Fallout 1 Demo - Localization friendly 2018-09-09

The Fallout Demo with an already sorted out folder, so you can focus on your translation.

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    Information :

    You will find in this folder the demonstration version of the very first Fallout, along with graphic tools the assets needed for Localization.

    Beside, it is sorted out to make further Localizations easier.

    Setup :

    You don't really have to start an installation.
    Just make sure that you don't rename the folders and use a folder path that doesn't include spaces.

    Depending on your operating system, you might have to start *...\FalloutDemo\falldemo\Falldemo.exe* with compatibiliy mode for Windows95 or Windows98.

    If you want to translate the demo into an additionnal language, make a copy of the *...\FalloutDemo\Versions\English* folder and rename the new folder by the name of the language you wish to translate into. Then, once you've done it, copy the **...\FalloutDemo\Versions\your-language\data* folder and put it into your *...\FalloutDemo\falldemo* folder. (overwrite the previous one)

    Alternatively, you can go straight to the *...\FalloutDemo\falldemo\data* and open all the files there with a notepad or notepad++. Make your translations, save the files and launch the demo. It should take your translation into account. You can then make a copy of your data folder into a *...\FalloutDemo\Versions\your-language\data* folder.

    Settings :

    You can switch language at any time, by replacing the *...\FalloutDemo\falldemo\data* folder by any of the *data* folders found in the *...\FalloutDemo\Versions\Language* folders. For now, French and English are provided. But there can be and should be other languages, as soon as there are new localizations availables.

    If you notice graphic glitches, use the *DirectDraw_Compatibility_Tool* by Galogen contained in this folder. You can either directly apply the effect on the *Falldemo.exe* executable, or create a reg-file depending on your version. If you still encounter issues, ask for help at No Mutants Allowed.

    Additionnal notes :

    There are compatibility issues with special characters, like *Ç*, *é* or *&*. Make some tests before doing the whole localization. Some of those issues are specific with the dialog window.

    The content of the demo is also available as a Total Conversion mod, by FeelTheRads. This other version bring several improvements and offer better compatibility with modern operating system. Although, there are a few changes here and there. This version is more Vanilla, but also more outdated.
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