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    Disclaimer: I do not own fallout or claim to own fallout or any of it's properties
    Note: This is the first installment in a new series I'll be writing
    Note: Any likes or suggestions will be thanked

    Note: If you spot any mistakes please do so tell me so that I may fix them
    Thank you!

    Chapter I : GoodSprings
    Mojave Wasteland - South of GoodSprings - 2275
    Reaper has been making his journey north ever since he was assigned to scout D.C. for reports of Enclave activity, the reason for going north was because just on the other side of the colarado was an army of slavers called the Legion, whom are less than sympathetic towards NCR rangers. "Damn, it's getting dark, I should set up camp," Reaper quitely thought to himself. As he stopped his motocycle and hopped off he then put up the kick stand and took off his doufle bag and started to fish out his tent. After it took him nearly ten minutes to set up his tent he went straight to sleep but made sure to keep one eye open because of the stories he rembered his mother telling him about his great-great grandfather the vault dweller and his cousin, the tribal, they both were after all, heroes.

    After waking up and making breakfast with what was left of the last of his brahim meat and pork n' beans, he made a mental note to make sure to hunt something to eat later. The smell of the brahim steak sizzling on the metal pan had attracted some geckos. After hearing some quick footsteps behind him Reaper quickly spun around and pulled out his .45 ACP and shot the first gecko in the head, he made quick work of the second one with a single bullet to it's heart. "Can't say I blame you for going after the steaks." He said in a humorous tone to the corpses of the dead geckos."Hell, I ought to not let this good meat go to waste." He said to himself after eating his steak and pork n' beans he decided to fillet the two geckos he'd killed. After retreiving nearly 25 pounds of gecko meat he decided to look for a town that might purchase the fresh meat.

    After he packed up he started driving his motocycle a short ways away from where he spent the last night, he then spotted a town called Goodsprings. When he got close enough to the town he saw a Saloon and decided that was the place he could parhaps sell his gecko meat and get some whiskey. When he pulled up infront of the Saloon he coulden't help but notice that the townspeople were staring in his direction."Guess they've never seen a working motocycle." he said to himself before opening the door to the saloon.
    "Hello, Mister" The women behind the counter greeted him
    "Hi, Do you happen to need some Gecko meat?" He replied while pulling his doufle bag off his shoulder.
    "As it so happens, we're running low on supply." she responded
    "I'll give you this for 5 caps a pound." Pulling out the gecko meat and putting it in plain view.
    "I'll give you 1 cap a pound."
    "4"He quickly responded
    "3, and I'm not going any higher than that"
    "Deal" He replied.
    After counting 75 caps twice and downing two beers he decided to ask the bartender what her name was.
    "So what's your name" Reaper asked the women behind the counter.
    "That's a nice name, my name's Reaper." he said putting out his hand for a handshake.
    Instead of shaking his hand or giving him a reply she instead gave him a questionable gaze.
    "I mean it's not my real name, it just seems to be what everyone calls me these days" He quickly told her
    "Well if that's your name, that's you name. So what else can I interest you into buying?" Trudy asked him
    "I'll have three bottles of 100 proof whiskey." Reaper answered
    "That'll be 10 caps a bottle,"
    After he counted out 30 caps he payed for the whiskey and went outside then saw that there was a crowd gathering around his motorbike.
    "Hey, get away from my bike, will ya!" He shouted to the crowd

    After the crowd of gathering townspeople subsided he proceeded to go towards his bike and pulled off his doufle bag. He pulled out the whiskey he bought and poured it in the gas tank of his motocycle. After getting his bike refueled he started to pull on the acceleration starting his journey once more.

