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    Jul 15, 2017
    #1 Find/create folder: FalloutTactics\core\gui\char
    Inside that also add folder \big

    #2 Extraxt with WinRar or similar the file core\entities_0.bos, at least the \tables folder. The content of \core\tables will now be accessible

    #3 Find the picture you want. Save it as .png, open the fallout editor, and convert it to .zar
    If this is a small picture put it in \core\gui\char
    If it is a big picture őut it in \core\gui\char\big

    #4 if it is a big portrait, it'll be present in the character choice menu, if you put the name of the file w/o the .zar in the fallout editor to one of the prefab characters.
    You don't need to convert to greyscale, or size the picture right (if it isn't too big, or you likey to be tidy. If you do, resize the picture to the officially suggested size).

    #5 if it is a small portrait you still now need to re-colour it, or size sorrectly, although sizing it right (78*100 I think is the maximum available space) is desirable. Otherwise you'll only see a fragment.
    Now open \core\tables\(file matching the race you'll be using).
    Add the name of the file (w/o .zar) to the listof the filenames.
    Now your custom portrait is available for choice at modifying/creating a character.