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    Jan 23, 2023
    Hello everyone.

    I am using bis mapper to put make custom fallout maps. I would like to make a item .pro file and somehow make it appear in the bis mapper. For some reason, this is impossible.

    I am using - ProtoManager v1.3.0.1 and mapper2. I can make items in proto manager. I can't get them into Bis mapper. I also have f2edit, ProtoManager_v1.3.0.4, f2 save edito, F2Se and Fallout Utility for Critter tinKering! I'm happy to download whatever it takes to make this work.

    Normally most obvious solution is to use a save game editor. But that is not answering the question nor what I want, thus unhelpful.

    Step 1. I'm trying to take the basic arroyo temple map, the first map that is seen after picking a character and the intro movie plays.

    Step 2. Put a locker in it with my custom items.

    Step 3. Save and play it without the black screen of forever and endless empty red hexagons trailing my player character happening when I start a new game.

    How do I do that from brand new everything, step by step?

    Any and all helpful info is much appreciated.

    This is for the port to play fallout 2 on android.
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