Graphic Image Viewer by Red!

  1. RobertHouse
    Windows 98, 2000, or XP. Has not been tried on Windows 95. Also Dirext X 8, or better. CPU 1.4 Gig or better. AT least 256 Megs Ram, (May run on less). At least 50 Megs free Hard Drive Space if you will be working with SPRs. You will also need DirectX 8 or higher, Zlib and the VB6 Runtime, (MSVBVM6), files installed in order to use the Viewer. These Requirements are recomendations only.

    Unzip the to your C:\ drive. If you want create a short cut, run the ".exe". Read the help files located in the Viewer's Help Menu. Enjoy.

    There is a History File that may answer some questions if you are having problems running the program.