[Arcanum] Laggitus Severitus

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    Laggitus Severitus

    Whats up with Arcanum lagging really REALLY bad for like 15 minutes. It's not like it's got the best graphics in the world or amazing sound effects that go beyond movie quality. So why the huge loading time, it seems to almost load levels tile by tile which seems inefficient :(

    I mean, I can run many other games at good speeds currently I'm sitting at a:
    Duron 750
    128 MB PC100 Ram
    GeForce2 MX 32MB
    SoundBlaster Live! X-Gamer
    10 GB Maxtor 5,400 RPM HD

    and it slows down BAD. I mean, it's graphics are comparable to Fallout's (somewhat) yet it lags hardcore, especially during spell effects. I've played Planescape and Baldurs Gate 1 + 2 without any problems and Planescape has some DAMN cool spell effects (that "tax" the system, mine ran it alright) yet in Arcanum it stuffs up. I've beaten the game before but it's quite annoying that this issue even comes up because it makes it boring if I keep having to restart Arcanum to put up with 286 type lag.
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    RE: Laggitus Severitus

    The excuse given for this was that all of Arcanums graphics are piped through a 3d graphics card... I've got no idea.... That's what Tim Cain said on an irc chat once...

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