Sprite Creator

Complete sprite editor. Allows sprite creation of any type.

  1. RobertHouse
    Sprite Creator v1.1.0.2

    Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Jaros³aw Szatkowski jarekfall

    With this program you can create graphical files for the Fallout Tactics game. These files have an extension "spr". Creating the sprites is very simple, there is almost no chance of application crush. The application won't let you to do an incorrect action.

    Attention! The application may crush only if you will be editing files created by fans, with other unofficial editors, which create files that have an incorrect (wrong) structure.

    I suggest you to compress files only after finishing work on certain sprite.
    Compression process is time consuming, lasts as long as a compression to "zip" format with the option "best compression method" but it gives better compression quality.

    Sprite Creator is provided as FREEWARE, but only for private, non-commercial, home use.

    Any suggestions and comments are welcome. In case of bugs and problems please send an e-mail to: jarekfall@vp.pl including a description of the problem.

    Please visit my site, where you can download other applications/files: