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    Nov 3, 2016
    After working on a personal 'Fallout 5' project for some time, the inclusion of elevated raider tribes became a potential plot point. So I wanted to ask, besides a unifying force like the Legion, (or even Mr. House and the Strip Big Three)

    ...What would a raider society look like after it evolved past subsistence raiding? Could it even develop (independently) past that point? How would they interact with newcomers? How would they interact with other, likewise once-raider groups?

    Finally, What would be some events or opportunities that would allow a raider society to move past day to day? Which pre-war technology could I shoehorn in? Would a GECK work? Or would a society with enough members grow past simple raiding ways?

    Sorry for the ramble and question kung-fu, feel free to answer some, none, or any of the questions.


    Realize this may be more fallout lore, rather than future game discussion. Just looking for opinions on how people would do things in future games. If this is out of place, I'll self delete by Monday night.
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    Nov 4, 2016
    A raider society would probably look something like Nuka World's raider gangs, but on a larger scale.

    You have multiple large, gangs, each with their own method of doing things, all cooperating to some degree under the eye of an "overboss" of sort that acts as a mediator between the gangs.

    These raiders would go out, and take over towns/settlements, forcing them to do the hard labor, while the raiders reap all the rewards.

    It would be something not too dissimilar to how the MWBoS and Maxson BoS operate, except where the MWBoS and Maxson BoS use deals and diplomacy to integrate settlements into their system, a raider society would use mostly force and fear based means.
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    clgolfcart Making a 'Fallout 5' Detroit-Send me messages!

    Nov 3, 2016
    This would be a great start for a raider society, but I'm looking for the next step. What happens after a group of raiders reaches 'critical mass'? Specifically, how would a future game contain a group that had past this point and still continued functioning as a group.
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    Jun 14, 2016
    I think Negan's Saviours from the walking dead (comic or show, take your pick) are a good example of what you're describing. Maybe also take a look at how the mongols changed under Ghengis Khan's leadership.
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