Fallout 2 mod Black Female Player Character [Olympus 2207]

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    Black Female Player Character

    Replaces the Female Player Character with a Black Female NPC from Olympus 2207

    Install this "DATA" folder to the folder that contains the "FalloutLauncher.exe" application.
    This mod should work with any Fallout 1 or 2 custom campaign.

    Character Credit - Olympus 2207

    Tutorial Credit - Lisac2k

    Tool Credit - Critters FRM Workshop by Metaphyzik

    - Known Issues -

    * Tribal outfit is wrong

    * Jumpsuit has wrong color scheme

    * Jumpsuit sprites are shorter than normal.

    * Jumpsuit outfit reverts to Tribal outfit for some animations.

    * Leather Jacket, Leather Armor, Metal Armor and Combat Armor all use Jumpsuit sprites (with some Tribal sprites).