    After pushing thirty for most of the way he wasn't paying much attention to the road as he thought there woulden't be another stop for miles around. He was starting to feel comfortable until some a**hole took a pot shot at him then he took too much of a hard left turn as another bullet flew past his cheek. SCREECH! He heard the sharp, metallic sound as the side of the motorbike was scraping against the asphalt road. As he saw the sparks flying behind him he also heard bullets flying past him from the front. He looked up and saw some raiders infront of some sandbags in the road. The instant the bike stopped sliding on the ground he tried to get up but saw that the bike was pinning him to the ground. Reaper saw that there was a raider infront of him wearing leather armor and he promptly pulled out his 9 millimeter submachine gun and sprayed the raider from the groin to his head riddleling him with the entire clip, he dropped his empty gun and pulled out the .45 ACP he was brandishing in a holster on his left hip and before they could shoot him he shot the next two surprised raiders in their heads.

    It had been an average day for Priss taking tolls from passing merchants and taking some potshots at some molerats from a distance until she saw a trail of dust heading towards the barricade. She dove behind the sandbags on the right side of the road and grabbed her vermit rifle that was propped up against the sandbags next to the box of ammo she and her friends shared. She got up and started to line up her sights with the thing that was heading towards the sandbags, once the sights were lined up she took a shot at whatever was going so fast to her. She saw that the thing was actually a person riding a motorcycle."That'll be useful." she thought to herself. She got up and started to make her way up to the front and saw her boyfriend in the front just in time to see him being sprayed with bullets she then ran to whoever it was but quickly found a bullet inbetween her eyes.

    "F**K!" Reaper shouted to the sky as he felt a surge of pain arising from his leg. He started to get up and pushed the motorcycle off of his body. After getting some bandages and a med-x on his badly scraped leg he started to examine the damage to his bike. He had just painted it at the mojave outpost with the NCR flag on both sides of the gas tank and repaired some of his armor with the caps he had earned the past month doing mercenary work. After Reaper got done examining the damage done to his bike he went to check if the raiders had anything worth taking. He made his way to the first body and found a couple of .308 rounds that would come in handy for his scoped hunting rifle he had strapped to his back. After he got done looting the third body he started to lose hope that any of them would have anything of value but saw a footlocker and ammunition box behind the sandbags on the right side of the road.

    He peered inside of the footlocker and found a large amount of chems such as hydra,jet,med-x and some stimpacks along with a smaller box that had a lock on it but he found that it was fairly easy to lockpick. Reaper's jaw dropped at the contents of the small chest as it was filled to the brim with a large amount of sunset sarsparilla and nuka cola caps. He took out a small pouch from his doufle bag and retrieved all of the caps from the small box. Reaper took another step to the right and opened the ammunition box. Inside was atleast over 50 rounds of 5.56 ammo and a couple of 9 millimeter clips for a submachine gun. After packing the ammo in his doufle bag ,Reaper walked back over to his submachine gun he'd dropped and put a new clip in while putting the empty one inside of one of his empty clip holders on his grey U.S. military webbing he had strapped over his worn dark grey leather trench coat that he was wearing over some pre-war riot armor that he had painted the sacred number of his tribe on, which was the number 13 and under that was a skin tight black long sleeve shirt he'd wear under the other clothing and armor he wore so that it could be bearable.

    After he had accounted for everything he had, he started to get on his motorcycle. He looked over at his reflection on the side mirror of his motorcycle and marveled at his long blonde hair on the top of his head which he had combed over to go to the right side with short dark brown hair on the sides and back of his head. He coulden't help but to feel lucky as he had the grayest eyes he'd only known himself and a relative to have. Along with all of these features there was a scar below his left eye which he'd rather not remember how it got there.

    Once Reaper was done checking his looks he made a mental note to make sure to shave at the next town he'd see on the road. Reaper turned the igintion on and started to travel northward once more humming to the NCR army's marching tune.....


