Anyone find a way to make this game not suck with mods?

Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by Charwo, Nov 19, 2019.

  1. Charwo

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    Mar 9, 2017
    I have found mods make this game suck LESS. I'm actually enjoying the game SOMEWHAT playing FROST with heavy HEAVY modifications.

    But mechanically this game still sucks. The raiders have no life, not in Frost, not in Fallout 4. It's more interesting with KO and pacification mods with Frost because a LOT of raiders are survivors who will only attack you if you get close. That way you can rob or roleplay 'CONVINCING' the survivors you're on their side. Not even as engaging as Minuteman quests but it's something.

    But the map is lifeless. Nothing but enemies and enemies. Shooting is passable but really boring. Story is maybe better with Frost and the bleak desolate setting better justified by the 2082 setting, but still.

    Mechanics are the biggest thing. I need a reason not to loot and loot and loot and gather up as much money as possible. And I even miss the repair system from 3/NV as it cut down on the amount of garbage my character had in inventory.

    And frankly the map SUCKS. Car mods are clunky but they work, and it's great until you drive down the streets and see that the roads are all British county roads big enough for one and a half cars, not the broad two lane streets actual Americans cities have.

    At least in FROST the Constitution is in the frickin water. THat's awesome.
  2. R.Graves

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    Apr 21, 2016
    Why not just play a good game instead? I'm not trying to be a dick I'm just genuinely curious as to why you're even bothering.
  3. Charwo

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    Mar 9, 2017
    Actually I want to check out the mods. The narrative mods. The Valkyrie and Fusion City Rising and Heather Casdin and Tales of the Commonwealth, etc etc. I'm even enjoying FROST'S minimal narrative

    The thing is this game without mods SUCKS, mechanically it's boring and repetitive. I don't know WHY the shooting is more boring than in Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3. Actually yes I do...every enemy is totally generic, the battle music is awful and the Captial Wasteland people kept living in garbage because the supermutants kept coming to drag tem away and they don't have the numbers to rebuild in a satisfactory way. Level design is shit and transparent here. Fallout 3's dungeons don't FEEL like dungeons, they feel like ruins. Fallout 4's dungeons are transparently dungeons when they could be ANYTHING else.

    The Commonwealth doesn't want to live. The Capital Wasteland does. Fallout 3 has it's problems but there's enough Moria's and THree Dogs that it feels like there's struggle and life is trying to florigh again. Not in Boston. Not a chance.

    But the thing is a lot of work and love went into the mods, and they might have ideas in them that I might like.