[Arcanum] master 'locksmith'

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    master 'locksmith'

    Ok, I'm in Caladon, and in the dungeon is the master locksmith guy.

    I got in by sneaking past the guard outside the police station when he was asleep at night. Then I ran through the dungeon until I found him. I've bashed the hole in his cell door, but how do you get him to follow you out of there?
  2. JR Jansen

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    Apr 11, 2003
    RE: master 'locksmith'

    I think you can't. If you give him his lockpick tools, he'll train you and get out by himself.


    Nunc ut nunquam
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    RE: master 'locksmith'

    Oh, thank ye, looks like i'm off to rosenborough.
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    Dec 10, 2014
    Yes! Go grab the lock smith tools and he'll be able to teach you how to start. Then he'll just leave by himself
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    This really is the best spam of all time.
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