Anyone know where to get any game creators?

Hell Patrol

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I tried installing Klik n' Play (yeah, yeah, I know that thing sucks) and I can't get that piece of crap to work. You could never create any good games with that thing, anyways. I'm just asking if any of you know of any freeware game development tools out there on the net. I DID find an adventure game (ala Space Quest) creation engine, but a fallout-ish adventure game??? Hmmmm.... maybe. Anyways, I'd really really appreciate it if any of you could post any links you know of to game creation software (any genres would be fine, but RPG is preferred.)

- Hell Patrol -

BTW - I just bought PS:T a few days ago and beat it last night at 4:30 in the morning. Damn, that has to be the BEST game I've EVER played. Bravo, BlackIsle Studios...

That would be RPG Maker 95. Believe me, you're better off coding your own RPG then trying to use that.
Well... to be honest

GDK's and SDK(game/software development kits) seem to be the easy way out, but they all suck (there's just no other way to put it). These things limit the extent of your abilities SO much that it's not even funny. Trust me I've tried looking for good ones.
The truth is: If you want to make a game, stop looking for simple solutions, find a game engine (source code, a good place to start is, and learn a programming language like C++. It doesn't seem like fun, but if you want to make something worth playing you gotta start from scratch. That's why it takes entire teams of developers to make games. They even build their own tools as they go. Take the fallout mapper for example.