[Arcanum] Hmmm....Yay I'm first!

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    Hmmm....Yay I'm first!

    Well I'm the first one to post here! Kewl!
    Here's a question (I'm too lazy to read a review)

    What is Arcanum anyway?
    Is it ANYTHING like Fallout, just in medieval setting?
    If so then I gotta run and buy this game ;-)

    and are there easter eggs? I love random encounters an such....thats what made Fallout so great.

    And tell me if it's turnbased or not!

    PS: Tell me why I am the first one to post here... :-|
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    Apr 11, 2003
    RE: Hmmm....Yay I'm first!

    I'll tell you way you are the first one to post here. That is because the game isn't released yet but it can't be that far away. Anyway if you want to know about the game go to the sierra homepage and take the link to Arcanum.


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    RE: Hmmm....Yay I'm first!

    Its a great game. The setting isn't really medieval, more like mediebal meets late 19th sentury. Its an odd combo, but it works well. There are dozens of characters concepts to play or make your own. It is much like Fallout 2, much moreso than it is like Baldur's Gate.

    All in all, its a blast. I won't give any spoilers but if you loved FO2 you'll likely loev this game as well.
  4. dragon12321

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    RE: Hmmm....Yay I'm first!

    The screenshots look nice!
    Although I hafta admit it painfully reminds me of Baldurs gate...oh well we'll see.

    "Booze, Wooz."