out ( for example, some other location etc etc. )
    Thanks again for a great mod btw. That what's Tactics should look like all along.
  17. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Aha, I was wondering if anybody was going to ask about this... this is a good question... Yes the Armoury door and the door leading to additional clone pods in sleeper base require a Different Security Pass. That Pass will be found in different Map (that has yet to be released) involving a specific quest, which will unlock some special clones. However, this storyline is far from complete, so for now, the rooms remain unaccessable...

    Glad you like the mod, please give a 'like' on the original post of this thread... Thanks
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    Dec 11, 2018
    Hi I have version 0.895 of the mod and i love this mod, but I've encounterd big problem. I'm in the middle of doing Niel missions in Fortress City and no matter what I do, after robbing Gino safe, i'm always getting attacked by Cage and two others when i go downstairs. Is it supposed to be like this? If not, then probably, it's like that because of two invisible entities(i can see them on minimap but no physically, cursor doesn't point them too) on the roof, called "voices" and they see when i'm breaking into Gino's room. I've tried to kill them using grenades or blowing up traps near them and they're getting hit, but they get no points of damage. I know that they can be killed by hitting them with hummer, because I encountered one on the streets too.

    So there is my question. What can I do to get rid of them, or how can I edit saved game to insert some car on the roof?

    I add screenshot here:

    EDIT: I checked a few things and it looks like, they're attacking me, if i stay in gino private zone for a few seconds. So i suppose it is to be like this

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  19. xkcon

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    Apr 2, 2003
    Hi, Glad you like the mod, please give a like to the original post of this thread :aiee:

    Did you get Gino's Keycard from Lucy and give it to Kelso (Seen here in this screenshot)
    He will quickly skim the electronic data of the Keycard and give it back to you then you return the card to Cage , who will be waiting for you in the main floor lobby of the Casino (by the Cashiers) .... Give Cage the card and then talk to Gino. He will need to take a vacation after all the stress of the Lucy saga. Now go talk to Niel and he will tell that we have to wait a while until Kelso can fabricate a duplicate keycard. You'll probably have to leave town, and when you comeback, then go see Niel and he will give a duplicate Keycard and only now with this fake card can you successfully break into his room. If you try to break into his room in other ways Gino's boy will know and attack you (these guys ain't stupid ya know, they's top dog Pimp ganstas).

    Don't worry about the invisible voice actors, they in no way affect any combat, gameplay or anything other than to deliver floating text to help inform the player.

    Also too, don't worry about killing Gino or Cage --Depending on which scenario you chose you will have to kill one of them. Remember that once you kill Gino, any of the three girls (Julia,Vanda,or Brandy) that you had sex with will join your squad.
    You can get a nice Harem of 90's pornstars going!!

    Also too If you successfully work for Niel, You'll get to meet and Bang Bolivia (Another 90's pornstar) and she will join you, and you'll also get two awesome dogs ; Zeus and Apollo 'The Lads' from old 80's TV show 'Magnum PI'.
  20. nadeauhugo

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Ha I always have a lot of fun listening to those crazy stories, even without having played with the mod yet. After my new mod version, I'll clearly give it a try! Really curious about all this.