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    Well, to help break the ice...

    Army of Lemmings
    Army of Lice
    Army of Locusts
    Anticipation of Less
    Assault on Life
    Assault on Liberty
    Assault on the pursuit of happiness (it doesn't really work but hey...)
    Annihilating our Libidos
    Attacking our Liberties
    Anathema of the Living
    Annullification Over Legalities
    Amassing of Litigation
    Antagony, Oppression, & Lies
    Antagony & 'Orrible "Literature"
    Accumulation of Lint
    Assassination on Lent
    Assassination of Love
    Asphyxiating on Lechery
    Auto-da-fé on a Log
    America on Lsd
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    >Army of Lemmings
    >Army of Lice
    >Army of Locusts

    >Anticipation of Less

    ^ I like that one.

    >Assault on Life
    >Assault on Liberty
    >Assault on the pursuit of happiness
    >(it doesn't really work but
    >Annihilating our Libidos
    >Attacking our Liberties
    >Anathema of the Living
    >Annullification Over Legalities
    >Amassing of Litigation
    >Antagony, Oppression, & Lies
    >Antagony & 'Orrible "Literature"
    >Accumulation of Lint
    >Assassination on Lent
    >Assassination of Love
    >Asphyxiating on Lechery
    >Auto-da-fé on a Log
    >America on Lsd

    Access Of Losers
    Access Of Lamers
    Access Of Latency
    Access Of Less
    Access Of Lag
    Access our Lag
    All Our Losers
    Attitude of Lethargy
    Apathy of Life
    Awfully OverLoaded
    Added (to) Our List (of bans)
    Attention: Off Line
    Apathy Online
    Assimilation Online
    An Oppressed Life
    All Overloaded Lines

    Classic: America Offline


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