A game in a post-apo setting I am developing

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    Hey guys,

    I use to be a lurker here sadly not much time left for me nowadays as I am working hard on this project. Anyways I am developing a match-3 rpg in a post apocalyptic setting inspired by fallout and mount and blade.
    The game lets you choose faction at the beginning and after that you do all kinds of quests to help their war efforts. I can almost say that you are a character in a Civilization like map and you help out your civilization with all sort of things. There are also spells which can be equipped as items which you can get as items after every battle. These spellitems are diablo inspired.

    This sounds like a blatant advertising I know but I care about creating great games that we can all enjoy so I would value your feedback.

    Anyways here is a short info of the story although there is a lot more to it than this.

    fullybroKEN#4 puts you in the shoes of a genetically engineered human in a country ravaged by a constant war between three factions. Combat in a match-3 fashion, help the war efforts of the one of the three factions, choose the destiny of Mir, choose your own destiny and learn unique spells in which each of them has unique properties.

    If you want more frequent updates i post regularly on indiedb and instagram(not_the_best_games). You can also find screenshots there. And if anyone cares I could post the links to this sites for easier navigation.
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