Fallout Nevada 1.02 HD English Patch OUTDATED 2.92

Latest Translation

  1. gtimur2022
    Version: 2.92
    The Fallout 3 we deserve. Саня, спасибо!
  2. Uros
    Version: 2.92
    Jer jeste.
  3. CarryTrainer.Editor
    Version: 2.92
    My first impressions are the writing for Fallout Nevada is better than the originals! Great job with the translations gang. Thank you for devoting your time and talents to this worthy project.
  4. The Atomic Vampire
    The Atomic Vampire
    Version: 2.8
    I never turn down the chance to play a Fallout 1&2 mod. This one doesn't disappoint. Lot's of story and places to go on a decent sized map. I haven't finished as of yet but the game keeps me interested which is a hard thing to do these days. The English text need tweaking a bit but it didn't affect my game-playing experience at all. I recommend this mod.
  5. Kaadovah
    Version: 2018-03-18
    Overally pretty good, despite few instances of russian text showing up and screwed up talking heads in vegas (not sure if this has anything to do with translation).