Fallout: Vault Archives PnP System Resources 2023-04-05

This is a file containing the PnP system from the late Atomic Postman.

  1. Risewild
    This is a file containing the work of the late Atomic Postman.

    It contains the:
    • Overseer Manual
    • Rulebook Revised (there's two files for this one since one file is 1MB smaller)
    • Van Buren Worldbook (latest public available version, doesn't have last changes made to it)
    • Character Sheets
    • Mutant Manual
    • The Final Draft book for the Van Buren campaign
    • Fallout: New California Dreaming (A One Shot Anthology)
    • Van Buren Region Map
    Special thanks to:
    - Atomic Postman for creating such work. Taken too soon from this earth. May he rest in peace.
    -Hardboiled Android for help making this system
    -Dayglow Drifter for help making this system
    -beynder for sharing several resources contained in this file

    If I missed anyone in the thanks section, please be kind and tell me, so that I can fix the omission, thanks.