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    Oct 9, 2015
    A number of sprites I made/use for my offline FOT mod(s). You guys can do whatever you want with them.

    Some of them are re-imagined or re-mastered versions of Fallout 2 and FOT sprites, a number of them are tweaked for personal style.

    I prefer the grainy, gritty look that FO sprites originally had as a result of the limited palette they had to work with. Since I use Spray for mine its just easier to use a single palette for loading sprites and typically use the original FO2 palette so many of those same colors remain there.

    I pay extra attention to the Alpha mask so that the sprites have the smooth edges associated with FOT. One way I do that is doing an incremental resize on images (eg, resize to 110%, done 7 times in a row with a photoshop action macro) which causes the pixels to act more like paint blobs. Then doing some correction and shadowing to make the graphics pop better.

    Since im still uploading them ill post additional replies with more links as I go.

    They are hosted on Mega as individual files

    Vindicator Minigun
    AK-112 Assault Rifle
    AP rocket
    9mm Mauser Bullets (really old and greasy now)
    Battle Rifle (this is an unscoped version of the fo2 sniper rifle)
    Glock 86 Plasma Pistol (blue power indicator)
    PPK12 Gauss Pistol
    9mm Plain Bullets (doubles as a good .32cal sprite too I think)
    5mm AP
    10mm JHP
    10mm AP
    10mm Pistol
    10mm SMG (the top folding wire stock is extended for SMG sprite holding consistency)
    Double Barrel Shotgun (ground sprite uses grenade launcher, palette remapped for appearance)
    Hunting Rifle (designated 4570rifle)
    P-90c (blue plastic)

    32cal MP5 (with 50+ round drum, its a spam smg with ok accuracy)
    .50ae (goes with desert eagle, altered FOT 44mag sprite)
    Desert Eagle
    That Gun (45-70 suppressed)
    DMR (a turkish mpt-76)
    Combat Knife
    338 Norma (altered FOT .50cal, used for merging 7.62 and .50cal weapons families)
    Sniper Rifle (altered ut2004 rifle, used for .338 norma)
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