☢ A.T.O.M ☢ Classic Fallout like game in 3D

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  1. Norzan

    Norzan Vault Senior Citizen

    Apr 7, 2017
    The game isn't a theme park where you can anywhere without any danger from enemies, so of course Bethesda fans would hate it. Same for the game not having constant instant gratification and having quests that require you to read and don't have actual combat.
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  2. ironmask

    ironmask Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Mar 10, 2018
    There are Bethesda Fallout fans who also like the classic fallouts though, although I don't see how they can love both at the same time. Take tagz for example. So I would recommend this to a Beth fan.
  3. Matt Drax

    Matt Drax Smart Ass

    Sep 4, 2010
    And also oldschool Fallout fans who like Bethesda games. For me it's simple: It's not (my) Fallout anymore, it's just a Bethesda game with guns, but it can also be fun sometimes. And at least we can be glad that the "classic rpg" genre is not that dead, even if our beloved franchise pretty much is. ^^"
  4. Black Angel

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    Mar 21, 2016
    Changelog for new patch as shared in the Codex
    Edit: this update is HUGE. Almost 200 MB.
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  5. Gonzalez

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    Aug 21, 2004
    Nah... they don't deserve it...
  6. valcik

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    Dec 20, 2008
  7. Black Angel

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    Mar 21, 2016
    #2 felt like a decline decision, tbh. Hope the crafting could at least allow us to mod weapon properties so we can turn high AP weapons into low AP but still hard-hitting.
  8. Norzan

    Norzan Vault Senior Citizen

    Apr 7, 2017
    I like number 4 because i picked some perks in the early levels that now are useless to me. I hope it's expensive though so that mistakes can still feel like mistakes, something you don't abuse with.

    Unless it means something else but to me it sounds like perk respeccing.
  9. NovaRain

    NovaRain Casual Modder Modder

    Mar 10, 2007
    I seriously hope #2 is just a joke. I think what they need is explaining ammo properties more clearly in game and displaying real numbers for some stuff instead of ambiguous ones like "short/mid/long range".
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  10. Black Angel

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    Mar 21, 2016
    New update https://steamcommunity.com/games/552620/announcements/detail/1716336642095583886

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  11. Black Angel

    Black Angel Grand Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus

    Mar 21, 2016
    Holy shit

    Modding? New characters? NEW LOCATIONS? NEW QUESTLINE??????!!!

    If only I'm not currently on medieval addiction, I would've surely continue my STALKER:SoC playthrough and then carry on to ATOM, and then Kenshi.
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  12. Norzan

    Norzan Vault Senior Citizen

    Apr 7, 2017
    Haven't played in over a month because i have been busy with other games. But it seems i have quite a lot to look forward when i eventually return to this game.
  13. Makta

    Makta The DICKtator

    Jul 29, 2010
    I got it a while ago but i had some other games to clear out first, Sadly it looks like i need to find a way to change/add potraits as noone of them fit my character.
  14. Proletären

    Proletären Mildly Dipped

    Mar 15, 2012
    Update 1.1 is out and according to the developers the game is now complete.
  15. Vostyok

    Vostyok First time out of the vault

    Oct 16, 2018
    I've been playing it since the patch release, and as of yet have yet to come across any of the new content, although I did start a new character as I absolutely do not believe in patched saves behaving.

    Don't worry, my last character was stuck in a cave surrounded by insanely fast mutant bugs with only a crap pipe rifle and armor made from rabbit skins, and there was no way in hell he was getting out alive, so... no progress lost.

    I've noticed a lot of the portraits are a lot prettier since I last played, although the crushing difficulty is still apparent, even on the easiest setting. If you're after a realisticly punishing post-apocalyptic experience, this is on par with the Misery mod for Stalker, or perhaps the old Gothic rpg. Imagine walking into a slavic bar during a fight, with nothing but a fur hat and a brick, with combat training equating to sixteen hours of youtube videos of self-defence techniques. And everyone knows you're the new guy. The resulting scenes would be startling similar to nearly all of the random encounters that can pop up without mercy, even within the starting area.

    In some ways, it's brilliant. A poorly trained conscript, sent out on a solitary mission to find and hopefully rescue a MUCH LARGER military unit, into an irradiated wasteland that is almost completely lawless and at the mercy of bands of cut-throats, murderous cults and better armed opportunists.

    Spoiler: You'll be treated to the grim reality of this about 5 minutes into the game. You're new here kid. Just hope that you get lucky and whoever stomps you is kind enough to leave you lying face up so you can at least enjoy the view before you bleed out.

    Despite the promise of new weapons, armor and characters to meet, you'll spend most of the beginning on your own. Using handmade shivs, bricks, lengths of rusty pipe pretending to be firearms, and more often than not, your fists and feet. Bandit attacks, should they appear at this time (and they will) are mosty guys in ushanka hats with rusty knives and clubs. Sometimes a crossbow. Except these guys have had time to level up and find friends. You'll usually die immediately after ending your first turn, your crap pistol now jammed solid and your trusty butter knife in pieces. The one guy you had the time to attack is wounded but mostly just pissed off. He'll probably club you around the head, before his buddies crowd round you and curb stomp you into borscht. In a word, exactly what would happen to YOU in real life.


    You're not the chosen one. You're not the lone wanderer. You're not even Kevin Costner on his shit boat. Every victory, every quest, ever stale biscuit and handful of bullets (I'm an hour in and I have exactly 5 bullets for a pistol I don't have yet. The rest of my ammo is buried in the walls and that fucking wolf, and he's still following me.) Everything has to be worked for. It's Fallout but set during the fall of the Soviet Union. Everyone was fucked to begin with, but now they don't even have to worry about the rules.

    It's telling that, rather than sticking to the proud socialist soldier of the motherland backstory, I've already split ties with them and joined a bandit gang. They might be thieves and murderers. Okay, they ARE actually thieves and murderers. But they give me biscuits and rubles and a roof over my head, and that's enough for me. They don't even care that I'm addicted to painkillers.

    Also I went fishing and caught something. That was nice.

    Good game.
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  16. Proletären

    Proletären Mildly Dipped

    Mar 15, 2012
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