Artifact Red-X on kickstarter (game like old ufo/xcom)

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    The vision of ARTIFACT: RED-X is to create a hybrid real time empire-style builder with turn based squad tactical combat . The role of the player is that of the invading enemy, where they must conquer an alien planet that they have selected themselves. The real time main gaming view of ARTIFACT: RED-X will use an adaption of the traditional tabletop-style board game mechanics.Each tile or hexagon will have resources and terrain attributes which will help or hinder the player's progression.The turn-based squad tactical view will also be divided into tiles and provide strategic advantages and disadvantages.

    Looks nice, game like WH 40k Epic / UFO(Xcom).

    Game Mode: Squad combat

    When the player engages with the enemy at the sight of a raid, craft recovery or any kind of ground based combat, they will enter into the turn based squad tactical game mode or 'turn based mode'. This mode is laid out in an isometric style strategy game similar to analogue tabletop games. The playing area will be divided into grids or hexagons which indicate map 'tiles' in which the player/NPCs can take action upon. Tiles have their own attributes and some have special bonuses that aide a unit that occupies that tile during an action (attack, defend, mind manipulation, etc).The player and the opponent will be set up on the board depending on the type of mission. Typically the player will begin at their landing site, while the opponent will begin at theirs. One side can move per turn and only within a designated range per character. Each member of the player's squad will receive bonuses, abilities and skills based on a operational class and talent tree. Additional bonuses will be provided from items, armor and weapons worn/used.

    Mission Types

    Player can request assistance from allied factions, who can provide additional staff, weaponry and equipment to help in these missions. The player will be able to equip items and control extra soldiers and weapons platforms while in tactical combat.
    In multiplayer mode, players can chose to unite with a team mate for cooperative play. While opponents can support the other side.

    Types of missions include but not limited to:

    Enemy Base & Resource Hub raids - Players can raid the local anti-alien defense agencies to prevent them from hindering the player's plans to conquer the planet.
    Craft Recovery - When your air / space craft are shot down by the local anti-alien agencies, you must recover them or your technology and corpses will become research to the locals. Also craft recovery missions can also include recovering the opponent's vehicles and craft.
    Abductions/Extractions - To defeat an enemy, you must first understand them. By collecting specimens and samples of the local sentient beings you will be able to create more deadlier weapons and technologies. Captured members of your own species can also be extracted from the alien's holding facilities and research bases.
    Terror Campaigns - Launch terror campaigns on the cities of your opponents to destabilize their governments and inflict chaos and panic.
    Infiltration - Infiltrate governments and arrange secret pacts against the other government factions on the planet.
    Training missions - Training missions will allow players to experiment and fine tune their squads without the threat of losing the soldiers.

    Unit Types

    Soldiers - Your soldiers are the backbone of your tactical force.
    Unmanned Units - These include unmanned aerial drones, tanks and other craft not operated by soldiers.
    Mounts - Soldiers can operate to help in battle. From ATVs, mechs and flying mounts.

    Calling on Backup

    Finding you didn't bring enough soldiers or you just can't hold the position anymore but it imperative that you accomplish the mission? Call for back up allows the player to call in additional units. The transport craft would take off and go and get more soldiers from the player's base. While this is happening, the soldiers on the player board will not have the ability to abort and must remain in the game. After a determined number of turns, the transport craft returns and more soldiers become available. Do this will impact the players overall score and there are a limit to the number of times and troops available for such an event.

    Equipping, Movement & Combat

    Equipping Units can be accomplished while in either world board mode or at the beginning of a mission. Soldiers can only be equipped with arms and equipment that have already been loaded onto the personnel craft. Allocation of soldiers and equipment can be done in the 'equip soldiers and craft' manager in the main world manager.Each solider, unmanned unit and mount unit has a set number of slots for equipment and weapons. All items are assigned a weight and heat attribute which slows down or overheats the unit.

    Unit Movement - Units will be provided with 'chrono units' (name tbd) which are spent while the unit performs actions. Moving tiles, ducking, throwing and attacking all cost a number of these 'chrono units'. Once all the units on the player's side have used these units up, the player must end turn. On each consecutive player turn, the units are regenerated. Passing on a turn rolls over a percentage of these units for the following turn. When the player selects a unit, a distance grid will overlay the map surrounding the player. This will show the player the range of the unit and how many 'Chrono Units' moving to a particular tile will cost. Combat information will also be displayed.

    Combat - Combat will entail projectile weapons, grenades, mind control and melee styles. Each type of attack and/or weapon will have a 'chrono unit' cost. There are also number of turn cool-downs for special abilities. Tile, upgrade and equipment bonuses will provide additional hit points, aim, dodge and other advantages/disadvantages. Hit/Miss and critical strikes will be determined by rolls with percentages. These increase with tile & armor/weapon bonuses. Health regeneration per turn is also planned.

    Character Attributes (early example)

    Chrono Units
    Firing Accuracy
    Throwing Accuracy
    Mental Strength/Resistance
    Skill Mastery

    Gear/weapon Attributes

    (excluding additive to character attributes)

    Weight – you can’t carry everything, this stat puts limits on what you can carry
    Durability – as a player engages in battle, they take damage.
    Upgrade ports – weapons and other items can have upgrades added
    Reconfiguration – Special items can be reconfigured
    Power, weapon strength and Ammunition Quantities

    Technology Trees

    Technology branches to allow:

    Give players the choice on customizing their units
    Link tech-tree to building made & expansion modules used.
    New facilities enable some tech-branches while disabling others.
    Expansion of the tech trees

    Unit Cloaking

    Cloaking is available on advanced levels of the unit technology tree for select units only. Cloaked units can be discovered by close range opponents. Cloaked units cannot attack or engage in any activity other than motion while cloaked. Close proximity with other cloaked units or power emitting buildings causes a rippling visual effect that is visually noticeable by the opponent.

    Veteran/experience bonuses

    Units would receive incremental experience points on each enemy they destroy. At set levels, the units would be promoted in status. This promotion would provide the unit or squadron with additional attack bonuses or abilities.
    Building During Squad Missions

    Players will be able to include specialized equipment into the field. This equipment will provide extra support and additional features while in isometric combat mode. These items can be brought but will cost cargo and personnel space on the personnel transport craft.

    Mobile fortifications - turret positions for securing important cargo/objectives
    Communications up-link - provide extra data to the battlefield - ie drone control, orbital weapons control etc
    Mobile HQ - provides additional control and field bonuses.


    Accomplishments and trophies can be earned for conquests worthy interests of reputable factions. These accomplishments lead to faction invites, special items and unlock special missions.