Open Fallout Mod 15.08.2011

The offical demo by Hmt.

  1. RobertHouse
    (Translated from Russian to English via Google Translate.)

    "Open Fallout Mod", the official demo version of 15.08.2011

    The main action takes place around the five cards:
    Vault13, Vault15, ShadySands, Raiders, Caves.
    Maps completely "settled", realized some quests,
    an opportunity to get acquainted with the dialogue system.
    Implemented an elevator content (graphics authored d_seven).

    Attention ! As it is possible to play, but you can not for long :)
    At the end of the demo, the city remained open,
    (you can wander around, take a look, touch and even die ...)
    Map of the world + chance meetings, fully implemented.
    "Korowai" can not rob, blackjack with the girls, too, no :)

    Some highlights:

    - Fashion (temporarily) is optimized for screen resolution of 800x600.
    - Committed some actions lead to different consequences.
    - Answers in dialogues, clickable
    (numbers do not match, the touch keypad)
    - Depending on the performance of your system,
    response to pressing buttons in elevators and dialogues,
    It may be up to 2-3 seconds. Please do not peck on the button,
    better to wait a bit (do not shoot even in elevators) :)
    - Due to some specifics of building a dialogue "talking heads"
    selection of possible answers is possible only after listening to
    current, uttered the phrase (perhaps fixed a will in the future).
    - A little gag that does not match the original Fallout.

    A few words about the new system of barter:

    Implemented in Shady Sands (Katrina and Seth).
    After pressing the "B" (in the dialog) will start a three-second timer,
    you need to have time to click on a character with whom to trade, or
    return back to the dialog ... enough time to try to - understand :)

    Discovered and incurable "trouble" demo (hopefully temporary):

    - Absolutely not recommended to use the perk "observation";
    - May not perform "double" and "triple" random encounters;
    - "Non-vanishing roof", removed by clicking on the icon of the protagonist;
    - And not one sublevel dorisoval Hub, lack thereof Boneyard and the Cathedral;
    - In the current version, the buttons are not illuminated floors in elevators;
    - Trading with one "NPC", do not try to talk to the other;

    There are bugs, glitches, problems and suffering - I'm sorry in advance,
    Perhaps many will be cleaned, drained, fixed a - in the future.


    - Thank theMaster, for global testing;
    - Thank d_seven, scheduled for lift panels;
    - Thank derFluger, for the second FT Tools;
    - Thanks to the community 'Workshops brotherhood';

    Software used:

    Gimp 2.6.11 (
    FT Tools 1.26 (FT Patch 1.27 from Microforte)
    DIMS Mapper (Dims)
    Til_Zar_Spr converter (Michael Beschetnov)
    BoSEE (APTYP, Dr.W95, MatuX)

    Some of the images and the resources found on the Internet,
    indicate their authorship is not possible predstavlet (sorry).
    To create a certain graphic objects used
    Resources from the original Fallout BlackIsle & Interplay.

    "Open Fallout Mod" is a completely non-commercial project.
    The author does not pursue any financial interests, as well as
    is not responsible for your psyche and broken equipment :)

    C Respect, Hmt.