Fallout 2 mod Better Miria mod as RPU patch

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  1. debrouxl

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    May 23, 2021
    After switching from XWayland back to X11, I've now been able to force push the rebased commit.
    Booting up the Windows VM, updating the dependencies (SFall, etc.), setting up the build environment again (I remember SFall Script Editor's configuration being reset even without an update - I need to write the procedure down) and making a new build is a task for another day :)

    You could still make progress in Arroyo, Klamath, Toxic Caves and The Den before reaching Modoc for the first time, which is the trigger for loading the modified Miria. On the second playthrough with RPU + modified Better Miria, judging by my progress notes, I think I spent at least 20-25 hours doing nearly all quests from these towns (on the good side for raising the XP more quickly), lockpicking pretty much every door (+25 XP multiplied by dozens of doors matters at the beginning of the game !), etc.
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    Jul 25, 2010

    Yeah, I do the same thing with lockpicking and traps in the beginning. Every single point of EXP needs to be harvested. Until I spent hours grinding encounters, as soon as I have enough ammo. Partially mitigated by tagging melee weapons. :P

    In my case it's OCD. I will have to play the games (F1+F2) at least four times (good guy, evil chick, neutral, and Le Stupid).

    I want to finish Fallout 1 with Fixt first. I know there is that Et Tu thing that moves F1 to the engine of F2, but the main thing (besides bug fixes) I want is TO DISABLE ALL THE GODDAMN TIME LIMITS SO I CAN PLAY AT MY OWN PACE AND NOT BE FRUSTRATED DUE TO OCD! That and also the Et Tu thing does add weapons and stuff to F1. I kinda like the unique atmosphere F1 has, and how Wastelandish the Wasteland feels (as it is very early in the reestablishment of humanity after the war).

    The only game that had the same atmosphere äs F1 was (quite surprisingly) Fallout 4. That empty city feels. F2 just doesn't have it (but that doesn't mean it's bad, it just has a different atmosphere), and F3 + New Vegas are too saturated with the brown colour. Blue caves from F1 for the win! :D

    So no biggie.

    I have a dual boot of Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. Thinking about upgrading by making another boot -> Linux Mint. :P

    It's hilarious watching hardware-acceleration-sensitive old games meant for like 64 MB GPUs and such run fine on a 12 GB (well, 3.3 GB under XP 32-bit) Nvidia Titan X under XP 32-bit without any emulation or anything! :D

    My Fallout Tactics custom startup party has a humanoid robot (I've made armors [chipsets] for him), a supermutant, a grey pipboy, a ghoul chick that looks like a vampire, an invincible dog, and one special girl.
  3. debrouxl

    debrouxl First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2021
    Whoa, 4 times for both games :)

    It's not a big problem for Fo1 + Fixt. That's what I did too, once in bugfix-only mode and 3 times with Fixt improvements. The game's short enough, and I was still leveling up, The 4th round was mostly a matter of trying to destroy both MB and Cathedral before 110 elapsed days to save the ghouls in Necropolis, which I successfully did in... 109 days, phew, without ever reaching Necropolis, let alone returning to the Raiders (Khans) map.
    On the four runs, I used the same playing style for easing the game: stats mentioned earlier in this topic, 4-5 NPCs, guns and rifles followed by energy weapons, large XP thanks to doing all quests on the good side and a bit of grinding on the infinitely respawning deathclaws in Boneyard, which makes a large difference for the Cathedral fight.

    Playing through Fo2 4 times is a whole other matter, though, because it's much longer, and also much harder even with the same stats, a large party, guns + energy weapons and doing pretty much all possible quests to raise the karma + money (scarcer in Fo2) + XP. I wouldn't dare going through the need to grind through random encounters because of an evil, neutral, loner, stupid or HtH playing style. But that's part of the beauty of Fo1 & Fo2: the games are rich enough to provide a reasonably wide variety of playing styles :)
  4. Templayer

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I want a "full" party for my "good" playthroughs.
    Still pisses me off for F2 - the oversight that the total maximum limit of followers should be 6, not 5. Yeah, sure, charisma divided by two, maximum charisma is 10, but there is a perk (that can be taken if charisma is less than 10) that adds +1 to character limit. So if you start with 9 charisma, get the perk and perma raise charisma to 10, it should be 6. Arrgh. I hope it got fixed somehow. If not, I have alternatives - Miria goes above the limit, right? So if I remove her from the party, recruit the fifth party member and then recruit her back, it should work? If not, I would probably use the unlimited party members thing.

