[Arcanum] Sudden death!!

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    Sudden death!!

    It has happened me three times this far (and I installed the game yesterday...). I die without no apparent reason... Once i was heading towards the first city in the game and, after killing that guy who asks you something in the first screen, i opened my inventory. Then, after a minute or so, we (Virgil and me) died without no reason. It seemed to be an explosion...anyway I have toggled Turn-Based combat so i don't get what can be what killed us...It also happened into the inn in the first city (Shrouded Hills i think it's called), and there were also more corpses in that room before we entered.

    Any comment would be appreciated...I love this game but i can't stand these sudden deaths...
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    RE: Sudden death!!

    I have no idea what you are talking about but it sounds like you have used some dynamite and then didn't get out of the blast area. To use dynamite safely put it in a hot key slot and click on it and then click on the taget and run like heck.