A Reimagined New Vegas.

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    The New Vegas We Should Build

    If Bethesda could get away with breaking the lore with fallout 4/76 and jumping the lore shark. Why not Have some radiation resistant form of horses for this game. Now we could see what All roads imagined the world to really be like. We could see NCR Calvary chasing raiders away. New Vegas would look like a massive city, The hub would also feel really alive again. So a future game idea would be fallout reimagined on a different engine. imagine rad-steeds and Bhramin trains make use of a van into a wagon.
    The strip would be lit up more, the Hotels like the Ultra luxe more elegant then we could possibly imagine. The Tops would be The place to be with competition being forced to specialize. Gomorrah a place where you can finally rent a high roller suite to finally. not to mention Perhaps more casino's. Freeside would be where the Middle class, working class, Lower class, and refugee's pooled together and divided up free side into their own section's of the city.

    Forlorn hope would be a base that is subject to raids and constant back and fourth Shelling from mortars. The legion position in nelson is surrounded and at risk of collapsing so legion soldiers and NCR troopers die in a no man's land as both sides are forced into trench's in order to survive.

    The legion lacks formal Calvery and Calvery is a privilege often reserved for its officer's and Pretorian gaurd. For the average legionnaire they're forced to make do with their own god given two legs.

    Logistics are very much in favor of the NCR due to their Developing train network. However a prison break and Deathclaws situation has slowed down NCR progress. But once those are back online NCR supply lines begin to work and heavier and better equipped NCR troops flood the wasteland.

    Raiders would be problematic but under control due to the NCR and legion.

    Arizona Would finally be explorable. we could see what life is like under legion territory. minus critters Life is very safe under legion rule. As long as one follows Ceasers rules one can live a safe life. loyalty is secured due to the lack of raiders or chem fiends.

    A modern Hub would also Be explorable as it would be a true post war city that was built out of a small town in prewar time. There The first Buildings taller then 4 stories that arents prewar have been built in the hub. made of sturdy strong materials like reenforced sand create and Steel. It's electric lights glow brightly attracting wearing NCR settlers to it.

    Perhaps seeing what Mexico is like would be nice as well. we could see what is the wild wild west still south of the border where raider gangs still rule as if it's the old days outside of Baja. But one can sense those days are numbered as The Legion and NCR are looking for new ways to expand into mexico.

    Trains could also Play a larger role as you see later on a tougher NCR will begin to outnumber the legion plus you could delay the battle of Hoover dam by instead attacking the legate's camp early.

    Gambling could also be expanded with a Texas Hold Em Poker Minigame to add to the roulette and Blackjack the game already had. Plus having the Bison Steve restored would be better. Also I want to see the Vikki and vance casino all fixed up to it's former glory.

    The whole theme of the game would be this. The civilized World is here what are your choices for the civilized World.

    chose the NCR and you get to see more and more civilization and it's problems.

    chose Mr House and you see the rule of a technocrat and his madness of progress at all costs

    Choose the Legion and see what a neat and orderly society through violence can establish.

    Choose yourself and be charitable and peaceful or choose to profit and become a tyrant of the wastes.

    When all is said and done the choice is yours. The fate of the wastes is in your hands courier six
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    May 19, 2022
    Honestly Consoles are just better for plain vanilla gameplay. Also perhaps I'm being a bit ambitious but it would be nice to see what a civilized NCR like hub is like, Two son, for the legion and new Vegas in it's glory in the middle. It's not unrealistic and completely doable.

    That being said the concept art and comics of new Vegas really make you think about what these cities would look like.
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    How would you fix Mr House absence and lacks of rebuilding for about 200 years? Only started doing that after NCR approaching the Dam. I mean I don't know if you can accept the need for "consumerist society to fill the casino with wealth so that resource inequality in Mojave balanced out". I think if the region is safe, people would just automatically flock to the country.

    But yeah, other than that this thread is intriguing. Once I am lit and awake, I might comment on certain stuff. That bit about horses is interesting, as you might know of my preferences. If vehicles can be added why not nomadic society?
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    May 19, 2022
    I mean Mr House lore wise being someone who merely is forced to watch new Vegas from a giant metal tomb until he discovers civilization doesn't seem too far fetched especially if one considers that fallout, food/water riots caused issues.

    I would also argue that There is a lot that's been cut from the game that would have shown us what all the societies look like. the legion could have been more then just a "meme" but an actual viable alternative to a wasteland republic that's slightly better then dealing with raider gangs. Like imagine the only issues are geckos and the occasional bloatfly. raiders are non-existent and as long as you don't sell chems you're allowed to sell what you wish.

    It's just sad we never got to see a fully realized wasteland in the way we should have seen it.
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