    I like (ok, LOVE) pistols in the early game (if they take less AP, then I like doing the math and switching weapons to for example get an additional hit with a pistol), and they are still useful later (the large ones). I like having at least one party member using them. That's going to be Miria for F2 good. :)

    The thing about replaying them is, that I presume that I'm going to replay each variant after 5-10 years of real time. Hope I live that long, that is. Also, the dumb ones are going to be rather quick, pretty much speedruns, I presume.

    If you hadn't, I recommend reading all the articles on TCRF (The Cutting Room Floor) about Fallouts. And the TvTropes ones, those are hilarious, I've spent hours reading these. Found a lot of interesting things, but forgot them all, as per usual.

    I love the fact that when Brian Fargo played the demo/proto of Fallout 1 for the first time, his character had critical failure when opening a sewer (I think it was) lid and died of hernia.

    F1 and F2 are so complex that you can always find something new about them on each playthrough. While buggy at release, they were incredibly complex for their time (and heck even now when simplifying everything for the biggest audience possible [i.e. twelve-year-olds and grandmas] is the norm they still are quite superior to many titles)
  5. debrouxl

    debrouxl First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2021
    Yes, for now, with this mod, Miria unconditionally joins the player, even over the party limit. That's one of the things I want to change later. But first of all, other fixes and better documentation - should be easier to start during the week-end :)

    The Gauss Rifle is a fantastic weapon for Better Miria to use in the late game. She keeps missing the target more often than the PC and the other NPCs do, but when she doesn't, she makes even the Enclave troops in (Advanced) Power Armor suffer.

    While for both Fo1 and Fo2, the games as stupid should be faster than full quest runs, I wouldn't expect them to be real speedruns. Indeed, the player has got to level up somehow in order to be able to survive the fights of the late game - which is even harder as stupid loner, of course (using Mentats to recruit NPCs or do the stealth / smart ways to destroy MB, Cathedral and Enclave is cheating in stupid games ^^).
    Granted, when playing as stupid, there's no need to play Fo1 MB, Cathedral or Fo2 SAD (if that can be reached in a stupid game), Navarro, Enclave in hostile mode, since the people at some of these locations aren't going to react negatively to the NPCs...
    Some random encounters of the areas of the late game are especially dangerous as well: for instance, (super) mutant patrols in Fo1, Enclave patrols in Fo2, large packs of floaters + centaurs in both. Clearly, the dude and party survived some of those only thanks to their collective armor and firepower. Sometimes, a NPC died; the low HP Tandi, Dogmeat and Miria are certainly more subject to this fate than the other NPCs. Worse, even in the late game of my second Fo2 run with RPU + modified Better Miria, shortly before finishing the quests in SF and going to the Enclave, at level 34 with Bonus Rate of Fire, Sniper and other crucial perks, Advanced Power Armor, the party equipped as described on the previous page, an Enclave patrol with 7 members quickly killed my (not fully healed, but still) dude, and I'm not sure I'd have had even the opportunity to run away from the encounter. Of course, I canceled it by restoring from the previous save point - it probably was beyond the 800th individual save file, at that stage.

    I remember reading the TCRF page for Cryo's Dune 1, but given that you mention it takes hours, I guess I'd better not read the TCRF & TvTropes pages for the Fallouts before I have produced a new release of the Better Miria mod ;)

    Agreed about Fo1 & Fo2 being significant milestones in the history of computer RPG. Besides, people still spending significant time to mod the games 23-24 years later is another form of testimony to their legendary status.

    Dune 1 is a good game too, BTW. Good graphics and music, despite the FDD version being only ~2 MB; I don't like the CD version because orni and worm travel, while pretty, is too slow, and the refreshed visuals are questionable. In pre-Internet times of the mid-1990s, it took me a while to discover how to finish the game on my own. The storyline is basically linear, based on a number of sequence points, but the replay value is elsewhere: for instance, optimizing the travel and combat actions to reduce the in-game time (beyond a point, one needs to take advantage of a game engine bug to go much further on that front), maximizing the amount of mined spice, etc.
    The Dune 1 and 2 games from the early 1990s still have some following as well, and a bit of modding activity (especially for Dune 2, which lends itself to modding better) occurs nearly 30 years later, so I guess these two games are legendary as well.
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  6. Templayer

