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    i need to now were to get these thigs or scimatices and part locations

    high vilocity gun

    wall of flame

    eleit plate

    all steam engien locations

    charged acelerator gun

    Tranquilizer Gun

    Tesla Gun


    Knock Out Gas


    Levered Machine gun

    (sorry for mispelled words.)
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    RE: weapones

    Eek. Sounds like stuff from Fallout Tactics :-p

    Well, here's what I know.

    You can get a mini-steam engine in the Rad-Clan shops (I have the German version, maybe it's named Wheel-Clan in the english).
    Another one is in a shack in Black Root, next to the alchemist's house...I haven't been able to pick it up though.
    The Elite Plate can be found either in Bangella (i think) or bought from a good magic weapon shop.
    The high velocity gun is assembled by getting the manual from the arms-shop in Ashbury.

    Thats all I know.

    BTW what do you need this stuff for? Just out of curiosity.
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    RE: weapones

    I just wanted these thing becaude i want the best weapons if you find anything eles please add to this page
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    RE: weapones

    The "wall of flame" is called Fire Obstruction and is a level 6 Explosives schematic. Elite Plate Mail is a level 7 Smithy schematic. All gun and grenade found schematics can be found in Tarant at the gun shop but it is random and you may have to camp a lot to find them. You can only get the mechined rifle late in the game. The best guns IMHO are the long range pistol or if you have a LOT of ammo the blade luncher. The Tesla Gun you can find at the inventors shop, some camping may be needed. He also has all of the steamworks you need for the Mechanized Arachnid and Mechined Plate.

    Camp v. To wait in the street with all shop doors closed for 2-3 days untill the shops refresh.
    Camper n. one who camps.
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    RE: weapones

    >Eek. Sounds like stuff from
    >Fallout Tactics :-p
    >Well, here's what I know.
    >You can get a mini-steam engine
    >in the Rad-Clan shops (I
    >have the German version, maybe
    >it's named Wheel-Clan in the
    >Another one is in a shack
    >in Black Root, next to
    >the alchemist's house...I haven't been
    >able to pick it up
    >The Elite Plate can be found
    >either in Bangella (i think)
    >or bought from a good
    >magic weapon shop.
    >The high velocity gun is assembled
    >by getting the manual from
    >the arms-shop in Ashbury.
    >Thats all I know.
    >BTW what do you need this
    >stuff for? Just out of

    good magic shop???????
    for god's sake elite plate is a TECH item!!
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    RE: weapones

    >Camp v. To wait in the
    >street with all shop doors
    >closed for 2-3 days untill
    >the shops refresh.
    >Camper n. one who camps.

    When I camp I find I don't need the doors closed and only have to wait until the next morning.