Assassinating the ghoul 'patches' in bunker, pros/cons?

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    Jan 9, 2018
    After the quincy mission, there are two ghouls that join up, one of them a trader, the other one has about 3000 ringpulls, patches, and they don't trade. Already had farsight get the five-finger discount on the easier targets, but even dousing the main aggregation of his bodyparts in alcohol until he's bound to be pissed as a dog subjected to a face full of supermutant fart to lower perception, and with farsight having had her steal skill trained up as well as stealth, with her high agility and perception, to be my squad's thief, its proving too much to take that many caps, even in 1000 cap lots.

    An alternative that wouldn't result in the base turning hostile, or karma loss, is coming to mind. Namely assassinating him using 5 doses of voodoo, or the tried and true 'kill them with kindness' technique, super stimpack murder, pump them full of enough of them so that the kickback in terms of health loss afterwards offs them, so I can relieve him of his generous supply of caps.

    With this particular ghoul, is he at any future point important in the storyline, or is he disposable from hereon out to be killed off and looted freely?