Are the GTA and Fallout fanbases similar?

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    Sep 3, 2015
    Recently an update came out for Online again but one thing has stuck out for the people at GTAForums. The update outright blocks people from modding or glitching in vehicles and weapons that are exclusive to Online. Keep in mind that the vehicles in Online consist of like 30% of V's overall vehicle amount. This has never been done before and it seems to be the final straw for the forum.

    The thing is that since Online was released it dominated R*'s attention and SP has been getting less and less content as time has gone on. It's gone from SP getting the items as well to SP only getting weapons to SP getting nothing to finally SP being outright barred from having the items obtained in SP. Many of the forumers are having issue that R* is choosing the Mountain Dew loving, 360 no-scoping, kiddies that buy cash cards regularly over the fans that've been with the franchise since GTA 3.

    The Online players over there are essentially telling the old school fans to "suck it up" and that "franchises change". It's obvious that the people here know what it feels like to be kicked out of your own franchise considering what Bethesda did. So I wonder if anyone else see any parallels between here and GTAForums?