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    Oct 12, 2016
    In my text file, I have listed for all of my builds candidates for best armor to use. I have listed

    Elite Riot Gear-Bonus to Guns and critical hit chance
    T-51b Power Armor-Bonus to Str
    Remnant's Power Armor-Same as T-51b Power Armor but carries a bonus to Radiation Resistance
    T-45b Power Armor-Larger bonus to Str than T-51b variant. More useful for Melee Builds due to penalty to Agility which can hurt gun skill.
    Gannon Family Tesla Armor-Bonus to Energy Weapon Skill
    Courier Duster-Best used if taking Light Touch, Tunnel Runner, and Travel Light Perks
    Ulysses Duster-Same with Courier Duster
    Advanced Riot Gear-Bonus to explosives and endurance

    Now for Helmets

    Elite Riot Gear Helmet-Bonus to Perception goes well with Elite Riot Gear. Small increase to speech. Unique sneak sight is a bonus.
    T-51b Power Helmet-Goes well with T-51b Power Helmet. Small Bonus to Radiation Resistance and increase of charisma
    Remnant's Power Helmet-Small bonus to radiation resistance. Note the penalty to charisma, which will reduce barter and speech, meaning you won't have maxed either skill at level 50.
    Gannon Family Tesla Helmet-Same as Remnant's Power Helmet
    First Recon Beret-Bonus to perception and Critical Chance. Good to use if using light armor end-game
    Advanced Riot Gear Helmet-Bonus to perception and gives sneak sight

    Power Armor will be used for higher strength characters to use higher strength weapons. Gun users will use the T-51b due to having no penalty to Agility. Elite or Advanced Riot Gear is medium armor weapon of choice for non-high strength characters. Either of the duster armors will be used with the tunnel runner, light touch, travel light, and both ranks of toughness perk.

    Does this all sound like good choices for end-game armor? What armor do you use?
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    Sep 29, 2016
    Elite Riot Gear is my favorite. It has DT comparable to power armor and a bunch of stat bonuses. Plus it looks really snazzy.
    Remnants Power Armor is my other go-to. It has the highest DT in the game, though it deteriorates fast and is expensive to repair without Jury Rigging. This is what I wear when I don't feel like trudging through the Divide.
    Armor specific to sneak characters might be noteworthy. The Stealh Suit Mk II is the obvious choice. This lead me to discover that Chinese Stealth Armor(no stealth field) is actually in New Vegas. How did I not know this?