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    Jul 25, 2010
    If you are going to remove the "Miria joins above the limit" feature, please check if the RPU has a fix that sets the maximum followers to the proper 6 instead of 5 (10 charisma / 2 => 5 + 1 from the perk => 6 ). If not, then please make that "a checkbox" (or a configuration setting or something). I pretty much need that option for my "good" playthrough (maximum Charisma / karma / speech etc. build). I'm probably going to play on Easy because as far as I know, there are no advantages for playing on harder difficulties. That +skills adjustment will come in handy! The games are hard enough as it is, lowering the difficulty to easy pretty much just means fewer reloads, which equals more actual time to play the game... and less work editing the videos in post, timelapsing the failed attempts and tossing in funny music, like the Benny Hill theme... :D

    EDIT: Cue Dogmeat exploding compilation! Poor doggy. I SWEAR ON MY HONOR THAT HE WILL SURVIVE! In one of the timelines, anyway. Each load creates a new one.
  7. Templayer

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Also, I didn't find the gameplay of Dune 1 + 2 great, so I just watched it on youtube as a movie instead. :P

    Got my Fallout Tactics: BOS working under Win7, and did some more tweaks to it (it is already full of changes... I've even added the demo maps to the main campaign)

    However, I forgot how sluggish the game runs in any resolution higher than 800x600. No matter the hardware. *sigh*

    EDIT: You have to wait (and then do a full refresh, cache included) for a high quality version (1440p60FPS max)
    EDIT2: It's been like 30+ minutes and the video is still "processing HD version". The video has 30 MB on my drive. Great job, youtube! *facepalm*
    EDIT3: The video has a wrong colour space it seems like, producing a far "brighter" result due to me skipping editing it in Vegas Studio Pro and just putting it into VidCoder and on youtube. The actual LP won't have that issue.
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  8. debrouxl

    debrouxl First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2021
    @Lexx: yesterday, after installing RPU v23, I spent another while on the matter of inserting this mod into the stack of RPU v23 mods. I keep failing to make anything but the direct override of files through the scripts, text, etc. directories in the data sub-directory of the Fallout 2 install directory work. I tried:
    * no modifications to ddraw.ini, a mods\fo2_better_miria directory containing a scripts directory and more (21 files), which is how you seem to be doing it in Fo1in2;
    * no modifications to ddraw.ini, a mods\fo2_better_miria directory containing a data directory containing the scripts directory and more (21 files);
    * no modifications to ddraw.ini, a mods\fo2_better_miria.dat directory with the same contents;
    * no modifications to ddraw.ini, a packed mods\fo2_better_miria.dat file - I looked at how the other recent mod projects are packing mods, then I used the dat2.exe binary found in one of these projects;
    * modifications to PatchFilexx= lines in ddraw.ini, with a packed DAT file outside the mods hierarchy, a directory name outside the mods hierarchy, a directory name inside the mods hierarchy. I see PatchFilexx lines in Fo1in2 too.

    In every case, all I get is vanilla Miria, which doesn't have the new dialog nodes at the beginning of the list, and doesn't want to leave the player. I went through the shotgun wedding every time to double-check, but anyway, the display_msg() I added for debugging purposes didn't appear when entering Modoc, so I already knew that better Miria wasn't enabled.

    When the file or directory in mods has a name ending in .dat, the sfall log mentions it. All debug options are enabled.
    The comments in ddraw.ini mention the patch mod order (and the fact that PatchFiles are lower priority than the stuff in mods, which is what I want - RPU stuff first, override later), but also mention that it's enabled unconditionally in SFall >= 4.3 - and RPU v23 uses 4.3.x.

    What am I missing or doing wrong ? TIA.

    At least, I already took some notes which should make it easier for someone else to replicate the build process.
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  9. Templayer

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    Jul 25, 2010
    Maybe you should contact him via a different way? Or did he reply via PM?
  10. Lexx

    Lexx Testament to the ghoul lifespan
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    Apr 24, 2005
    Well, I can't answer this question. It's not my mod, I have no idea why it doesn't work like that and I don't have the time to investigate stuff.
  11. debrouxl

    debrouxl First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2021
    Ah. Well, I hoped that this was a behaviour that you had already seen in the past, or some beginner's mistake from my end that you knew about :)

    With the Cassidy-related changes removed, the file list is currently:


    I didn't find the advanced sfall functions for critter and message manipulation, mentioned by burn on the previous page.
  12. Templayer

    Templayer Dark Templar of the New Brotherhood of Steel

    Jul 25, 2010
    Maybe (for now) you could simply delete whatever that you are replacing (even in some other mod folders so that it won't be overridden by some mod) and then place it in the game more directly.