    Goodsprings is named after their water supply 'Goodsprings Source'
    You start at the town Goodsprings in Fallout: New Vegas
    The Enclave are an enemy of the NCR and considered worse than the steel plague(BOS)
    You played as the vault dweller in Fallout 1 and as the tribal in Fallout 2
    Brahim are two headed cows and Geckos are a large mutant "Gecko"
    You can only get the .45 auto pistol or ACP in the DLC Honest Hearts
    The Saloon in Goodsprings is called The Prospector Saloon
    Trudy is the town mom of Goodsprings
    Functional motorcycles are a rare sight in the wasteland
    Raiders are a common sight in the mojave

    Most raiders are drug addicts
    The mojave outpost is a location where you can repair items like armor or guns, at the south-west corner of the map

    SEE YOU NEXT TIME IN CHAPTER 2 of A Tale of a Man known only as... Reaper| A Fallout Fanfic
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    Caesar's legion didn't exist in 2175
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    Thanks for spotting the mistake I meant 2275 by the way.
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    And here's the second chapter!

    Chapter II : The Reunion

    Mojave Wasteland - Quarry Junction - 2275

    After heading north a ways from Goodsprings it's was about 9:00 pm and getting dark out. Trying to turn on the headlights of his motorcycle instead Reaper found out that they weren't working so he decided to stop at the next place he could find, not wanting to risk wrecking into something in the dark as there was a new moon. He could hear the sound of mineing and explosives in the distant and looked to the horizon and saw there was a quarry. They should have something to eat at their barracks Reaper thought to himself. Reaper afterall was hungry as he had only eaten a steak and a can of pork n' beans the day before. Turning off his engine he started to walk his motorcycle to the quarry, careful to not attract attention as he didn't not want to make a scene.

    There was a workshop, barracks and a mess hall in the center of the small section of buildings just outside of the quarry. He went to the door of the mess hall as it was labeled above the door. As he went to the door a mole rat appeared from the corner and rushed towards and Reaper who was scared kicked it in it's leg. The mole rat shrieked as it was just kicked in one it's legs by a steel toe boot. The mole rat started to limp away and Reaper regretted his choice of kicking it. As he opened the door he asked if there was anything special on the menu.
    "So what's today's specials ma'am?"
    "A deathclaw omelet." the women behind the counter answered
    "A deathclaw omelet? Now where'd you get that?" Reaper asked as he'd never heard of a deathclaw omelet aside from the one his cousin had eaten, Reaper heard he ate it at a place called Rose's bed and breakfast.
    "Well, my mother owned a bed and breakfast way back ,but the thing was that she had a mother deathclaw in a shed at the back but I guess one of her customers got nosey and found it plus he shot it right in the eye." she told him
    "Ah, that must have been my cousin. My mother would always tell me that story about him. So, how much for a deathclaw omelet?" Reaper asked, wanting to eat a deathclaw omelet firsthand.
    "Well I don't have any eggs but if you come across any here's the recipe to make one for yourself." she said whilst pulling a slip of paper from under the counter.
    "Well what do you have for sale then?" retrieving the piece of paper and putting it in one of his pockets.
    "Would you like some bloatfly sliders."
    "No thank you, bloatflies don't settle well in my gut." remembering how he got sick as a dog once.
    "Well what would you like then ,sir."
    "I'll just have some whiskey." he replied, as he would need to refuel his bike later.
    "How many would you like now."
    "Just two."
    "That'll be 16 caps."
    After he payed for the whiskey he put the bottles of whiskey inside of his duffle bag. Reaper left the building and hopped onto his bike and started to drive on the highway again. Awhile later he looked at his wristwatch and saw that it was 9:45. "That time of day again" he said pulling up to the side of the road. Reaper took off his duffle bag that was resting on the back of his motorcycle.

    Reaper opened his bag and took out some tinder along with a couple of pieces of small plywood with a lighter. After he got a fire started he then looked in his bag for something he could eat, regretting his choice to not buy anything earlier."Well won't you look at that." he muttered under his breath as he held up a can of spam in the light of the fire. After cooking and seasoning the spam that was nearly 200 hundred years old it didn't taste half as bad as he first thought it would.

