[Arcanum] Magnus can't wait

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    Magnus can't wait

    This might be a bug, or not...

    I cant seem to get Magnus to come back after telling him to wait. I'd like to fight in the Island pit, but I need my boys to stay back. When I go to Magnus to get him back, I get good message options, and he says "sure." But the bastards portrait never shows up and he's still sitting there waiting. Is this a glitch (I think I have the latest patch) or does it have something to do with the fact that Magnus has 33 reaction to me.

    Speaking of which, why in the hell is his reaction so low. I'm a good character (maybe my alignment is too high), and the only people I attack in town are the Molochean hand turds who hit me first. Its weird, once his reaction dropped to 25 while we were fighting some monsters in a cave, and he started bitching right in the middle of the fight. What the hell is going on?
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    RE: Magnus can't wait

    They are both bugs i'm afraid. If they hit the only thing you can do is to reload. In response to the reaction of your NPC's dropping, this seems to mostly happen in Kree and in the BMC caves so monitor your followers reaction in those area"s. What you can do is lure your opponents into following you and then run past your followers. This seems to mostly keep this bug at bay.


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    RE: Magnus can't wait

    One trick I've noticed for fixing bad alignments with your team-mates, (I think your charisma has to be high enough, I don't know) what I do is I use the Charm spell (first in the Mental College) on them, but as soon as I use it, I click on it in the maintain slot to terminate the spell. I noticed the reaction improvement stayed, so I did it again. I go through most of the game with team reactions above 200