    That could work as an installer, or a BAT script, I presume. While hardly ideal, it would solve the issue for now and enable laics to install it without much bother.

    Meanwhile, you could attempt contacting other modders.
  13. debrouxl

    debrouxl First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2021
    Getting back to the install instructions of the first versions, which were copied straight from Endocore's mod, and advised installing outside the mods hierarchy, was exactly what I intended to do as a temporary measure. After all, that's how I ate my own dogfood, I know it works :)
    And you could be the tester for these new-old install instructions.
  14. Templayer

    Templayer Dark Templar of the New Brotherhood of Steel

    Jul 25, 2010
    Oh no. :D

    It's probably going to be years before I get to LP Fallout 2. I need to LP Fallout 1 and a bunch of other RPGs first. Not to mention my other favourite genre - point and click adventure games. :P

    Which reminds me - in the RPU, is there finally a proper way to see the stats of party members?
    Be it via dialogue, an awareness hack, or anything else?

    I'm going to need to see their combat skills. A secondary energy weapon user in the form of a party member would be nice.


    You can probably test the instructions by yourself by using another computer that never had Fallout 2 installed before, and by copying the save before Modoc. Or Madoc. Or whatever the name of the town was. Can you tell I've played F2 like 10 years ago the last time I've played? :D
  15. gustarballs1983

    gustarballs1983 Water Chip? Been There, Done That

    Oct 28, 2009

    this tool is called sfall and it's few global scripts.
    If You've got recent version of sfall installed it comes with file called sfall-mods.ini

    there's a way to control party members in combat. if you set:
    [Control Combat]
    in sfall-mods.ini
    You should be able to toggle between party members in combat mode ( even fake combat by pressing a and spacebar) while controlling an npc simply press "c" on the keyboard or CHA button in the interface HUD.

    You can also set which perks does the dude share with his companions, however there is no such thing as skill distribution for them, at least not yet. energy weapons are probably tied to animations, as only marcus from Fo2 has big gun and minigun animation sets, if you use sfall's armor appearance mod than the animation sets are limited in a file (although ifYou mess something up your party member will vanish when equipping weapon, that given armor set has no animations for.
  16. burn

    burn A Smooth-Skin

    Apr 22, 2012
    Mod application order in "mods" is alphabetic, latest applied last. Name it rpu_better_miria.dat or something.
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  17. Templayer

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    Jul 25, 2010
    I just gave you a "Rad". I don't know exactly what that is, and I hope it is something positive, like an equivalent to a thumbs up. Unless I'm just radiating you with actual rads - in that case... actually nothing, rads can actually be helpful in small doses. :P
  18. debrouxl

    debrouxl First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2021
    I had tried to rename to a name earlier in alphabetic order, because of a note about reverse order, but I probably didn't try a name later in alphabetic order. I'll try it at the next opportunity, thanks a lot for the suggestion :)
  19. Templayer

    Templayer Dark Templar of the New Brotherhood of Steel

    Jul 25, 2010
    I know how this feels. When you are trying to do something for hours, frustrated that you are probably just a smidge away from a solution that must be simple... and then you eventually find out that you were correct about that.

  20. debrouxl

    debrouxl First time out of the vault

    May 23, 2021
    So... I've just booted up the Windows VM which holds my Fo2 install and improved Better Miria mod development tree, and tried to apply burn's suggestion :)

    * renamed mods/fo2_better_miria (as extracted from the distribution ZIP file) to mods/z_rpu_fo2_better_miria: Better Miria mod not enabled;
    * added a "data" sub-directory mods/z_rpu_fo2_better_miria, and renamed to mods/z_fo2_better_miria_with_data: Better Miria mod not enabled;
    * renamed the .dat file which contains the packed module to "z_fo2_rpu_better_miria.dat": Better Miria mod enabled !
    * renamed the .dat file which contains the packed module to "rpu_z_better_miria.dat": Better Miria mod enabled !

    So indeed, it was a rookie mistake. The path is now clear for the later production of a .dat-packed version which should integrate smoothly with the mods system and work out of the box. I have locally partially documented the setup and build procedure, I'll need to expand that documentation.

    Thanks a lot @burn ;)
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