[Arcanum] I HATE VIRGIL *possible spoilers*

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    I HATE VIRGIL *possible spoilers*

    So i go and i talk to nasrudin right, and he tells me that i need the Vendigroth device, and i'm like - Hey, that gear i found nigh the beginning was obviously part of the vendigroth device, having ...groth written and all, so i look in my inventory...i look in my friends' inventories and then it hits me -- VIRGIL HAD IT WHEN HE WENT AND GOT HIMSELF KILLED, it must have been next to my elephant rifle, or maybe the bronwycks gun, or with the feather-weight axe virgil was using...

    so the moral of the story is, SHOOT VIRGIL (or, if you prefer, burn him to death via magick) or he will lose all of your stuff when he dies and becomes much more annoying.
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    RE: I HATE VIRGIL *possible spoilers*

    Just strip him naked before he leaves you. And i'm pretty sure you didn't loose the Vendigroth device. Follow the storyline and go to Tulla.


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    RE: I HATE VIRGIL *possible spoilers*

    Actually, I'm also pretty sure Virgil didn't have the vendigroth device. But.. That's no reason not to shoot him.

    :BANG: :BANG: :Virgil gasps his last breath and dies:

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    RE: I HATE VIRGIL *possible spoilers*

    Nah, i found the device. Don't know what that gear was but i still hate Virgil.
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    RE: I HATE VIRGIL *possible spoilers*

    Was the gear "foreshadowing" something?