    Reaper heard some whispering a couple of meters behind him and made sure to look down at his weapons to make sure they would be easily accessible. He saw his Colt M1911 or rather .45 ACP in a holster on his left hip along with a heckler & koch 9 millimeter submachine gun strapped to his right side above his hip. He know they were already reloaded as he'd made sure of it before he had made the fire.

    "Give us all of your money!" He heard someone shout at him from behind. Reaper got up and looked at his would-be mugger. The person aiming the gun at him was holding it improperly and along with that he saw that it was on the verge of breaking seeing how worn out the gun was, he was also wearing a light jacket but no armor. The women to the left of the man in the center however was wearing metal armor and holding a bolt action rifle close to the hip and the barrel was facing at his chest he also noticed. With the swiftness that only a ranger could he ran to the man in the center and grabbed him, while doing this he also pulled out his 45. ACP and made him a human shield. He was aiming his pistol at the women before a man behind him tried to stab him in the back but it was useless as the armor Reaper was wearing is pre-war riot armor. Reaper aimed his gun behind him and without looking shot the mugger that tried to stab him. "Drop your weapon now!" Reaper shouted at the women in a stern voice. Instead of dropping her weapon the women tried to aim her rifle up but Reaper shot her in a chink of her shoulder plate. "OW, F**K" the women shouted as she clenched her shoulder that was bleeding profusely. "You can't say I didn't told you, now before you get any ideas you should know that your friend behind me got a bullet in his forehead." Reaper then threw the person he was using as a human shield onto the ground and kicked him in the side of his head. "What are you going to do to me?" the women asked clenching her shoulder while sitting on the ground. "Nothing," Reaper told her before he pistol whipped her in the forehead. Both of them were now knocked out and left to the mercy of the stranger they'd just tried to robbed.

    Reaper went over to his duffle bag tied firmly to the back of his motorcycle and took out a couple of pieces of rope then went back over to the two unconscious muggers then tied them up together. Reaper picked them up and then started to carry both of them. After couple of minutes walking he propped them on their knees and waited until they awoke. In the meantime he started to smoke a cigar. When they finally woke up he was half way through his second cigar. Reaper pulled out his .45 ACP and had the barrel pointing down resting at his hip.
    "Now I'll give you to the count of ten to tell me where the rest of your friends are or else i'm going to blow your friend's brains out."
    "I won't tell you shit!" She then spat in the face of Reaper
    "Wrong answer ."
    "1... 2... 3..." Reaper then started to cock the slide of his .45 ACP.
    "4... 5... 6..." Reaper then aimed it at the head of the male.
    "7... 8... 9..." Reaper then was about to pull the trigger until she finally broke.
    "OKAY, I'll tell you but please just don't hurt my brother, please." She said while crying her eyes out.
    "Now tell me where they are." Reaper then questioned her.
    "Over by the ruins south of Mccarran."
    "Thank you," Reaper then started to walk off.
    "Wait, can't you untie us now?" She then asked.
    Reaper ignored her pleas as he walked towards his still lit campfire he could see in the distance.

    When Reaper got done packing up he started to get on his motorcycle but heard the all too familiar voice of his old ranger buddy, Hoss.
    "You know I can't let you have all the fun for yourself?" Hoss said to Reaper
    "What are you proposing now?" Reaper asked
    "Why, that me and Reaper can go back at it again." Hoss replied
    "Just make sure I don't get a bullet in my back, will you?"
    And with that they both got on their motorcycles and rode to the ruins south-west of Mccarran side-by-side ready to clear out the raiders who live there.

    Quarry junction is just north of goodsprings but is infested with deathclaws in Fallout:New vegas
    Rose from fallout 2 is mentioned at quarry junction.
    The Tribal in Fallout 2 can go to the back of the resturant at Modoc and find a deathclaw mother in a shed
    Camp Mccarren is the NCR's main base of operations
    SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON CHAPTER 3 of A Tale of A Man Known Only As Reaper | A Fallout FanFic
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