And another survey

CIV 2 baby, a game that will stand the test of time.

well on my dads computer none, unless the you count the minimal install of fallout 2. i am going to reinstall starcraft. but im too damn busy making music and i dont have that much hard drive space for games. in a few weeks ill be formatting my hard drives and upgrading to win 98, finally.

my moms.
civ 2, fallout 2, starcraft
its powerful enough to run teh games but not audio software.
Tribes (albeit it causes an illegal operation in Kernal 32 every time I try to run it)
Multiplayer Tactics demo
Quake 3

That's about it...

>A games survey this time. What
>games are installed on your
>harddrive right now?
>My (short) list:
>Civillization 2
>Grand Theft Auto
>The Longest Journey
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>pulled was convincing the world
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Civ 2

God these games are classic!

"Ever notice theres two Skeeters in Fallout 2?"
I have:

Questron II
Monopoly Jr
Many Tonka games
(the last 6 were free in cereal boxes)
Hacker and hacker II
Fallout 1
Fallout 2
FOT demo
And many more sub 1mb old games.

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NHL 2001
FIFA 2001
Tactics demo
a bunch of random abandonware games
Jagged Alliance 2
Baldur's Gate (full install - 2.3 gigs :) )
Sega Rally 2

just forgot a couple of them
[font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Mar-13-01 AT 09:14AM (GMT)[p]>A games survey this time. What
>games are installed on your
>harddrive right now?


- Quake II
- Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
- ZSNES SNES emulator with about 150 SNES ROMs of which I've played about 15 of them.
- Genecyst/KGEN98 Sega Genesis emulator with about 15 Genesis ROMS.

What I had on before my computer lost some of its stuff:

- Everything mentioned above.
- Quake III with the Weapons Factory Mod (very fun).
- Starcraft
- Planscape: Torment (all four CDs on hard drive)
- C&C: Red Alert 2 (not worth putting back on).

In addition I've still got most of the extracted data from Fallout 2 on my hard drive, including all of the sounds converted into WAVs. I've also got all the voices from Planescape: Torment extracted into WAVs on my system.


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-Fallout (Of Course!!)
-Fallout 2 (Of Course!!)
-Quake 3 (with Team Arena)
-System Shock 2
-Civ 2 - Test of Time
-Fallout Tactics Multiplayer Demo
-Stupid Invaders

No Mutants Allowed - Fallout WebSite
Oh no, not another list!

Fallout 1
Fallout 2
Fallout: Tactics multiplayer demo
Castle Wolfenstein (a rom of the original, runs like it's on crack)
Wasteland (Runs like it's on crack in WIN, and I can't get it to work in DOS...)
Unreal: Tournament
Don Miguel's Translated "RPG Maker 2000"
Diablo 2
Shadow Company
Subspace (hey, it counts!)

Hmmm... until I but FO:T full version and get Starcraft and Outpost 2: Divided Destiny back from my deadbeat friend, that's all, folks!

"Nil Desperandum"
Sim City 3000
The Sims
Diablo II
Fallout Tactics Multiplayer Demo
Alpha Centauri
Age of Empires 2

And for you Emulator folks:
zSNES with about 50 games
Nesticle with about 25 games
Genecyst with about 5 games
Callus (Arcade emulator) with about 10 games
And that colour Game Boy emulator with some 5 games.
Hmmm...mine are

Diablo 2
Red Alert 2
Tiberian Sun
Alien vs Predator (doesn't work)
Fallout Single Player Demo
Worms Armageddon
The Sims
The Sims(very silly)
Sim City 3000
Star Wars Rebelion
C&C2(has virtualy no sound if anyone knows anything please mail me)
Ancient Empires
Blade Runner
Mechwarior 2 Mercs
Alpha Centauri w expansion pac
Interstate 76
Shadow Company
Shadow Watch(pretty bad game but very original graphics to it... I wish it was better gameplay to match the graphics. Always wanted to play in an anime cartoon;}

(that is all I can remember... I am not at my computer)

Hey Xotor ... I play Alpha Centauri on line with a buddy of mine and we have been looking for a couple more people...don't like to random search on the web for people and I don't know anyone personally... mail me if you read this and are intersted.

And Yamu I also have Shadow Company and am having some trouble with it... haven't found much help on the web so if you can run the game then maybe you can help me.... mail me if so.

my e-mail;

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